11 Feng Shui Problems That Can Attract Extra Marital Affairs

There are two marital relationship trends that have become widespread these days. And I don’t know which is more disturbing.

The first being extra marital affairs that can involve either the husband or wife. The second being the victimized partner accepting things as they are and forgive the other party as if nothing had happened.

While the reason for such events from occurring is mostly down to one party feeling unappreciated by the other, there is no doubt that feng shui has a part to play in it too.

This is because from inspecting a house with family members experiencing fidelity problems, a feng shui master would be able to quickly tell why this is so.

Relationship luck is one of the life aspects that can be quickly manifested with feng shui.

Good feng shui can create good luck with meeting partners that might eventually lead to marriage.

Bad feng shui can create bad relationship luck. Causing people to meet undesirable partners who bring about toxic relationships.

And if you are already married, the wrong application of feng shui for relationship harmony can sometimes inadvertently trigger “extra” relationship luck for either parties.

If you suspect that your husband or wife could be seeing someone else, or even worse, already with someone else, here are some possible feng shui ailments that have encouraged this to happen.

1) Considerable sha chi pointing at front door

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If you have a basic understanding of feng shui, you should have already heard about the 4 celestial animal. Specifically the left green dragon and right white tiger.

The left represents the man in the house while the right represents the woman in the house.

If a powerful poison arrow like a corner wall is right in front of the main door, it can greatly harm the foundations of the status of the man or woman of the house.

If this wall or pillar cuts from the left, it would mean that the man, or patriarch, is weakened and might be victimized.

Conversely, if it comes from the right, the woman, or matriarch, could be the one who is victimized.

2) Empty vases

The vase is most well-known in feng shui for the wealth vase.

However even though homeowners who keep wealth vases for it’s powers to attract money luck, the vase also holds other aspects of life regarding in family harmony.

Because of how beautiful classic vases can be, some people like to keep many of them at home as display artifacts or as a hobby.

They might do this with or without knowledge in feng shui.

The problem with keeping many vases at home is that they are usually left empty unlike the wealth vase.

With many empty vases around the house, it signifies a desire of household members to obtain more material stuff… but will never fulfill that desire.

And if you can’t satisfy that craving at home, you look outside for it.

3) Inappropriate pictures

There is a difference with hanging pictures at home for relationship luck when you are single or married.

Married couples should use paintings that symbolize relationship harmony and longevity.

And singles who intend to attract partners into their life would use painting to activate the flower of romance.

Sometimes residents don’t know the difference between them and hang paintings promoting the entry of third parties into the relationship when they thought that they are enhancing their existing relationship.

Some types of paintings that can invite extra marital affairs are:

  • Peony flowers
  • Portraits with sensual and suggestive connotations
  • Animals depicted to consist of an alpha serenaded by many mates
  • etc

Take note that the unfavorable situation multiplies if there is a mirror that reflects such paintings.

The tendency to stray can even be pinpointed if such paintings are located in the northwest or southwest as these sectors of the house represents the mother and father respectively.

4) Rose quartz

Rose quartz is one of the most effective enhancers of romance luck.

The issue is that how these crystals are used can make them more suitable for singles or couples.

Displaying a pair of mandarin ducks made with rose quartz for example, can help enhance the relationship of a married couple.

But if they are used for display, maybe in the shape of a ball or the form of a beacon, they can attract the wrong type of relationship luck.

The bigger they are, the more potent they can be.

For example, if one rose quartz sphere with a 4 inch diameter is put on the work desk of the man of the house, then be prepared to see him flooded with extra-marital opportunities.

5) Mirrors in kitchen or living room

There nothing wrong with installing mirrors in the living room or kitchen.

But certain placements can induce the possibility of third parties destroying existing relationships.

This goes with the ancient Chinese culture that sees the kitchen as the domain of the matriarch and the living room being the domain of the patriarch.

If a mirror reflects the matriarch when she is in the cooking position (where the stove is), then it is like having 2 wives at home.

Similarly, if a mirror in the area reflects the patriarch when he is seated in his favorite chair, then it is like having 2 husbands.

This is a sure recipe for infidelity.

6) Two beds in bedroom

While most of us would instinctively think that something is wrong when there are 2 bed in the master bedroom, there are some very practical reason for people to do so.

  • It could be that their kids prefer to sleep in the same bedroom as the parents
  • It could be a massage bed that is located there for convenience
  • It could be a sofa bed that is left open
  • etc

The problem with this is that having an extra bed in the bedroom is akin to inviting a third party into the relationship.

The potential for adultery is high.

Do keep the second beds out of sight as long as it’s not in use.

7) Vertical beam above bed

Sleeping under a horizontal beam above the bed head is a common problem faced by many people today.

It has been talked about a lot in recent years.

In that instance, it causes stress, disorientation, lethargy at work, etc.

However, not many people talk about the vertical beam over the bed… which is bad for married couples.

One look at these vertical beams and one should be able to instinctively feel that something is wrong.

It basically cuts down on the bed like a birthday cake, splitting it into two. One person on each side.

It only a matter of time before a couple splits or third parties get involved.

8) Mirror reflecting bed

This is one of the most infamous ailments that has been written about in the feng shui community.

Yet people continue to make this mistake religiously.

Whether this problem is created with bad mirror placement or bad bed placement is besides the point.

The bed is the most intimate space belonging to the couple. It is also the place where they supposedly spend the most time together in.

A mirror reflecting the bed and couple is just inviting unfaithfulness to seep into the relationship.

9) Room within room

A modern trend in interior design is the demarcation of space to incorporate a walk-in wardrobe, or something similar, in the bed room.

There’s nothing wrong with having a huge wardrobe filled with your favorite shirts, dresses and accessories.

It makes the owner feel happy.

But when such a segmented space takes up one-third or more of the overall space in the room, then it is considered as a room by itself.

In effect, this becomes a room within a room.

Now… why would someone want a room inside the bedroom…?

It’s a room for the third party.

This is probably the most inauspicious feng shui configuration there is when it comes to relationships and third parties.

10) Bathrooms with windows

Sometimes people who like to try something new might design bathrooms with open areas or windows.

It’s not uncommon to find a jacuzzi or bathtub with window views.

No matter how well hidden these windows or open spaces are from prying eyes, or even if you don’t care about people observing you bath, this is like an open invitation to the world that you are ready for some action.

If your partner enjoys laying in the bath tub and looking into the city view, don’t be surprised to find sexy text messages in his or her cell phone from someone else other than you.

11) Strong feminine presence on left side

From the facing of the house and the facing of the main door if there is a strong feminine presence on the right side, and there is a no significant presence on the left, it means that someone would be trying to take your husband away.

This can be in the form of a huge building that is pink in color overwhelming your apartment from the right..

That is what is called tao hua qin tang (桃花侵堂) which means that romance luck has invaded the palace.

And because the attack has come from the right coupled with it’s feminine nature, the husband will subjected to temptations to stray.

12) Water on right side of main door

When water features are place on the right side of a door (looking out from inside), it can also lead to secret relationships that would threaten a marriage.

Be careful

As you can see, there are various feng shui ailments that can encourage partners to stray and allow third parties into a relationship.

A lot of times, even though you might have some of these ailments at home, you might have resolved them unknowingly with remedies that you have inadvertently applied.

But if you think that you partner is acting suspicious lately, or you already know about extra marital affairs going on, the existence of the above mentioned feng shui problems might just be the source of your relationship problems.

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