Feng Shui For 2020 Year Of The Metal Rat

As the year 2019 comes to a close and the new beginnings that a new year brings inches closer, 2020 appears to be a turbulent year that starts at the bottom and slowly works it way back up.

This can be observed in the bazi for the year 2020 which is born on 4th February 2020 at 1718 hours. This gives it the below 4 pillars.

Hour Day Month Year

– Earth


– Fire


+ Earth


+ Metal


– Metal


– Earth


+ Wood


+ Water

Legend of heavenly stems and earthly branches can be found here.

Note the fundamental clash of elements between H5 and E3 at the month pillar.

However, the biggest concern might be the Earned Authority (7 killings) according to the 10 gods as a hidden stem within E2. This being that the 7 killings which is indicated by hidden stem H10 is water which puts out the self element (day master) of fire.

This indicates that an event might sneak up to disrupt the economy in general as if appearing suddenly from a blind spot.

However, it would still be a year of wealth opportunities as the wealth element of metal is strong and supported by 3 earth characters. This indicates that the majority of wealth would be accumulated by innovation rather than old-fashioned industries.

From observation, there are a couple more interesting configurations that stand out from this birth chart.

Firstly, in this bazi, E3 is a symbolic star that represents both the traveling horse and robbery star. Because E3 is a character that is good for this mildly under-strength day master, this configuration indicates that it would be a year of organized travel with safety being a focus, or authorities dictating travel plans.

Secondly, something else that popped out in this year’s bazi is that it consist of all 5 elements. While this is not unusual, it is definitely not a frequent occurrence too. This indicates that it would be a year of full of very diverse events with not one focal point.

November would be a very eventful month as E12 arrives to form a seasonal combination with E1 and E2 to produce water. At the same time E3 would try to pull E12 into it’s own 6 combination to create wood. If E3 succeeds in doing this, then E1 and E2 could combine to create earth. This sets up a combination confrontation between wood and earth.

Feng shui for 2020

With annual feng shui reviews, homeowners should pay special attention to the negative stars and positive stars.

Grand duke

The grand duke arrives at the north in 2020.

This means that no renovations, remodeling works and groundbreaking should be attempted in this area of the house or office. Aggregating the tai sui would invite catastrophe which can include physical injuries to household members.

While it would be disastrous to sit facing the grand duke direction, it is perfectly fine to sit with your back against it.

A common practice to appease the grand duke is with the placement of pixiu.

It should also be noted that opposite the grand duke at the south lies the sui po. This is also a place that should be left alone.

3 killings

The 3 killings affliction sets up shop at the south this year.

But unlike the sui po (year breaker) which takes up the direction S2, the 3 killings take up the whole south area consisting of S1, S2 and S3. Take note that the year breaker being at the same direction as the 3 killings this year is pure coincidence.

Like the grand duke, the 3 killings area should not be disturbed. However, one key difference is that the 3 killings can be confronted but not be behind you.

When disturbed, this feng shui affliction attracts bad luck associated with losses and mishaps.

Annual flying stars

The flying star of the year is the 7 star of aggression. This gives us the below chart of annual flying stars for 2020.

With reference to what was previously discussed, do take note that the grand duke is located where the star 3 is. And the 3 killings is located where the star 2 is.

This can indicate when afflicted, it would cause conflicts and legal problems with the grand duke, and most likely injuries and illnesses with the 3 killings.

5 yellow

A particular concern each year is always where the 5 yellow is located. This year, it resides at the east sector.

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It wouldn’t be a problem if this is a missing corner of the house or where a storeroom is. But if this is where your living room is, then misfortune can befall the whole family (especially the patriarch or eldest son) if remedies are not set in place.

If this is a bedroom, then the resident of the bedroom would bear the brunt of the 5 yellow.

The types of misfortune that 5 yellow affliction can potentially bring include financial loss, bad health, accidents, and basically a year that is anything but smooth sailing.

The most common remedy against star 5 is with the presence of metal in the directional sector affected. This can be in the form of furniture, display items, or even jewelry made of silver or gold.

However, the most common method of exhausting the 5 yellow is with the use of windchimes. Hang them at the window after selecting one to go with.

2 black

The sickness star 2 flies in from the south this year. This creates the unusual congregation of 3 afflictions at the south consisting of the negative trio of year breaker, 3 killings and 2 black.

Again. It must be repeated that this gathering is merely an odd occurrence that seldom happen.

Nevertheless, it easily makes the south area the most unlucky sector of the house for 2020. One wrong step would result in 3 feng shui afflictions. So homeowners must absolutely be careful with this area of the home this year.

The cure for the star of illness is similar to handling the 5 yellow as both are earth energy-based stars. So do take care of this unfavorable sector to avoid catching any annoying viruses.

8 white

The 8 white is the prosperity wealth star and it arrives at the northwest for 2020.

This means that a house with a main door in this area, facing northwest would naturally welcome in wealth luck throughout the year.

Home layouts with the living room in the northwest would also be able to tap onto the prosperity star for good fortune.Open the windows to let the good luck enter.

Should a bedroom be located here, then money luck would focus on the inhabitant of the room.

The strength the 8 white can be enhanced with the placement of fire or earth energy objects in the area. However, because the northwest is not an area that should have fire, use earth based items instead.

Crystals, boulders and stones can be a good choice.

Take note that placement of water features would only be useful if there is a favorable water star. Water does not strengthen the 8 white star.

Other flying stars considerations

A useful way to interpret annual flying stars is to look at which trigram specific stars are flying into.

The star and trigram combinations for the year are:

Be mindful that the year of star 7 represents a year of of aggression and violence which can lead to serious injuries and even death. So it is definitely a year where one has to be more cautious with conflicts and confrontations.

This does not only relate to other people, but can also be with personal problems and issues.

Overall, the good areas of the house are southeast, southwest, west, northwest and northeast.

Doors, windows, common living spaces and bed rooms in these sectors of the house would be able to activate these stars so that residents are able to draw good fortune from them.

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