How To Feng Shui An East Facing House

When we mention the east, the first thing that come to mind is often that that is the direction whee the sun rises in the morning. Welcoming each day with a new lease of life.

This actually has very relatable feng shui connotations because when we talk about chi, we often look for the early stages of auspicious chi so that we are able to tap on them and would already be riding it’s wave by the time it reaches it’s peak.

For example in bazi life stages, the strongest phases are those before the peak and understandably, when it reaches it’s most powerful point. The same with the seasons when the early stage of summer for example, would be better than it’s later stage.

We can also observe this in flying star feng shui where the star that would be the next timely star would be desirable while the star that has just expired can of immediately become an undesirable star emitting negative energy.

With these in mind, a house facing east would generally be much better than one that is facing west.

But let’s look a little deeper in feng shui concepts that can be applied to an east facing property.

Feng shui bagua map

The east according to the feng shui bagua map is a sector of the house that greatly influences health aspects of the household.

So if you have the stereotypical type of house where the main door is situated right at the center of it’s facing, then this can be a house that would bless all residents with good health.

For apartments, this is seldom the case as facing directions of apartments are seldom at it’s facing.

For a household with a married couple, the northwest and the southwest need to be paid particular attention to.

This is because they are associated with the Chien and Kun trigrams which represents the patriarch and matriarch respectively.

These two areas of the house would preferable be open spaces with activities while not being cluttered or enclosed.

Should there only be one partner generating an income for the household, then that person’s trigram should be the priority.

For example, if the husband is the sole breadwinner, then the northwest would be good for a living room and definitely not belong to a missing corner of the house. The same can be said of the southwest should the wife be the sole income earner.

To enhance luck for career advancement for the breadwinner, the north can be a good location to place water features.

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When there are children in the house, then the trgram directions associated with the would be of particular concern.

For example, should there be a son and a daughter at a young age that makes up the family, then the northeast (Ken) and west (Tui) needs to be clean and uncluttered as well. Very often family heads wonder why their only son are making a mess in school in his grade… then realize later that the north east is storing a lot of unsightly rubbish cluttering up the place.

When the children reaches teenage age, then focus on the north (Kan) and south (Li) areas of the house. And when they reach adulthood, the spaces that represents them shifts to the east (Chen) and southeast (Sun).

It must be noted that these focusing on different directional areas for children applies in this case because they are the only son and daughter in the family. This will not be the same if there are more than one son or one daughter.

Also be mindful that the northeast governs the academic luck enjoyed by residents. So if you want your children to enjoy the luck of the exam papers, the northeast should not be cluttered or have a toilet situated there.

8 mansions feng shui

For a house that is facing east, it would be sitting west. Thus, the below 8 mansions energy map would apply to the house.

For quick reference, take note that the sector labelled SC, YN, FW and TY are good sectors. While the ones labelled JM, 6K, 5G and HH are bad sectors.

From previous commentary, it was mentioned that the east would be a good place to locate the main door into the house as it is the sector of health.

Good or bad?

When we factor in the 8 mansions energy map, it can be determined that a better location for an east facing door would be at the northeast sector of the house. This way it taps on both the favorable northeast sector as described by 8 mansions, and the eastern direction the door would be facing as per the feng shui bagua map.

Interestingly in this example, the whole stretch of the rear of the house are all desirable sectors identified by 8 mansions. So these area great spaces for bedrooms, living rooms, activity areas, etc.

The exception is the kitchen which has a reverse characteristic in 8 mansions. Making it advantageous to locate it in one of the negative sectors in the floor plan.

As the north is an area with a water element base, the location of the kitchen (which brings fire energy) would be among the options of south, southeast and east.

Depending on the actual layout and floor plan of a house, the practical location seems to be the south as building the kitchen at the facing of the property can seem odd.

Let’s go on to some feng shui refinement.

Flying stars feng shui

These days, it seems that a property feng shui audit cannot be complete without some aspects of flying star feng shui factored in.

Let’s use a random example for the house assuming it was built during the period of 7 facing E1.

We would then plot out the natal chart as below.

From the birth chart of the house as presented above, it can be deduced that locating the main door at the northeast would draw little negative effects.

And that the south would indeed be a suitable location of the kitchen. So is the southeast.

Something to note about a house with this chart is the energy that brings disaster resides right smack in the center where the 9-5 combination is found.

It is therefore essential to “lock up” this area to prevent extreme misfortune from befalling on the household.

As every house is different, it is best not to list down remedies just in case you get them wrong. Especially when the 5 yellow is concerned.

However, it can generally be determined that the southwest, northwest, south and southeast are good locations to locate bedrooms.

While the living room is best located in the northeast, north, and northwest.

To close this off, it must be emphasized again that the example given above don’t apply to all east facing house as every house can have different layouts and configuration.

It is therefore essential for you to have a basic understanding of how feng shui concepts work in order to apply it at you own home.

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