Fan Yin Fu Yin (Inverse Siren Hidden Siren)

Fan yin fu yin (反吟伏吟) is a micro concept in the practice of Xuan Kong feng shui. And in modern practice is mostly applied to flying stars feng shui.

This is sometimes known as inverse siren (吟伏) and hidden siren (伏吟).

This term is also used in the analysis of certain bazi configurations. But they mean totally different things. We are referring to the feng shui aspect of fan yin fu yin.

The simple premise is that water stars or mountain stars should not be located in palaces where the fundamental luo shu stars take their place (hidden siren), or directly opposite them (inverse siren).

Since the 9 stars in luo shu takes the palaces of:

  • 1 north
  • 2 southwest
  • 3 east
  • 4 southeast
  • 5 center
  • 6 northwest
  • 7 west
  • 8 northeast
  • 9 south

A white star 1 for example landing at the north would be considered fu yin. And it will be deemed as fan yin when it lands on the south.

The only paradox is the 5 yellow which has no directions attached to it. In this case, during period 5, water and mountain star 5 will mimic the water and mountain stars at the central palace. During other periods, water and mountain star 5 will mimic the timely star.

Fan yin is a much more serious problem compared to fu yin which is more subtle.

When the affliction occurs on the water star, wealth luck will be devastated. And when it occurs on the mountain star, health luck will suffer.

The same type of violation can also be identified when either the water star or mountain star in a palace is the same star as the base star.

This means that in the period 8 for example, when the star 3 lands on the south sector, it will also be a hidden siren affliction.

The most critical areas are the facing and sitting palaces.

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It’s worth pointing out that there are more variations of fan yin fu yin. One even involves the hexagrams. But the main reference is the examples given above.

When the afflicted star is a timely star such as white 8 or purple 9 during period 8, then the problem is said to be neutralized.

Like all things feng shui, the negative effects are only activated with the presence of hostile interior and exterior forms.

It should be noted that the microconcept of fanyin fuyin contains variations of contradictions in itself and when afflictions are present, they are superseded by various other types of star combinations such as hetu, sum of 10, parent strings, etc. This clearly indicates that it has a low precedence.

Which is why it is often left as an afterthought when doing feng shui assessments,

A common challenge to the veracity of fan yin and fu yin is that they are obviously polar opposites within the concept itself. So if both of them are unfavorable then it defects from the fundamentals of yin and yang. Common sense should tell us that for a rabbit zodiac for example, the east direction would be a favorable direction since it is the home of mao, and the west is unfavorable as it is directly opposite mao. This basic concept cannot be observed in the sirens.

Furthermore, the original thought of fan yin fu yin actually comes from a mistake that Shen Zhu Reng made when assessing a grave site. Unable to comprehend what he did wrong, he went on a hunt to find closure. Then ultimately conceptualized this concept to explain why he made that mistake in the first place. One can argue that if you keep looking for reasons someone or something is flawed, every characteristic can eventually be deemed as a reason.

If we are to apply the sirens into all flying stars assessments of property, then every house will be afflicted as long as they sit or face the timely direction. This simply does not make sense as the timely star has to be prosperous.

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