What Makes A Good Auspicious Feng Shui Wealth Corner

The sectors of a house where money luck can be harnessed is the one aspect of feng shui that garners the most interest.

So it is of no surprise that many homeowners get very excited once they have identified a feng shui wealth corner in the house.

However, not all feng shui wealth locations are made equal.

This is true no matter how advanced a feng shui formula has been used to determine that lucky space.

The lack of any or all of them does not mean that a wealth area will be rendered redundant. It just means that it will not harness the full potential of wealth energy for the benefit of residents.

Just like smart phone cameras can be used to take photos, but not at the quality of a DSLR. Saying that, camera technology on smartphones these days are getting so good.

Take note that the following factors make up an ideal wealth location.

And they are geared towards the attributes of the space itself without considering what to place there and how to set things up.

Let’s get to the good stuff.

1) Corner of a room

Because feng shui is about harvesting positive energy from Chi, the best places to draw in that energy will be areas where Chi is slowest or comes to a halt.

As the corners of a living space tend to have the least disturbances from wind and air, it makes an ideal spot to locate a wealth corner to harness wealth luck.

This concept of corners is not limited to rooms.

When practicing feng shui on a bigger scale such as for a house, building or complex, the unit at the wealth corner based on the entire blueprint can be deemed as a very auspicious wealth apartment or wealth shop.

2) Fully walled area

This factor goes back to the issue regarding the disturbances to chi.

If a wealth location does reside in a corner, but the corner has windows, doors, or other openings, then this space will not serve the purpose of keeping and holding onto good chi.

Windows make it impossible for a corner to accumulate auspicious chi

This is why a corner space with windows for example, will not be a good spot for the placement of feng shui items for wealth luck.

Even if let’s say a jade tree is able to emit wealth energy by being placed in the area, the wind would carry it away. Making it difficult for inhabitants of the house to benefit from that money luck.

3) 90 degree angle

When we describe a corner in the living room, is by default a 90° angle. A corner with approximately this angle would make the perfect wealth spot.

However, a lot of houses and property premises have corners with a variety of angles. Some have arcs wider that 90 degrees while some are smaller.

While other angles other than approximately 90° would still be able to hold chi, just note that the bigger or smaller these corner angles are, the harder it would be to hold and harness auspicious chi.

4) Does not face door

Doors are entryways for wind to enter.

As such, chi in any space in front of the door would never be left in peace to keep wealth energy.

For this reason, it is never ideal to have wealth locations that are situated in the line of sight of a door, especially the main door.

Energy from doors causes disturbances that prevent chi from settling down

On top of that, it is feng shui taboo to have wealth items in clear sight from entering a room. This is akin to leaking wealth instead of accumulating it.

This is also a reason why the famed primary wealth location (ming cai wei or 明财位) is often described as the corner from a 45° angle diagonally across the room from the door. Because this space would be the most obvious space which is not facing the door.

5) No direct sha chi

The wealth space will not have time helping you harness money luck when it is busy fending for itself from sha chi.

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This is one of the most common mistakes made by feng shui hobbyists when determining ideal wealth corners.

Let’s put it this way.

If you will not allow yourself to sleep under a beam, why would you allow a beam to hang over the wealth location?

The “snake” is a source of sha chi

Some of the common sources of sha chi that could harm a wealth spot include:

  • Protruding pillars
  • Overhanging beams
  • Exposed piping and cables
  • Air conditioner unit above
  • Facing staircases
  • Clutter
  • etc

Unless a homeowner is able to resolve sha chi issues afflicting a wealth location, then is to better to find a secondary wealth corner that is not affected by any negative energy.

It is better to use an inferior smart phone that works perfectly than a superior one that is defective.

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