Using Lime Fruit To Cleanse Negative Thoughts And Bad Energy

Everybody faces challenges and stressful situations on a regular basis.

Even wealthy people have problems and issues that they find hard to resolve. Just that their issues are often categorically different from others.

If you find that mental stress is creating pressure on you, then a simple ritual can be done with the help of lime fruits to throw the negative energy away.

Lime fruits are sour and are somewhat like salt in that they are able to absorb harmful energy and negativity.

This makes them very suitable for taking negative thoughts and stress away from you.

Step 1

Get two lime fruits from the market or pluck them from a lime tree.

Whether they are of the color green or orange is not important.

Step 2

Go to a place that has either:

  • a slope
  • a staircase
  • a water stream or drain with flowing water
  • at a level above ground floor of a building

The idea is to find a location where gravity and kinetic energy would take the limes away from you should your leave them.

Step 3

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Hold onto a lime fruit in each hand and roll them about with your fingers.

Sort of like how you would work a stress ball. Except that this time, squeezing lime balls would be a messy affair. So please don’t squeeze too hard.

Step 4

While doing step #3, think about the life problems that you are stressed over about.

Think and visualize how all these negative energy and bad luck are being transferred into the lime fruits.

Step 5

When you are done transferring all that energy onto nature’s stress balls, turn and walk away.

Then throw away the lime fruits over your shoulder behind you and down the slope or staircase.

Don’t look back and continue walking as you leave the area.

Be considerate

Something to note about this simple mind cleansing ritual is that you have to be considerate with the location you pick.

It might be totally fine if you are throwing the fruits into the drain or a slope on a grassy field.

But if you are doing this in an apartment, do investigate whether it would be appropriate for you to do so.

There might be people below who might get hit. Or even worse, you might be caught littering… compounding your stress.

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