Geng Metal

Geng (庚) is the first of the two metal characters and is the seventh of the 10 heavenly stems.

In ancient translation, it is a word that means the planet Venus in the evening.

Geng has the element of yang metal (陽金).

It’s avatar is that of strong metal objects such as swords, sabres, axes, and even the anvil.

It therefore has the characteristics of strength, sharp, and aggression.


Geng is related to the white tiger among the 4 celestial creatures in land form. And embodies the characteristics of it.

As autumn is the season of metal, it’s no surprise to learn that geng is linked to this season. Specifically, geng is strongest during early autumn months of August and September.

It can also be a character that represents the middle stages of life.

On the 24 mountains, it takes up a segment on the west within the range of 247.5° – 262.5°.

In terms of trigrams, it is associated with the Chien trigram.

And when it comes to numerology, it takes on the number 9.

Geng metal (H7) can be found as a hidden stem in the branches Si (E7) and Shen (E9). It has a combination relationship with Yi (H2) to produce metal, and clashes with Jia (H1) and Bing (H3).

Geng metal self-element

People with geng metal as self-element are righteous, have good judgment, and can even be spiritual.

They usually have good endurance and can persevere through hardship with an end goal clearly in mind.

When they achieve extraordinary success, it is usually something that they have earned with sweat and blood rather than being at the right place at the right time.

They make great leaders and can be exceptionally loyal once you have earned their trust.

When that happens, it would take an awful lot to lose that trust. This is why they are some of the best friends to have in your contact list.

However, they tend to make decisions based on the mood of the moment rather than on logic. This can often invite trouble to the doorstep.

Like how a swordsmith forges a weapon, Geng metal day masters can often be like rough diamonds or raw materials but can be refined into something amazingly magnificent with the right inputs.

While they are unfazed with hard work, don’t make the mistake of thinking that they enjoy it. They just have little complaints as hardwork is accepted as part and parcel of life’s endeavors.

The more life experiences and knowledge they gain, they are able to use those wisdom to improve life more than other day masters.

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When pursuing personal ambitions, Geng metal personalities can sometimes take dramatic irreversible action. This can lead others to question their core values and the virtues which they are made of.

This is also why you shouldn’t push them too far to their limits or you could be the victim of their harsh slashes.

Even so, you can expect such individuals to always have the end game in mind in their actions. Creating collateral damage along the way.

As such, they are not the best at administrative work where meticulous details is an everyday affair.

The relation of the elements to Geng Metal is as follows:

  • Wood – Wealth
  • Fire – Status
  • Earth – Resources
  • Metal – People
  • Water – Intelligence

We can look further into them by identifying the 10 gods.

10 Gods

Stem God
Jia Indirect Wealth
Yi Direct Wealth
Bing Earned Authority
Ding Given Authority
Wu Indirect Resource
Ji Direct Resource
Geng Friend
Xin Competitor
Ren Introvert Talent
Gui Extrovert Talent

More about the 10 gods is discussed here.

Geng metal in relation to other self-element heavenly stems

Self Element Geng Metal
Jia Earned Authority
Yi Given Authority
Bing Indirect Wealth
Ding Direct Wealth
Wu Introvert Talent
Ji Extrovert Talent
Geng Friend
Xin Competitor
Ren Indirect Resource
Gui Direct Resource
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