Applying Control Elements For Protection And Safe Travel

For most people, there’s always the thought of misfortune that lingers on the back of their minds when traveling. Which is why travel insurance is a multi-billion dollar industry.

It doesn’t matter if the misfortune is a minor one like a lost of personal belongings or a serious one that puts the traveler in grave physical danger. Nobody wants to run into any of that while on vacation and would very much prefer a smooth holiday without having to cash in on insurance claims.

It would be much better that we don’t run into any problems at all when traveling.

The concept of travel luck is mostly based on the direction in which we are traveling to in order to reach the intended destination.

This is not related to the luck of endeavors as in the traveling horse concept in bazi.

It is believed that if you are advancing east from California to New York for example, you’d be influenced by wood energy as it is the energy of the east. So if you are going to run into bad luck, then the events would already be set in motion the moment you step out of the house to begin your journey.

Therefore travel rituals to call for protection and safe travels is mostly focused on control the energy of that direction.

A simple ritual can be done to call on good luck and suppress bad luck on your trip.

This is to be done when you step out of the house and get on your way to the intended destination.

It is based on the direction in which you advance.

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If you are moving towards north, use earth energy to control water energy. Take a porcelain bowl containing soil, face north, and throw away the soil towards the north.

When your route is at a southern direction, use water energy to control fire energy. Take a blue pail and fill it with water. Then throw out the water in the south direction.

When you are on an east or southeast trajectory, use metal energy to suppress wood energy. Hold a small metal knife, cutter or scissors, slash the air at the direction in which you are traveling.

If the west or northwest is where you are heading, then fire energy energy is required to control metal energy. Light up a red candle and swipe at the empty space in front of you, ensuring that the flame does not go out during the ritual. Otherwise, repeat the process.

If you are traveling towards northeast or southwest, then wood energy is necessary to control earth energy. Pluck a branch with leaves, or stalks of flowers or green plants, and slap the air in that direction. Sort of like a fanning motion.

These rituals can go a long way in helping you avoid inconveniences like lost baggage, missed transit connections, robbery, accidents, and danger, etc. And even if you do run into these troubles, they can help to minimize the seriousness of these events.

It takes maybe a minute or two to execute them. But can reap great rewards.

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