What Types Of Jobs And Career Are The 5 Elements Associated With?

Your bazi can reveal what types of career that you will most likely excel in in life.

Other times, the type of house you live in can have certain feng shui configurations that make specific types of jobs that will enable you to reap the most rewards.

If you already discovered your self-element and found out what types of elements are favorable to you, then jobs associated with those elements might be what you want to pursue.

Saying that, do be reminded that just because you have identified your self element does not necessarily mean that the elements that boost it are favorable.

This is because favorable and unfavorable elements depends on the strength of the self-element.

If you are already certain of which elements would benefit you, then here is a list of the careers associated with the 5 elements.

While most people think that there are clear indications of what types of industries and jobs are related to what elements, the truth is that it’s not as straight forward as that.

Type of jobs are actually associated with the 8 trigrams consisting of 4 cardinal and 4 ordinal directions.

It is because the 8 directions are tagged with elements, that we are able to link types of jobs and industries with the elements.

So this breakdown will be categorized according to directions.

To link the directions to the elements, here is a simple note:

  • Wood – East, Southeast
  • Fire – South
  • Earth – Northeast, Southwest
  • Metal – West, Northwest
  • Water – North

Working in associated industries can be said to be in a “water” type of job.

1) North

The element of the north is water and the trigram is Kan.

It is therefore associated with sea industries like marine transportation, shipping, boating, fishing, tourism, marine biology, aquaculture, water processing, navy, etc.

It is also related to cafes, bars, hair salon, marketing, analytics, journalism, logistics, consulting, trading, travel, hospitality, expendable consumer goods (FMCG), corporate gifts, etc.

The types of jobs can be fishermen, sailor, marine biologist, bartender, barista, hair dresser, marketing professional, tour guide, diver, swimming instructor, etc.

Basically jobs that are are flexible, adaptable, and creative.

2) South

The south direction is associated with the fire element and the Li trigram.

Industries related to fire include media, news, energy, aviation, technology, metaphysics, electronics, weapons, beauty, fashion, food and beverage (F&B), oil and gas, restaurants, public relations, air travel, entertainment, spiritual and religious, etc.

Types of related jobs to pursue in career are beautician, optician, photographer, chef, journalist, etc.

3) East

The east is the home of the dragon, associated with wood element and Chen trigram.

Industries related to east wood are woodworking, furniture, sports, fitness, farming, wood manufacturing, clothing, agriculture farming, organic farming, ecology, culture, medical, pharmaceutical, things that involve physical strength, endurance, or creativity.

Job types related to it are handymen, construction work, property development, woodworker, personal trainer, gym instructor, driver, military personnel, etc.

4) West

The west is associated with metal element and Tui trigram.

Related industries are those where speaking and an eye for meticulous details are necessary.

Types of jobs include insurance agent, hosts, singing, dentist, locksmith, jeweler, sculptor, police and armed forces, law, automobiles, metal manufacturing, finance, etc.

5) Northeast

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The north east is earth and the Ken trigram.

Relevant industries include those of health, education, earthware, real estate, building and construction, etc.

Job types are management, civil servants, doctors, blue collar workers, etc.

6) Northwest

The northwest is associated with the Chien trigram and metal.

Related industries are those of finance, manufacturing, engineering, jewelry, military, automobiles, law, insurance, politics, iron and steel, etc.

Management jobs and those of high authority are related to the Chien trigram.

7) Southeast

The southeast is of wood element and the Sun trigram.

Related industries are academic, intelligence, publishing, printing, design, research and development.

Any types of roles in a teaching or training position are suitable.

On top of that, other related types of jobs are technicians, researchers, investigative journalists, writers, planners, etc.

8) Southwest

The Kun trigram is associated with the southwest and earth.

Related industries are those that deal with healing, wellness, social services, natural resources and agriculture.

Types of jobs include nurse, care giver, insurance, farmer, health food, therapist, property, etc.

Career guidance by elements

While it might be fun to determine that you are an individual who needs to get into a particular industry of a certain element in order to have good fortune, remember that you might lack the expertise to make a correct judgment.

For example, a person might think that they are of wood element because he was born in 1974, the year of the wood Tiger zodiac.

Then he goes about seeking employment in wood industries and jobs.

However, animal zodiac signs and their relationships are just a segment of bazi in Chinese astrology.

For all you know, this person might have a self-element of water.

In addition to that, a weak water person would make the wood element an unfavorable one.

The gist of all this is that you should not make career choices based on elements unless you are pretty sure what elements are favorable to you personally.

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