How To Find The Best Feng Shui Front Door Direction

The main front door is one of the most important aspects of a house from a feng shui perspective.

This is because it is the main entry point of energy from the outside with residents entering and exiting the property from the front door numerous times on a daily basis.

This is why sometimes, from a freakish stroke of luck, a house can bestow inhabitants with good luck even though it does not have a good feng shui configuration… but the overwhelming auspicious energy drawn in by the front door heavily outweighs everything else.

There are a lot of factors that make an ideal feng shui main door. Yet no one would argue that one of it’s most critical aspect is it’s facing direction.

For a lot of people, relocating or re-configuring the front door is not an option that is available.

But if this is still within your power, maybe because you have control over the building plan or currently selecting a house to buy, here are the key factors in determining the best feng shui front door direction to face.

Bagua directions and trigrams

The 8 directions of the bagua is represented by 8 trigrams, Each of which has it’s own associations.

  • North for career and middle son (kan)
  • South for status and middle daughter (li)
  • East for health and eldest son (chen)
  • West for family and youngest daughter (tui)
  • Northeast for academics and youngest son (ken)
  • Northwest for mentors and patriarch (chien)
  • Southeast for wealth and eldest daughter (sun)
  • Southwest for relationships and matriarch (kun)

It can be ascertained that whichever direction the main door faces and opens towards, the aspects that that particular direction represents would enjoy good fortune.

For example, if the door opens at the northeast, it can be deduces that this house favors young men and especially the youngest son.

However if this is not kept in check, it can also result in the youngest son seldom being home to spend time with the family.

And if the front door is afflicted with attacks from sha chi and poison arrows, such as meeting an immediate exposed pillar when opened, that life aspect and particular member can suffer from bad luck.

Because each of the 8 main directions has an element that is associated with it, it can also be deduced that:

  • North facing door is water element
  • South facing door is fire element
  • East facing door is wood element
  • West facing door is metal element
  • Northeast facing door is earth element
  • Northwest facing door is metal element
  • Southeast facing door is wood element
  • Southwest facing door is earth element

So the directions in which the main door faces can mean that the elemental base of the main chi entering the house from the front door is aligned with the element that the direction faces.

This implies that if you want more water energy to enter the house, then a door at the north would meet that need.

However, practitioners often find this method of locating an auspicious door direction too basic and lack finesse.

This is why we seldom rely on only one feng shui concept to identify good directions.

Personal kua number

When personal directions are discussed, it is almost certain that 8 mansions and personal kua numbers become a topic of interest.

For this exercise, you need to calculate your kua number.

Once you have determined your kua number 8 mansions feng shui would tell you what are your 4 favorable and 4 unfavorable directions.

Among the 4 favorable directions of sheng chi, fu wei, tien yi and yen nien, any of them would be a good direction for the front door.

The best direction to go or would be that of sheng chi.

For example if you have the kua number 7, then the sheng chi direction would be northwest. And the other favorable directions would be southwest, northeast and west.

It is important to note at this point that we are referring to directions and not directional sectors.

A front door could very well be located at the north sector of the house but faces a northeast direction instead.

When the front door to your house faces the sheng chi direction, then the home would be drawing in energy that brings good fortune and prosperity every time the door is opened.

If that is not enough, and you want more finesse in the feng shui direction of the front door, then it’s time to dig into the world of flying star feng shui.

Flying star feng shui

The first step of applying flying stars feng shui is to determine the facing of the house.

Determining a property’s facing takes judgment and experience.

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Let’s just assume that you have got the facing spot on and have identified it as SW1 in the period of 8.

This gives us the below flying star natal chart.

From the energy map above, we would be particularly interested in favorable water stars that are located at the top right of the 9 grids.

Favorable stars consist of the numbers 1, 4, 6, 8, 9. With the star number 8 currently enjoying the most auspiciousness.

It can be observes that favorable areas to locate the front door are south, northwest, southeast, southwest and north respectively.

The wealth star 8 would be at the southwest. And thus, it would be the best location to place the main front door.

In addition to this, the southwest is deemed to be a favorable direction according to 8 mansions.

Therefore the best feng shui front door direction would be southwest.

The second choice would be to locate the main door at the south sector of the house because it also has a lucky star 1 as the residing water star.

So the front door can also be located at the south sector but orientated to face southwest which is the favorable direction. Not southeast as that is a bad personal direction.

Do note that while it is practically possible to locate the front door at the west sector and install the front door to face the lucky direction of northwest or southwest, this sector has an undesirable 3 star of conflict which is not an ideal feng shui set up.

So there you have it.

To find your best front door facing direction, account for different feng shui concepts and identify a direction that either draws in the most auspicious chi, or select one that has no negative connotations.

Which one to choose would then depend on your own personal preference.

At this point, it is important to note that while the example used above is for a house which usually has it’s front door at it’s facing, the same cannot be said of apartments where the main entrance can practically be anywhere no matter where the unit is facing.

During this period of time, the perfect front door direction would be one that is the direction of the 8 star as described in flying star feng shui, and also be the personal sheng chi direction as per your kua number.

Unfortunately, the random example used above does not have an orientation that allows for the perfect door direction.

But your house might.

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