Flower Of Romance Star Indicates Relationship Bliss

When it comes to romance luck, few gets as much fanfare as peach blossom luck.

This is partly because of the cultural beauty and significance of peach blossoms, and also in huge part of them being widely mentioned in classic stories and novels.

In addition, the mandarin name of the flower of romance is tao hua (桃花) which literally translates to peach blossoms.

This is why when the flower of romance is mentioned, it is almost always confused with the peach blossoms luck in the life aspect of romance.

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However, the flower of romance is distinctively different from the peach blossoms star… yet it is understandable why they can often be viewed in similar light as well.

The key difference between these two relationship-inclined stars in bazi analysis is that peach blossom romance luck is associated with luck with the opposite gender and having luck with suitors in quantity. The flower of romance however, is associated with the relationship between husband and wife.

If the flower of romance is present in a person’s bazi, where it resides among the 4 pillars can have different implications.

Identifying the flower of romance

Discovering whether an individual’s bazi consist of the flower of romance requires one to take reference of the day branch and/or year branch.

Then refer to the table below.

Day or Year Branch Flower of Romance
E1 E10
E2 E7
E3 E4
E4 E1
E5 E10
E6 E7
E7 E4
E8 E1
E9 E10
E10 E7
E11 E4
E12 E1

The legend of the symbols above can be found here.

When the flower of romance appears on the month or year branch, it is determined that this person would enjoy internal romance (内桃花) which means a blissful relationship between spousal partners.

When it emerges in the hour or day branch, it indicates external romance (外桃花) which can also lead to extra marital affairs and divorce.

For example, a male born on 1 January 1975 would have the below bazi

Hour Day Month Year
+ Fire
– Fire
+ Fire
+ Wood
+ Fire
– Earth
+ Water
+ Wood

In this case, the day earthly branch is E8 and the year earthly branch is E3.

By referring to the flower of romance star table previously, we can identify that the branches E1 and E4 are the symbolic stars that represent it.

And as can be observe from the bazi above, E1 is present in the month pillar. So this man would enjoy a loving relationship with his wife, if the conditions are right.

We need to include this caveat as looking deeper into the bazi (which was not conducted) might reveal that this is a symbolic star that is not useful.

Feng shui and the flower of romance star

An eagle eyed observer might realize from looking at the previous table that the flower of romance are only represented by 4 branches consisting of E1, E4, E7 and E10.

This coincides with the 4 cardinal directions as explained by the 24 mountains.

And as the year branch, which is one of the reference characters to identify flower of romance, indicates the zodiac year a person was born in, we can draw up the following table to identify the directional location where this star might reside at home as long as the zodiac year is known.

Zodiac Flower of Romance
Rat, Dragon, Monkey West (E10)
Ox, Snake, Rooster South (E7)
Tiger, Horse, Dog East (E4)
Rabbit, Goat, Pig North (E1)

So if you are of the snake zodiac for example, the south sector would be identified as a flower of romance sector.

One can then take feng shui steps to enhance or activate this sector to promote a harmonious and happy life as a married couple.

Enhancements can be even more potent when there is a favorable green star 4 in the sector according to flying star feng shui.

When the flower of romance star arrives in the bazi luck cycles, it can either lead to marriage opportunities with compatible partners for singles or a distinctive period of happiness in marriage for couples.

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