The 5 Big Problems With Garages And How To Remedy Them

Some houses have open garages and others have their garages built in enclosed spaces. Some homeowners do without them altogether due to personal preferences or space limitations and park their cars outside the house.

Then there are those who don’t have to worry about garages as they live in apartments and vehicles are parked in basements or other designated areas designated by the management.

For homeowners who have garages within their premises, this particular area of the house is very interesting with regards to feng shui as they can cause huge headaches in terms of energy dynamics.

Here are the common feng shui issues with garages.

1) Bedroom above garage

If you are reading this, the odds are exceptionally high that you are facing this common feng shui predicament.

The main reason why a bedroom above the garage is unfavorable is due to the garage being considered as a “non-living” space at home.

Nobody spends their time in this area to have dinner, watch the latest addictive drama series, or sleep here.

The only time we spend time in this location is when we arrive home for work to park the car. Or if you are into mechanics or a hobby like woodworking and conduct your indulging activities in this space.

Assuming this is solely a place where you park the vehicle, it is an area devoid of energy (or chi) from the earth. Don’t confuse this with earth energy as in the 5 elements.

This creates a vacuum between earth energy from the ground and the bedroom above… which leaves the resident inhabiting this particular bedroom unable to tap on the auspicious energy originating from the natural ground.

Some masters insist that for this reason, the garage has become an yin area.

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Inner circles of eastern feng shui practitioners also often call such a bedroom, and any other room for that matter, as a yin-yang world (陽阳界). Which in common mandarin language can be a term with reference to the world in-between the living and dead.

The only way to remedy this issue is to increase the presence of earth energy in the bedroom.

This can be done by placing boulders, gemstones or crystals at the center and all 4 corners of the bedroom as close to the ground as possible.

Another cure which feng shui masters in Taiwan and Hong Kong often practice is to place at least 9 Chinese coins under a rug or carpet that is laid out near the center of the bedroom.

Notice that I didn’t use the word solve. It’s not a problem that can be solved unless extensive construction is undertaken. But the feng shui issue can be alleviated with remedies mentioned above.

If it’s possible to move to another bedroom, it is beneficial to do so.

2) Garage in auspicious space

Another common feng shui problem with a garage is that it is located in an auspicious space of the house as determined by a compass and natal chart.

This situation effectively means that the garage is classified as a missing corner of the house in an important sector such as the northwest.

Such a layout configuration could lead to bad luck to the patriarch or leading to women to suffer bad luck with relationships.

When such is the case of your home, then you need to implement remedies to “bring back” the missing sector so that the household can tap onto it’s energy as if it’s not missing.

This can involve adding more lighting fixtures in the garage or introducing a strong elemental presence of the space’s fundamental elemental energy.

For instance, from the example above where the northwest sector is the missing area in question, then adding metal energy would be appropriate for this area.

To make this assessment, it is important to correctly identify whether a garage is in a missing sector of the house.

The image above is an example of a missing corner where the garage is situated. However, not all garages are located in missing corners.

For example, if your house and it’s livable space is squarish, and the garage is built on an extension of the house, then it is totally possible for the garage to reside in an additional space that has little significance. Not a missing corner.

3) Clutter

It’s hard to admit. But the garage is one of the areas at home that is most vulnerable to junk and clutter.

This is partly because it’s not a living space. And because neighbors would not be able to see whats behind the garage door, we don’t put as much care into housekeeping the area compared to the living room.

Even though it’s not a living area and clutter would presumably have limited impact to the feng shui of the house as a whole, don’t forget that the door to the house from the garage is one of the most frequently used entrances into the house.

This means that a lot of energy from the external environment enters the premises via the garage.

You absolutely don’t want that energy to be filtered by clutter before it enters the house. Just like you won’t want your drinking water to run through an aquarium filter before it enters your mouth.

So do put in some effort into managing and organizing the personal stuff in this space.

You don’t need to keep it in mint condition just like a new condominium showroom. But do prevent it from looking like a junk yard.

If you must, then just cover up all the clutter with some sort of cloth or canopy.

4) Excessive force towards the door into house

As mentioned previously, the doorway from the garage into the house is one of the most frequently used entrances into the house. Do take note that we are not referring to the garage entrance itself.

For many properties, this is also the main door to the property.

Depending on the floorplan, this can lead to the family car arriving at the garage like an arrow towards the main door. Such as when the garage is in front of the house.

This setup is very inauspicious. And a homeowner should avoid approving such construction plans whenever possible.

The hostile sha chi can sometimes totally destroy the wealth luck of the whole entire household.

Some solutions to this are to:

  • Relocated the door to the other side of the wall
  • Relocated the door to the side
  • Build a buffer between the car parking area using things like plants or dividers
  • Construct a small hump so that the car’s movement is disrupted on entry to the garage
  • etc

Keep in mind that a car porch that is used for parking can also be considered a garage area as it comes with the same feng shui issues as the latter.

5) Garage bigger than living room

With the trend of tiny homes and smaller houses these days, it’s no longer amusing to find garage areas bigger than the living room.

In fact, developers who are a little too keen to squeeze out every dollar of profit from property buyers can make it a focus to let the garage take up as much space as possible on the floor area so that they can save costs on constructions.

A garage that is bigger than the living room can be a catalyst for disharmony within the household family members. Especially when it resides in a missing corner rather than as an extension of the house.

To counter this feng shui issue, one has to either expand the living room or contract the garage.

Otherwise, use full-length mirrors in the living room to visually enlarge the area.

Finally, I want to end this by saying that from observation, the garage is often one of the most neglected areas of the house. It would be good to keep the area maintained and presentable.

After all, it’s often the first place to greet you when you come home.

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