How To Feng Shui Your Christmas Tree And Where To Place It

Nothing brightens the mood more than festivals. And there are none more globally celebrated than Christmas.

Other than New Years Day, Christmas day is probably the only other annual event that is publicly celebrated all over the world across all cultures.

And as you might suspect, feng shui loves joyous festivities.

It brings about so much positive energy that even people who don’t believe in metaphysics can feel the happiness in the air.

If you have purchased a new Christmas tree from the store, or dusting off the old on sitting in the garage for the last year, you might be thinking how you should decorate it this year and where would be the best place to locate it.

As Christmas arrives once a year, it is the perfect opportunity to harness the annual and monthly lucky stars as in flying star feng shui.

The thing with flying star feng shui is that many households find that diligently keeping track of it can be tedious. Let alone taking action to address the bad and support the good.

Remedies and energizers are often used in feng shui to last for the whole year with regards to annual flying stars.

Keeping an eye out for monthly stars can be just that little too troublesome for many.

However, since you would be putting in the effort to setup and place the Christmas tree, you might as well let it welcome good luck into the house with feng shui.

The alignment of the Christmas period where you would be putting up the Xmas tree for a period of a few weeks to a month makes it a perfect “excuse” to tap on the monthly star as well.

Christmas tree placement (2018)

Some households prefer to decorate the tree first before setting it up at the desired location. While most do it the other way around.

For feng shui purposes, it is suggested to locate a favorable area or corner to place the tree before decorating it.

This is because the energy in the specific area will play a role in determining what types of decorations are best.

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What you also want to avoid is situating the tree in places that obstruct the flow of energy like hallways. That also looks out of place.

You will find a table for the scheduled flying stars for upcoming years at the end of this discussion.

The annual flying star for 2018 is the purple 9, while the monthly flying star for the Christmas period is the green 4.

This means that the following grid of flying stars can be applied to the home.

The bigger sized numbers represent the annual star while the smaller ones represent the monthly star. The elements mentioned indicates the presence of the elemental base energy.

From the grid diagram above, it can be easily observed that the following sectors of the house are not favorable at all.

  • Southeast
  • East
  • West
  • Northeast
  • North
  • Northwest

These leaves the following 3 areas of the house favorable.

  • South
  • Southwest
  • Center

Lets look at them in more detail.

South (4, 8)

The south section of the house is primed to be a sector of wealth luck to females residents.
Enhancing this area can also bring about romance luck.

The beauty of locating the tree here is in the details.

The 4 and 8 are conflicting elements of wood and earth respectively. But the south is associated with FIRE ENERGY.

Effectively harmonizing the energy carried by the two stars as wood generates fire, which in turn vitalizes earth that is contained in the wealth star 8.

The placement of the Christmas tree here would add a strong presence of wood energy.
Feeding the fire energy which will power-up the prosperity wealth star to bring good fortune luck.

Southwest (6, 1)

This is an area that will benefit from activities, lights, sound, and yang energy in general.
Financial luck beckons for those who spend time in this space.

The annual and monthly flying stars of 6 and 1 are of metal and water energy respectively.
The base energy is earth while the tree brings about wood energy.

Earth would feed metal, which would invigorate water, eventually helping positive wood energy which is present in the tree to sprout.

If we also consider the triangle shape of a Christmas tree being distinctive of the fire element, then this area will flourish with the synergy balance of all 5 elements.

Expect monetary rewards from all directions including windfalls and promotions.

Center (9, 4)

While the center is also an area that will not bring bad luck, enhancing this sectors will not bring wealth or career luck.

It would actually bring academic and romance luck.

From the elemental math, star 9 and 4 are of fire and wood energy respectively.

The center is associated with an earth base.

This creates a harmony of earth, fire and wood.

The increase, or double down, in wood energy for star 4 is what will be bringing the studious and relationship luck.

The presence of the picea tree which has an uncanny resemblance to the shape of a pagoda can also call on academic luck.

Choose the location wisely by deciding which type of luck you need more in your life currently.

When none of the listed spaces are suitable

Maybe the south is at the toilet, maybe the southwest is the store room, maybe the center is missing.

Maybe the only possible section of the house to locate the tree is the living room and it resides in none of 3 listed directional spaces in the house.

In this case, locate the south, southwest or center of the living room (to your preference) and set up the tree there.

Bookmark this page and come back to see updates with future Christmas days.

Now that we have the Christmas tree placement settled, let’s move on to suitable tree decorations.

Christmas tree decorations (2018)

It would be odd to see a Christmas tree devoid of motifs, colorful items, candy canes, ,etc.

Here are some general guidelines on decorative items to pick.


When placed in the south in this particular instance, you want to add a presence of fire energy to strength the bond between the 4 and 8 stars.

This means that decorative items in red, purple, and in triangular shapes are welcomed.

While we usually don’t add fire energy to the south because it is already predominantly has a fire energy base (which can potentially give rise to fire hazards), the flying star is not a 9.

So adding the presence of fire will not be as hazardous. Saying that, always take precautions. And avoid the use of candles or other things with open flames.

Moreover, the fire energy will be sucked up by the wealth star 8 like a sponge. In turn bringing wealth luck to residents.

If there is a fireplace here, it is best not to use it.

Adding decorative items that emit wood or earth energy are also permitted.

This means colors like green, brown, yellow and orange, and shapes like rectangles and squares are fine.

What you want to avoid is the metal element as that would cause conflicts in this configuration.

This implies avoiding white, gold, silver, and circle or spherical shapes.


When the tree is placed in the southwest, there are 2 things to keep in mind.

  1. Amplifying the water energy would improve wealth luck
  2. Fire energy is weak and can help with a little boost

Water energy can be spiked with the colors blue and black, tinsel, and with wavy shaped objects.

Fire energy can be added with Christmas ornaments in red, pink, purple, and triangular shaped items.

Saying that, remember that this is a special space that has all 5 elements present. So there are no bottle necks and everything would move nicely in a cycle.

So if you want to go wild with decorative items without a care in the world, only do so if the Christmas tree is located in the south west.

Yang energy created by games, celebrations, flashing lights, etc, will help to positively energize the space.


When the tree is located in the center of the house, this is a space that needs more earth energy.

Decorative items in brown, yellow and orange, and those shaped in squares are ideal.
Going with wood and fire based items will also help to a lesser extent.

A strong presence of metal is not recommended as it would attack the favorable academic and romance stars.

Since this is an area of relationship luck, it would be a perfect location of the mistletoe.

Flying stars for Christmas Day in upcoming years

Year Annual Star Monthly Star
2018 9 4
2019 8 1
2020 7 7
2021 6 4
2022 5 1
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