The Ultimate List Of Feng Shui Crystals And Gemstones

Crystals and gemstones have been used for centuries for balancing energy, emotions and spiritual well-being.

The use of them for healing is not just limited to feng shui, but in various forms of new-age practices as well.

Without getting too technical, gems have mineral or organic bases while crystals are solids.

And while all crystals are considered gemstones, not all gems are crystals.

Furthermore, gemstones can be classified as precious or semi-precious.

Here are the most common feng shui crystals and gemstones used for balancing and enhancing energy in the house.

At the end of this list, you will find a table that classifies the feng shui stones into those meant for health, wealth, and relationship luck.


In various metaphysical practices, afghanite is known for it’s powerful healing and meditative abilities. Especially for the throat, mouth and head area.

The blue variety is the most popular and understandably placed together with water features near the front door to a home for prosperity luck.


Agate is formed from volcanic rocks.

They are used to induce a calming influence on the energy residing in a room.

Blue agate helps to boost wealth luck and soothe mental well-being. They can be placed in any areas that would benefit from it’s calming effect.

Red agate can be used to improve relationship luck and should be placed in the bedroom if that’s what the feng shui master ordered.

Agate is also often carved into symbols of fertility such as in the shape and form of Chinese dates.


Alexandrite is an amusing natural stone that changes color when shone with light.
This can flip from a greenish blue tint to redish purple.

Genuine stones was extremely rare for a period of time, until huge deposits of it were continually discovered all over the world. Especially South America.

They are mostly used in feng shui for the south sector of a house as an attractor of fame and status.


Amazonite is a balancer of yin and yang. It can also encourage creativity and self-expression.

Thus, it is a good choice for developing confidence and improving communications.

It can be placed in any area to balance up the residing energy, and best in the southwest to cultivate relationships.


Amber is a gem with an organic base because it originates from fossilized pine tree resin. As such, some people don’t consider it as a crystal nor stone.

While many believe that amber bring success and career luck due to it’s color, amber is actually mean to be used for health support.

For this purpose, they should be placed in the health sectors of the house, or where a powerful mountain star resides as in flying star feng shui.

It is sometimes also used to promote harmonious relationships between members of the household. This is done by placing it at the Kun trigram area which is the southwest.

Legend says that amber was materialized from a tiger’s heart. It therefore also embodies the traditional attributes of the tiger such as courage.


The forming of amethyst is actually a category of crystalline quartz.

They come in a wide array of colors including yellow, brown, and even translucent.

Often cut to look like a cave, the most popular color of which is violet or purple and is used in feng shui for purifying energy.

Because of this, amethyst geode is best placed in a room where you rest, recharge, or meditate, other than your bedroom.

Due to it’s purification nature, it can also be used to dissolve negative energy that is creating conflict in the residence.

There is a special type of amethyst called auralite 23.

It is so named because of it’s composition of 23 different mineral energies.

They are mostly used to attract abundance and good luck in general.


The name angelite comes from the ancient belief that the stone originated as a gem of the angels.

It has an ability to raise the awareness, alertness and vigilance of users.

It is therefore best placed in the center of the house for everyone to benefit from it.


Apatite is a stone of ingenuity, imagination and inspiration.

It is suitable for anyone seeking a clearer mind or often meditates.

Placing them in a meditation room would be ideal.

Otherwise, they can be placed anywhere which activities are done that would benefit from inspiration ad creativity.


Even though aquamarine is commonly known to be bluish green or greenish blue in color, it is actually colorless when in pure form.

The color starts to form the mineral based stone due to the presence of iron within it.

With the word aqua in it’s name, you don’t need to be a genius to figure out that this crystal is associated with water. Moreover the name come from a latin translation of seawater.

With this characteristic, it is best placed on a property where there is water energy which is the north.

Placement of aquamarine in this section of a floor plan can bring enhanced career and money luck.

Because of it’s water nature, it can also be used as remedies and cures for specific areas that require water energy.

Putting them together with water features like a water fountain will invigorate water energy.


Like amethyst, aventurine originates from quartz.

It comes in a diverse selection of colors including:

  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Opaque
  • etc

However, the most commonly used variety is green for boosting wood element energy.
This means that it can be placed at the east, southeast or south.

Blizzard Stone

The blizzard stone has an ability to protect energy from outside influences like radiation and AC power.

However, being grayish black in color, it is generally regarded as a fire stone which is counter-intuitive.

It is therefore best placed in the south to protect recognition luck.

It can also be placed near computers so as to protect a user from the energy emitting from such technology.


Bloodstone is a healing stone capable of repelling negative energy.

It is also a crystal commonly used for grounding, especially when the user is suffering from stress and anger issues.

Placement of the bloodstone can be anywhere that needs to dispel negative energy.

Saying that, it is most commonly placed in the southwest, southeast or east.

Blue lace agate

This is a stone generally used to bring calmness and improve communications.

It would therefore be a great personal emblem for those who needs to improve their communication skills.

Place it at the center of the house to bring change for the whole household.


Bustamite has properties that allow it to align or re-align energy imbalances.

It is often seen as a relationship gemstone.

To be more specific, it is more in tune with spiritual balance and emotional well-being.

Place it in the southwest for relationships at home, and the northwest for relationships outside the home.


Calcite is a form of calcium carbonate and is commonly used as a component for luxurious limestone and marble countertops.

Because of it’s softness, it is seldom used for jewelry.

The type of impurities it contain can result in it inheriting a variety of colors including red, orange, blue, etc.

While the amethyst purifies energy, the calcite removes negative energy.

This makes it a desirable choice to heal fragile or broken relationships.


Genuine carnelian is actually getting more rare these days due to a shortage in supply.

In fact, if you purchased one at what you thought was a killer price, the odds are that it’s not natural authentic carnelian and actually processed agate that has been dyed.

It comes in red or various varieties of red including pink, reddish brown, orangy red, etc.
Because of it’s natural color, it is associated with the fire element.

This means that it can be placed on the south sector for recognition luck or at the northeast for wealth luck.

Otherwise putting it in the southwest can also help improve and maintain relationships.


Real chalcedony can exist in the colors gray, blue or white.

However, they are often mixed with other stones for commercial purposes.

Among the 3 colors, blue chalcedony is generally acknowledged to be most suited for feng shui purposes.

As it is symbolic of water energy, it is best placed in the north for wealth luck via career advancement.


Charoite is best known as a spiritual stone. It is also associated with the human heart.

In some circles, it is also argued that it is related to good karma.

It can be placed at the center of the house or in a room where you do yoga and meditate.


Chrysocolla is known as a stone of stability and tranquility.

It is therefore a popular companion of those who seek inner peace, inner feng shui, and inner spirituality.

Either carry it with you to place it in a common area where family member gather.


Chrysoprase stimulate people into becoming the best version of themselves.

It can also be used for recovery from mental challenges lke stress, depression, lack of focus, etc.

It is most often used as a remedy for problematic areas with negative energy.


There’s something about citrine that makes it lovable by instinct.

In fact, if you ask someone out of the blue which type of gemstone they would like to have to energize their personal luck, the odds are high that they would say citrine if they are aware of it’s existence.

Citrine is actually a variety of crystalline quartz just like amethyst.

Even though it can be found ranging from yellow to reddish orange, consumers generally perceive it as only yellow.

It can be used in feng shui as a stimulant for the wealth sector to bring good fortune and prosperity.

Placement of citrine is not just limited to the wealth spots found in a property’s natal charts.

It can also be placed in places where you keep cash like the safe, drawers, coin trays, etc. They can also be used in retail shops.

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is made from one of the most abundant minerals in the world.

Also known as rock crystal, this feat is attributed in most part to it’s ability to withstand temperature, pressure, and physical damage.

It is best known to consumers for it’s disco ball effect when shone with light.

It can split and disperse the different spectrum of colors resulting in a rainbow effect in the living room.

It is no wonder that it is portrayed as a prism crystal that purifies as well as cleanses energy.

It promotes harmony though happy shared experiences.

It is best placed in common areas. This implies not in the bed room.

They are also often used for designs of crystal lotus flowers.


Cuprite is a grounding stone that assist one to look behind the facade and see what are the true core values an individual is made of.

As a root chakra stone in Indian metaphysics. it enables one to get in touch with the connection he has with the earth.

In feng shui, it is mostly used for relationship energy and placed in the west.


The diamond needs no introduction and is a hardest natural gemstone known to man.

Like the rock crystal, it as the ability to split light… just much better and in high definition.

This also means that it can be used to cheer up a place just like rock crystals.

And since it is synonymous to marriage and love, it can be placed in relationship corners to strengthen the bond of couples.


Another grouding stone is found in the form of dolomite.

It soothes the mind and faciliates uplifting energy. It quells emotional stress and anger we manifest in our bodies.

They can typicaly be placed anywhere to create an energy balance, but most often utilized at the center of the home.


For some weird reason, dumortierite is an organization stone.

It instills an urge or desire to keep things organized.

They are therefore great for placement in the office and work areas at home.

Eilat stone

Eilat stone is one for physical and mental healing.

This means that it should be placed in the health corner of the house by default.


Real genuine emerald is one of the most expensive gems available for general consumers to buy.

When you lay your eyes on the beauty of one you would realize why.

While all gemstones are naturally earth element based, emerald compose of very powerful wood elemental energy due to it’s green color.

However, they are also known to be available in opaque or transparent. Even green color it inherits from metallic chromium and vanadium.

It can be placed in the east and southeast for growth and academic success.


Epidote is a unique crystal that enhances all aspects of life.

It even has a magical ability to cleanse a person’s aura.

It is sort of an injustice that it is not as well-loved by the mainstream media.

It is most often recommended by experts to place it in the east to promote clarity of the mind.


Eudialyte is associated with the heart.

One look at it and you will understand why.

It has an uncanny resemblance to the appearance of the body organ and can seem freaky to some.

It is understandably usually placed in the southeast as this is where the Kan trigram is due to it’s relation to the heart.

However, some feng shui practitioners advocate placing it at the southwest as it is where Kun trigram is since it is the relationship corner.


Fluorite got it’s name from it’s composition of calcium fluoride.

So dense can it be packed with this mineral that it glows under ultraviolet light (black light).

The mined stone can come in a variety of colors including:

  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • etc

However in feng shui practice, the green variant is usually used for it’s ability to call on wood energy to maintain harmony in relationships and mend broken ones.

Placement of it is at the east, southeast, or where a favorable and strong mountain star resides.


Fuschite is a compassion stone that helps with inducing emphathy and emotional intelligence.

They can be helpful in helping children ingrain such values in their character at a young age.


Garnet is made up of a broad mixture of mineral groups.

Because of this nature, it exist in a diverse variety of colors including black and pink.
It is an energy revitalizing stone.

So place it in spaces where you find the potency of feng shui enhancements are getting weaker.

Hawks eye

Sometimes also referred to as falcons eye, hawks eye is a stone of vision. Probably with reference to the great eyesight of the predatory bird.

It is supposed to help a user gain better perspective, increase awareness, and overcome adversity with superior insight.

It should be placed in the wealth corner to attract money luck from intelligence.


Hematite is a mineral based stone and can be found in red, silver, and black.

In feng shui, it has the power to promote grounding of emotions and mental state.

This means it can be good for those who suffer from anxiety attacks, stress related problems, and mental well-being.

Placement in the meditation room would be best for grounding purposes. Otherwise carrying one with you maybe as feng shui crystal bracelets will bring that spiritual energy with you wherever you go.

They can sometimes be found in retail stores carved into animals.

Placement of these animals will then depend on what the animals are supposed to symbolize and represent.


Howlite is associated with character building. Especially in the areas of emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

It can be carried around as a personal emblem.

Or placed in any areas where a change in character is desired.


Infinite is a stone of purity and love.

It’s potency is not in bestowing positive energy onto people, but in drawing out negative energy from people.

It is typically placed at the center of the home so that all residents can reap benefits from it. Or in rooms where change is required.


Iolite is about spirituality, simplicity and peace with oneself.

It is also known as a detoxifier of vice related tendencies.

It is best placed in the rooms of those who need to tap onto it’s spiritual powers.


Premium grade jade is called jadeite, while those that available in the mass market which we are more familiar with are nephrite.

In ancient China, commoners were forbidden fro wearing jade due to the special status this material has.

Even though jade can come in various colors including lavender and orange, we mostly know them to be green.

This undoubtedly tags it to the wood elemental energy.

The gem alone would be a great enhancer for personal growth and family harmony.

When carved into unique objects, the jade is supposed to supercharge the symbolism that the object represents.

It is the default gem for businesses.

Some common artifacts carved out of jade include:

What it is carved into will determine the best location for placement.

The gem alone would be best placed in the east or southeast.


Jasper is one of the few gemstones that young parents are alright to name their children after.

It is a type of quartz and with an appearance that varies in color due to organic material and minerals it contains. Iron content can give it a vibrant color too.

This can create natural designs on the stone itself.

Some can even look like a painting or an art piece.

The leopardskin jasper for example, is a favorite among consumers with it’s naturally created spots resembling the predator’s valued fur skin.

Jasper can be placed in the east for relationship development. When it comes in red, it can be placed in the south corner to enhance recognition luck.


Jet is a stone that is used to alleviate depression or mind-related ailments.

Very good for changing negative mindsets into positive ones.

It can be placed in common areas to encourage harmony among residents in the household.


Kyanite play the role of recovery from imbalances in energy.

They are commonly found in blue or/and black in color, and thus represents the water element energy.

It should be placed in the north for success and career luck.


Labradorite is an aura protector. It shields the user from external energy influences while keeping the personal aura safe.

It is important to note that it is a stone that keep things out rather than keeping things in.

It can be placed in any location in the house to protect any meaningful displays from harmful effects of sha chi.

It can also be carried around as a pendant or totem for protection.

Lapis Lazuli

The electric blue of this stone comes from it having a composition of lazurite. Specks of white that appear from it are actually pyrite.

It goes without saying that lapis lazuli is a gemstone that consist of several minerals.

Without it’s intensely magical blue, it is little surprise that it emits water energy for feng shui.

Because of this, it can be placed in the north for wealth and career luck, or in the southeast for academic and romance luck.


Larimar is a harvester of water energy and is also used for energizing the luck of meeting not just a romantic partner, but a soul mate.

It can be placed in the north, together with water features, or in relationship corners.


Lepidolite is great at helping people relax. Thus it is often used by people with sleep problems like insomnia.

It can also generate negative ions. Making it a good hedge against electronics that constantly produce harmful energy.

For feng shui, it is mostly used to help students with their mental balance when studying.
It is therefore best placed where the academic flying star number 4 can be found.


Malachite is a mineral based stone that gets it’s striking green from a high copper composition.

Despite it’s obvious wood energy base from the body color, it made it’s name from a different reason.

It is capable of absorbing negative energy. It doesn’t destroy, reflect, or cleanse. It absorbs.

For this reason, it is placed on bad sectors of a house emitting negative energy, and especially effective in the east or southeast due to it’s green.

It should be cleansed regularly to retain it’s potency.


This is a stone of love.

But not in the romantic sense. But more of a motherly sense.

It is used for relationships and love. Especially towards a child.

The southwest is a good place to locate it. Or any room with babies or children.

Just be mindful to keep it out of reach as they can present choking hazards when babies are left unattended.

The beautiful pink with mesmerizing bands can be too attracive for children to ignore.


Marble is a mineral stone that is a favorite among home owners who wish to construct a premium interior at home.

It is especially popular with kitchen countertops.

They serve as great boosters for the flow of chi and stimulating a more vibrant energy around the area it is placed in.

They can also be used in any areas where specific actions are being taken to either energize or dilute energy.


Mookaite is related to the bond between mother and child.

It also has a naturally alluring look of red and orange.

There is still a debate of whether this stone is fire base or earth base.

In any case the two are complimentary elements. So can be place in any areas with either a fire or earth energy base.


Moonstone is a delightful looking semi-precious gemstone in pearly white color.

It must be noted that it has no relation to moon rocks.

It emits yin energy, or some might call it feminine.

The best feng shui use of it is as a remedy to places or people who have too strong a yang energy.

For example, people with anger management issues might find some respite with the moonstone.


The formation of obsidian originate from molten lava, and suitably nicknamed volcanic glass.

This catchy nickname is also partly attributed to it’s shiny opaque and glossy surface.

While it is primarily black, it can also occasionally be found in:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Rainbow
  • Silver
  • etc

This variation of colors is due to mineral content and impurities in the lava.

Black obsidian is one of the favorites of people practicing inner feng shui, spirituality, meditation, etc, due to it’s ability to detox negative thoughts from the mind.

This also serves as a layer of protection from negative energy.

Favorable for any rooms meant for meditation, it should be placed in areas with high exposure to the user.

Otherwise, it defeats the very purpose of it being in the house.


Onyx is a type of quartz with an appearance that resemble marble.

It is therefore commonly used as an alternative material for premium kitchen countertops.

Like malachite, it can have banded natural designs sort of like the beautiful rings found on natural timber furniture.

While gem lover tend to associate this stone with being black, it can also exist in a various colors including many different tones of red.

Black being a color representative of water element makes it a useful item to place in the north for career enhancement.

Because of it’s healing qualities, it can help alleviate stress for those who need it.

People studying for exams for example, can place them on the study desk for focus.


Opal is a mineral based stone that is highly associated with water.

Although it comes in a fire colors, application of feng shui is often limited to the ocean blue and fire red.

Blue would flow with water energy while red would ignite fire energy.

Use them for home areas that require a stronger presence of these elements.


The appearance of peridot resembles that of lime green jelly.

It is traditionally known as a wealth and health stone.

However, many people contend that it has a protective nature to it as well.

Placement should be at either the health or wealth corners of the house.

Petrified wood

This is a healing stone. Especially in the physical sense.

In fact, many professional atheletes swear by it’s potency in helping them with the recoveries from injury.

Packing strong earth energy within it, petrified wood can be place in the earth areas of southwest, northeast or center.

Especially the center.


Prehnite is a cleaner of negative and cluttered energy.

Thus can be placed in areas where one seeks to balance or cleanse energy.


With it’s close resemblance to gold, pyrte is what miners often call fool’s gold.

This stone releases positive energy making it suitable for any space that needs that little extra optimism and enthusiasm in the place.

However feng shui usage of pyrite is often confined to wealth and money luck.

It is therefore best placed where the wealth water star is or at the north to attract prosperity.


Quartz is one of the natural stones that most people are familiar with due to it’s extensive use in home design.

It is a healing artifact. And like moonstone, has a yin energy base.

It can be placed in almost any areas as it straightens out positive energy in good areas, and balances out negative energy in bad areas.

It is not known as the master healer for nothing.


The surface of this stone can gross some people out.

Not because it look disgusting and dirty. But it can remind you of some biological alien cell specimen.

It is fittingly pinkish red in color as it heals problems related to affairs of the heart.

Put it either in the southwest, or anywhere that relationships need to be healed.


Rhodonite has a unique ability to balance out yin and yang energy.

It is thus best placed in open areas, especially at the center of a house.

Other common locations include the southwest for relationships and the northwest for harmony with mentors.


Some rhyolite can have bands that are so distinctive and sharp that they look like pictures on a high definition television screen.

It is a stone that encourages changes for the better.

It should be place in the east.

Rose Quartz

With the name rose quartz, it’s not surprising that this is a variety of quartz with a pink rosy color.

It assumes this color from the composition of titanium, magnesium or dumortierite within it.

Being in such a passionate color, it’s little wonder that it is used in feng shui for enhancing romance luck.

Items symbolic of romance made in rose quartz is known to galvanize the effectiveness of them.

Otherwise, having rose quartz purely as a gem can also energize romance luck not just for singles to find suitable partners, but also for couples to keep the passion alive.


Ruby is a gemstone that most people are familiar with. Many might not have seen it in real life, but would have surely heard about or seen it in movies.

It’s breathtaking red comes from chromium impurities.

And like fluorite, it glows when shined with an ultraviolet torchlight.

Genuine premium grade ruby is priced so highly that only the super-rich would be able to afford them.

They bring the fire element energy and would be suitable in the south of a house to invigorate recognition luck.

Otherwise, it can be placed in any sector of a house that requires a strong dose of fire energy.

Ruby fuschite

This is actually a combination of ruby and fuschite. It is therefore sometimes known as ruby in fuschite.

Together they harness a potent energy is dispel negative energy in a household.

They should be placed near open areas where family members gather like the coffee table in the living room or the dining table.


The make up of sapphire is actually very similar to ruby, which is also a variety of corundum.

Which is the reason why some gemologist give it the pet name of blue ruby.

However, while sapphire is best known to be blue in color, it can also come in various colors including yellow and green.

Like rose quartz, it can contain titanium and iron.

The use of sapphire in feng shui is usually as an energy outlet to weaken negative energy by applying it in the cycle of exhaustion according to the relationship between the 5 elements.

So blue will be used to diminish negative metal energy, yellow to erode fire energy, green to dilute water energy, etc.


Serpentine is a marvelous stone to use in conjunction with meditation as it helps to clear doubts and stress that one is suffering from.

It can be used in meditation areas and rooms.


Shungite is a repellent of negative energy.

This enables one to be in a better state to receive positive energy to boost life aspects in general.

It supposedly is a special stone that relates to balancing all chakras.

It is best placed in spaces with negative energy.

Smokey Quartz

The color and texture of this stone is odd as it resembles smoke. Thus, the name.

This appearance is either caused by irradiation or from aluminum impurities.

This is mainly a stone of protection and can be used to protect the house by placing it near the front door, or carried around by a user maybe as a pendent on a necklace as totem of sorts.


Sodalite is associated with wisdom and self-reflection.

When used in wealth areas, it can help with decision making in financial matter.

When used in health areas, it can help with healing and longevity.


Sugilite is used to draw out negative energy residing in people’s minds.

They are therefore useful in helping with people suffering from mental stress, depression, or even emotional blocks.

People in the creative field might also find it helpful in breaking the barriers that are holding them back from unleashing their full creative potential.

Place them in the center of the house or as a personal emblem.


The use of the sunstone for good luck dates back centuries.

It is even documented to have been used by the Greeks as a tribute item to the Sun God Helios.

While It has various abilities including helping one to overcome fear and inspire courage, it is mostly used to protect one from physical and mental bullying.

Having a fire energy base, it is best placed in the north to dispel self-doubt when tapping on recognition luck.


Tanzanite is one of the most powerful and all-encompassing gemstone with revered healing properties.

When one often feels pulled in polarizing directions by the mind and heart, tanzanite can help harmonize the two by finding a middleground.

It is also used as a spiritual stone to help one find peace within oneself and be happy with what he possess rather than unhappy with what he doesn’t.

In terms of chakras, it is associated with 4 out of 7 of them.

The prcatice of feng shui usually places tanzanite at the northeast to help one cope with the challenges in life.

Tiger’s Eye

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This is another variety of quartz generally with an amber-yellow-brown color.

The natural banded design on it would remind you of tiger stripes. Which probably the reason for such a title.

It is earth element based and mostly used as a protector from bad energy.

This makes it ideal for hanging at windows and doors when they are situated in areas of the house with negative energy.

The earth base also makes it a good item to use to enhance favorable metal sectors.


Topaz is another stone that ranks highly in terms of hardness.

It is most recognized as golden-yellow but can also be found in a variety of colors including blue, pink colorless, etc.

It has a unique ability to absorb negative energy and replace it with positive energy. Sort of like how plants and flowers take in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen.

For this reason, it is best place in open spaces as an energy purifier, or where the conflict star for the year resides.

It can also be used with wind chimes at the windows, deck area, or balcony.


Tourmaline is a stone that can be found in almost any color you can imagine. So it can meet almost any decorating taste you might have for the home’s interior.

But it is generally recognized as black.

Black being an attribute of the water element makes this stone ideal in the north.


Turquoise can be found in various shades of green and blue.

And as such, is a powerful symbol of the water element.

It is mainly used as a balancer of energy.

So anywhere in the house that has an overwhelming presence of a particular energy can benefit from it’s presence.


Unakite is a stone that consist of 3 minerals in epidote, quartz and feldspar.

It soothes emotional turmoil and calms the heart by operating as a catalyst to release tension and stress held by someone.

It should be left to do it’s job either in the north or south sectors of the house.

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