A General Star Indicates Someone With A Commanding Presence

Some people just seem to have a naturally commanding presence and has the respect of other around… even when they have done nothing to earn it!

Whether you command or demand respect, it is without doubt that it is a quality that is associated with great leaders.

Now, whether these people are successful or failures at leading is another matter altogether. And is a topic for another day.

Naturally authoritative figures tend to have a general star (蒋星) in their bazi.

Sometimes also known as the commanding star (jiang xing) , those who have this generally auspicious symbolic star in their 8 characters often suggest a life of power, influence and authority.

They stand out from the crowd and are often destined to lead with courage and charisma.

Followers are naturally attracted to them as they instinctive believe that such leaders would bring them to the promise land.

When favorable, one can achieve great success in politics, top positions in corporations, and also simply as the leaders in their social groups.

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Where is the general star?

To identify this special star, reference can be taken from either the day or year earthly branch.

Day or Year Branch General Star (Jiang Xing)
E1 E1
E2 E10
E3 E7
E4 E4
E5 E1
E6 E10
E7 E7
E8 E4
E9 E1
E10 E10
E11 E7
E12 E4

Legend of the symbols can be found here.

So for example, if you have E12 and E6 on the day and year pillar, then the general stars would be E4 and E10 respectively. If either of these earthly branches are present in your bazi, then you are deemed to have the general star to guide you in life.

Something interesting to note is that with 4 earthly branches, the general star is represented by the exact same branch.

These are E1, E4, E7, E10.

In these cases, when your day or year branch have any of these characters, then there must be another similar character within the 4 pillars in order to determine the presence of the general star.

For example, if you day branch is E4, then E4 must also be present on either the hour, month or year branches. Otherwise, the commanding star is absent. A character cannot be it’s own symbolic star.

Since the year branch is used as a reference point to identify general stars, the follower table can be genenerated.

Zodiac General Star
Rat, Dragon, Monkey Rat (E1)
Ox, Snake, Rooster Rooster (E10)
Tiger, Horse, Dog Horse (E7)
Rabbit, Goat, Pig Rabbit (E4)

This means that by knowing which zodiac year a person was born in, one of his or her general stars can be identified.

General star and bazi

While people with the general star would enjoy the benefits in life as stated earlier, those that reap the most out of these stars and become breakout superstars tend to have a strong self-element with no conflicts and clashes in the bazi.

When conflicted, it can become a star that brings severe negative effects to a person’s life. This is especially true when it resides on the hour pillar.

In such circumstances, feng shui must be used to bring harmony among the characters so as to navigate away from harm and life obstacles that bring adversity.

People who are contemplating whether to get into running their own business might find that the conditions are most favorable when the general star arrives via the luck pillar of his or her bazi.

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