What Is The Universe Telling You When Your Eyes Twitch?

Maybe you’ve had a late night the previous day, maybe you have been staring at the computer screen too much in recent days, maybe you’ve spent too much time in the sun when playing tennis yesterday.

Our eyes and eyelids are some of the most sensitive areas of the body.

It’s no surprise that we find them twitching every once in a while.

But is it just a consequence of overexerting them? Or is the universe trying to tell us something? Is it an auspicious or inauspicious omen?

The Chinese Almanac (Tong Shu) actually has an answer to that.

It states that if our left or right eyelid twitches, there are specific meanings according to what time the event occurred.

Yup. It’s never that simple when it comes to Chinese metaphysics, or some might call it superstition.

Here’s a table chart for easy reference.

Eye twitching reference table

Hour Left Eye Twitching Right Eye Twitching
(2300 – 0100)
A nobleman is about to make an appearance An invitation to a notable event is coming
(0100 – 0300)
Something is bothering you more than you think Someone is thinking about you
(0300 – 0500)
Someone from afar will be paying you a visit A celebratory event is about to occur
(0500 – 0700)
A welcomed visitor will be arriving Today will be a smooth one with no ill-fated surprises
(0700 – 0900)
Someone from anotherĀ  state or country is visiting Something valuable will go missing soon
(0900 – 1100)
A party is going to happen and you will be invited Something bad is about to happen
(1100 – 1300)
Your hard work will bear fruit A negative event is scheduled to occur in life
(1300 – 1500)
Opportunity and wealth luck incoming You are about to experience a little good luck
(1500 – 1700)
You might hurt yourself or lose money A suitor is thinking about you romantically
(1700 – 1900)
A person will be needing or offering help Someone from a foreign land will be visiting
(1900 – 2100)
Someone you are wary with might be of great help Good luck will arrive when you get involved in big social groups
(2100 – 2300)
Positive things are going to happen in family events Be careful with contracts and legal stuff

While eye twitching can have certain connotations, be mindful that it might be a medical condition if it continues to bug you.

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It could be due to:

  • Sore eyes
  • Infection
  • Pollutants
  • Irritants
  • Food reaction
  • Cough
  • etc

If your eyelids are getting out of control and seem to have a life of it’s own, do consult the professional advice of a Doctor.

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