When A House Is Afflicted By An Electrical Pylon In The Vicinity

Electrical pylons don’t just present a real life safety hazard to people, they are very hostile environmental features when it comes to feng shui.

The first electrical “grid tower” is said to have been erected in the 1920s. So it’s definitely not a topic that was covered in classical feng shui text.

However, all feng shui masters would agree that they can pose very dangerous feng shui problems to a household and it’s members.

They also unnaturally disrupt magnetic fields, which in turn disrupts the energy that a house is supposed to receive from natural surroundings.

Feng shui masters in Taiwan like to call them wu gong sha (蜈蚣煞) which translates to centipede sha chi. This is with reference to how they visually resemble the bug with legs sticking out.

No matter how your house is orientated, configured or built, if a pylon is within 50 meters of the house, the odds are overwhelming that the house and it’s residents would suffer from the negative impact of it.

This distance measurement is just a general approximation. A larger sized pylon tower or cell tower can even be 100 yards away and wreak havoc to a home’s feng shui.

It doesn’t matter if it’s not in front of your door, in the window view, or blocked from view. It presents a genuine feng shui problem that needs to be taken seriously.

Saying that, residents would suffer it’s worst impact when it is at the front door. Or when it is in view from windows and other doors.

For example, if a house has it’s main door at the west, facing west, and an electrical tower greets it with a smile, you can expect it to ignite health problems to residents regarding the lungs. The eldest son of the family would be most vulnerable as this is where the Chen trigram is situated.

The ferocity of it would be compounded if it is at a direction where the grand duke is.

And one can be seen… the power lines would probably link to another nearby.

Electrical pylon remedy

Because of how powerful these sources of sha chi are, the only way to totally eliminate it is to relocate the pylon or relocate your home.

But as both options can often be impossible, the best that you can do is to manage it to minimize it’s negative impact on feng shui.

Because pylons are of fire element due to their form, water element can be used to damper it’s energy.

So placing a basin of yin water between the pylon and the house can help alleviate some of that negative effect. A large flower pot filled with water can be used as well.

Yang water features such as fountains and fish ponds can also be placed for a stronger counter against it.

Swimming pools should not be constructed for this purpose as having a pylon attack you while you swim can pose a safety hazard.

When installing water features on the property, especially outdoors, you also have to be extra careful not to trigger any other adverse feng shui effects.

This is why it’s worth repeating that there’s only one way to definitively vanquish this pylon problem… which was mentioned earlier.

Let’s say you are not able to set up water barriers due to space constraints or landscape design challenges, consider planting tress on the premises to totally block the pylon from view.

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Depending on the size of the pylon and the house, it is actually not impossible to totally shield the house from a pylon using trees of average height.

If it is also not possible to implement this suggestion, then the least that you can do is to seal off the window view of the pylon.

Otherwise, an aquarium can also be placed between the view and the living spaces.

For example, if the balcony view is where the pylon presents itself, and the balcony is connected to the living room, then an aquarium can be place between these two spaces to act as a water barrier against the fiery pylon tower.

Just a word of warning. The fishes and aquatic life in the aquarium would probably meet their demise prematurely.

If you are just visiting the property with a view to buy, any worthy feng shui practitioner would probably advise you to avoid this particular house.

And if you are currently living in a house with such an unfavorable feng shui affliction, there’s not better reason to start looking for a new home.

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