9 Best Feng Shui Charm Bracelets For Yourself And As Gifts

Bracelets rank right up there with the most popular types of jewelry that people wear as personal accessories.

This is together with necklaces, earrings, rings, etc. That’s some company to be standing alongside.

But what makes bracelets stand out from all of them is the ease at which they are worn without creating some form of annoyance to the wearer.

Necklaces and chains can sometimes be very uncomfortable. Especially for those with sensitive neck areas. Earrings can be intrusive to the body as it requires piercing of the ears. And rings can often communicate all the wrong things. They can obstruct free movements of the fingers too.

Wearing bracelets on the other hand are like wearing a watch.

They come with much less connotations like a necklace, less personal than a ring, and no pain from punching a hole on the earlobe.

Therefore, they are very often the gift of choice should jewelry be decided to be a gift to someone.

Among feng shui products, charm bracelets are some of the most popular types of jewelry that people buy for themselves, family members and friends. They can be both beautiful as a personal accessory and also carry positive symbolism.

This is why they are great as gifts for people as they communicate a wish for blessings to the receiver.

But which feng shui bracelet would be the most appropriate for which person?

Well a lot depends on what you wish for that person.

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Bracelets for general good luck

If you have nothing specific that you want to wish for and simply want to enhance personal feng shui, then there’s no better choice than to buy a bracelets that incorporates all the 5 elements into it.

This one in particular, consist of the crystal gemstones amethyst, lapis lazuli, tiger eye, red agate and turquoise.

What’s even more substantial is that it also makes up all colors of the 5 elements, calling on good luck from all 5 directions.

Another 5-element-bracelet to consider is this one below.

It’s focal stone is obsidian which is widely used in meditation and activities enabling one to seek a higher purpose in life.

Bracelet for blessings

For blessing from a higher power, bracelets that strings up dzi beads can be appropriate.

Dzi beads have strong relation to spirituality and self-discovery.

While the most expensive ones (which are made of ancient agate) can give anyone a bloody nose, you don’t need to spend crazy money on them to draw on their energy.

The “eye” on dzi stones are meant to serve as a protective force as well.

This one has a simple tribal look to it and don’t have an excessive religious look to it.

It’s also of earth color which is the element of neutrality.

Bracelets for wealth

Of all the crystals used in feng shui, citrine is probably one of the (if not the) most popular among enthusiasts and hobbyists.

This is because of it’s wealth luck calling attributes coupled with it’s affordability.

That’s without mentioning the beautiful bring yellow which is the stone’s natural color.

This one has a simple string of citrine balls and elastic for anyone to wear on the wrist to a comfortable fit.

If you feel that a feng shui bracelet for money luck has to really look the part, then take a look at a pixiu bracelet.

The pi xiu is a gold-eating celestial creature that is infamous for having no ass. This means that it consumes and stores wealth without letting any out.

This charm bracelet calls on prosperity and has the sanskrit mantra carved onto it.

It’s not as shiny as other pixiu bracelets. So it doesn’t call out for attention and would be able to focus on doing it’s job of bring wealth luck to the wearer.

Many jewelers sell them in pure gold. But take note that being made of gold is not a requirement for these bracelets to be effective.

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If you prefer not to be too flashy, then this is a nice blend of black obsidian, tiger eye and pixiu.

It’s one of those designs that your friends would only realize the true significance with close inspection.

Bracelet for good health

Amethyst is one of the more popular crystals in the application of feng shui.

One of the reasons is because of it’s healing abilities that promote good health.

This bracelet is strung with amethyst and wood beads that are both natural elements created by mother earth.

It would make an appropriate gift for someone who is recovering from illness and health problems.

Bracelets for love

For bracelets that bring relationship and romance luck, those that are made with rose quartz would be suitable.

If you don’t like the all-pink look, then go for one that has a combination of crystals that contain rose quartz.

This one above consist of rose quartz, garnet and lepidolite.

It would help bring opportunities for romance. Just remember to take advantages of opportunities when they arise.

They also make great gifts for those who are single. It wishes them good luck in their love life.

Bracelet for protection

Sometimes, people run into a patch of bad luck with accidents and injuries.

This is when they might need a little boost in protective energy.

An agate bracelet would be able to offer protection for those who wear it.

This would be a great gift to someone to show your care on concern.

Something to note is that people often like to attach zodiacs to their personal jewelry. If you are one who does this, do check whether a specific zodiac actually compliments you or harms you by referring to the relationships between zodiacs.

The last thing you want is to carry a zodiac that clashes with you everywhere you go.

Finally, remember that while the above bracelets can bring positive energy in the life aspects mentioned, the effect is minute compared to a properly feng shui-ed home.

And while bracelets are generally popular, some people just prefer alternatives such as bangles, pendants, rings or personal emblems, etc.

So if you are gifting a feng shui bracelet to someone, you might want to first find out whether he or she would wear it at all.

Otherwise all you efforts in finding and buying the bracelet would go to waste.

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