The Symbolism Of Dragon And Phoenix In Unity

The celestial creatures of the dragon and phoenix as individual beings carries significant symbolism in feng shui.

This is why they are some of the most popular feng shui symbols used as decorative art found in homes with owners that practice feng shui.

They are often depicted in paintings such the phoenix in the 100 birds design, or carved onto furniture such as dragons on dining chairs.

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But when the dragon and phoenix are depicted as a pair in unison, the symbolism they represent as individuals take a back seat as the unity takes on new meanings.

For example, the phoenix as an individual celestial animal carries strong yang energy but takes on a yin role in the presence of the dragon. While the dragon is a strong representation of prosperity and good fortune but takes on a fatherly role of all-encompassing wisdom when partnered with the phoenix.

Legend of dragon and phoenix

There are various legendary stories of the two creatures together. But some are much more popular than others.

One in particular that captures the imagination is about how the partners came across a beautiful stone which they realized instantly was special. They then worked together to shape it into a pearl. The jade dragon molded it with it claws while the golden phoenix polished it with it’s feathers. When the pearl was finally finished, it was a thing of beauty. In addition to that, they both bestowed their celestial powers into the pearl, making it a magical pearl that glowed with great power.

When they woke up one day, they were shocked to learn that the pearl was missing. Upon investigation, they found out that it was stolen by the Queen Mother of Heaven’s guards who were ordered to do it under her orders. In a rage, they flew into heaven to retrieve their magic pearl. Unwilling to hand the precious stone over, they got into a confrontation and the pearl fell back to earth and into the West Lake. The duo then return to stand guard beside the lake as Dragon Mountain and Phoenix Mountain.

The symbols termed 9 phoenix and 9 dragon is common with Taoists.

Symbolism of dragon with phoenix

During ancient times, Emperors would have dragons embroidered on their clothing while the phoenix appears on that of the Empress.

When the phoenix and dragon is in the presence of each other, they symbolize the unity of the perfect couple.

This is one reason why they are often used as decorative designs during Chinese weddings… and even western wedding that are held in Chinese restaurants.

But they are much more than just about the unity of husband and wife in marriage.

They represent the unity and balance between yin and yang, which is a fundamental rule of the universe.

Feng shui placement

As a pair, the two celestial creatures can be placed in common spaces such as the living room.

While many put them on display in master bedrooms, one must consider that it would be disrespectful to them when couples are displaying affection towards each other in full view of the creatures.

After all, even though they are not gods, they do have godly status.

Remember that the symbolism associated with them are different when they are display individually and as a pair. The latter being more family-orientated focused on peace, harmony and bliss.

So they are very suitable for the relationship area of the west. Saying that, the dragon and phoenix as one would be appropriate for any directional sectors of the house due to the multi-tiered symbolism.

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