How Fire Hydrants Affect Feng Shui

Fire hydrants are external features of a property that home owners often don’t realize are around until after they have bought a place.

Not because they are hidden from sight, but because we are so used to seeing them that we can often miss them even when they are in plain sight.

Such is the curse of being anywhere and everywhere.

This is also why when feng shui questions regarding fire hydrants pop up, they are usually asked by new home owners who’ve only realized that the fire-fighting fixtures are in close proximity to their homes.

The nature of fire hydrants

Most people would implicitly categorize a fire hydrant as a water element fixture. And for good reason.

It is the source of water and in many ways, high pressured water.

It is capable of being way more powerful than any pond or fountain your have constructed at home.

So much so that some people even prefer to call them water hydrants rather than fire hydrants. And most people would probably that naming justified.

Yet some people also associate it with the fire element as it is often painted in red… and used to fight fire.

That is a wrong way to look at it. They are water element fixtures just like the sink and refrigerator in the kitchen.

Some people even associate them with wealth as water in general represents wealth in feng shui. But that is a wrong assessment as the energy contained in them are too powerful to be wealth enhancing.

The main unique feature of water element of fire hydrants is that they hold potential energy rather than kinetic energy.

So even though the water energy is dormant until it is released, it can be powerful enough to cause absolute carnage when called upon.

Characteristics of fire hydrant

If you have just spotted a fire hydrant, or only come to think about one’s feng shui impact, then the very first question should be how big is the hydrant.

This question needs to be answered because I’ve seen some huge monstrous hydrants.

In fact, I’ve just did a search on google and was greeted with house-sized hydrants.

Granted, the huge hydrants are probably landmark monuments that serve no fire-fighting purposes, but being in such considerable size can affect an area’s feng shui whether it can be used or not.

The average fire hydrant stands no more than 3 feet tall, about 2 inches above the ground (flange height), with a base of about 15 inches in diameter. The breadth of the steamer pot varies based on the model of the hydrant, and any customization ordered by the local authorities.

This is not size that is big enough to cause negative feng shui effects just by being in the vicinity of your home.

However, when they are above average size, then whether it would cause any problems depend on judgement.

When hydrants become a problem

While they are not items that naturally cause bad feng shui just by being around, where they are located around the premises can pose the biggest problems.

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Like a lamp post, if a hydrant is located right in front of your main door, it is a source of sha chi not only from the perspective of external form, but also from an excessive water energy perspective.

Not only would it be cutting up positive energy entering from the front door, it can also cause conflicts between different elemental energy if water energy is bad for the front door area as indicated on the energy map of the house. It can be especially bad for retail shop locations.

This is assuming that the fixture is right in front of the door in the first place.

This is because if it is at a distance away, the average fire hydrant is not going to cause any significant feng shui impact on a house.

And if it’s location at the front door is unavoidable, the using plants near the front door area can be a good remedy to block it from view.

While having on in front of the back door is also not ideal, it’s negative effects are not as dramatic as one at the front door.

Finally, don’t get too stressed out with fire hydrants as the average ones don’t pose any real problems unless they are at the front door. Even so, they can be easily managed with the strategic placement of plants.

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