Goat Zodiac (1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015)

There is still no agreement by a consensus of whether this is a goat, sheep or ram.

Maybe from a scientific and zoological point of view, the answer is of great importance.

From the Chinese zodiac, calling it whatever animal it resembles to the observer is a side issue. The main thing is that we a referring to the eighth zodiac.

What animal it specifically is does not affect what the zodiac sign represents.

Moreover, it is written as (羊) in Chinese language. This word can be used to describe all 3 animals.

However, the word is most often used to refer to sheep.

Goat is usually called 山羊 while ram is commonly referred to 公羊 in mandarin.

The goat hours take up 1300 to 1500.

On the compass, it resides at southwest within 202.5° – 217.5°. On the lunar-solar calendar, it represents the 6th month.

In terms of hexagrams, it is related to Dun (遁). It’s also related to the Kun trigram.

It is represent by the earthly branch Wei (未) which can be translated to mean deny, future, flavor.

In Chinese medicine practice, Wei can be an indication of the body parts pancreas, spleen and small intestines.

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The elemental nature is yin earth (陰土).

It has the most presence in the third month of summer between July and August. And can also be referred to as the later phase of middle age.

Eighth in the order of 12 zodiacs, fundamentally associated with fire element, related to the season of summer and the month of July.


Creative, empathetic, enduring, stylish, gentle, caring.


Emotional, moody, gloomy, stubborn, self-conscious, dependent, indecisive.


Those born the goat year are often very thoughtful people but don’t open up easily to those around them.

They are hard working and patient, making them able to go the distance.

While they are able to withstand pressure for an extended period, once a threshold is crossed, they can completely collapse.

While family-orientated, they don’t often make the best decisions and therefore leave decision-making to the people around them.

They are of a caring nature and even if they appear nonchalant at times, they still care behind that indifferent facade.

Because of this they can often be taken advantage of by people who only care about themselves and what they can exploit out of the goat.

Love life

Goats make great romantic partners as they are very caring by nature.

They don’t have ego problems and are often willing to compromise to keep their partners happy.

However, partners who go overboard have to be careful in crossing that threshold of tolerance as goats can easily drop everything and walk away when they have reached their limits.

Relationship with others

Compatible romance partners are Rabbit, Horse and Pig.

They would find good friends with Dragon, Monkey, Tiger, Rooster, snake and other goats.

Incompatible zodiacs are Ox, Rat and Dog.

More about zodiac relationships with each other is illustrated here.


Goats tend to prefer a less stressful and carefree lifestyle rather than a rigid one.

Such preferences can often be reflected in the types of jobs they take.

A less competitive nature makes them unsuitable for sales jobs that require them to hit the ground running. Success might only come after some time in such capacity.

They however, have an ability to identify the best features out of the worst situations. Which can be a valuable skill in some types of careers such accounting and education.

Overall, the goat needs variety and constant activities to avoid boredom.


For those with the goat zodiac, the best years for marriage tend to be the years of the Rabbit, Horse and Pig.

The most auspicious months are the fifth, sixth and tenth month. The 5th day of the 5th month and the 2nd day of the 10th months are generally said to be the best days.

The 12th day of the 12 month is believed to be a very bad date.

5 Elemental Goats

There are 5 different goats that are differentiated by the 5 elements. This indicates that even though there are 12 different zodiacs in Chinese astrology, each zodiac has 5 variations of the horoscope making a total of 60.

Wood goat (1955, 2015)

The wood goat is honorable and often gullible, making them targets of unscrupulous people. They tend to put 100% trust in others until events occur that proves otherwise.

In fact, they often allow themselves to be cheated just so that they can be absolutely certain that someone has evil intentions and cannot be trusted.

A creative nature makes them suitable for artistic capacities such as designs, music and the arts.

Wood goats also tend to have very strong bonds with friends.

Fire goat (1967)

The fire goat is an action-taker who can be rash at times. The irony is that they tend to enjoy the drama that their recklessness can sometimes create. This means that they won’t make good leaders but might be good followers.

Fire goats are survivors who would emerge from conflicts bruised but intact. This is because they have an innate ability to measure circumstances and identify weaknesses and loopholes to exploit.

The gift of persuasiveness and little reservations on manipulation makes them a adversary to avoid.

Earth goat (1979)

The earth goat is one that can be trusted and be depended upon. They are often the person that everybody has nothing bad to say about. A nonthreatening persona makes them popular among friends and colleagues.

However, they can sometimes be too honest and might be more successful if they are able to control that honesty in a controlled manner.

Earth goats are more focused on the present than the future.

Instead of going out to do stuff, they also tend to make every effort to bring the stuff home. This is why it would be no surprise to find them running home businesses from the comfort of their living rooms.

Metal goat (1931, 1991)

The metal goat is confident and often becomes one of the leaders in a group due to this confidence. But while they project confidence, whether that is down to strong core beliefs or just a facade will depend on personal development.

This is a person who don’t set limits to what can be achieved. This does not just concern career and financial aspects, but also spiritual aspects as well.

A high tendency to exhibit domineering behavior.

Water goat (1943, 2003)

The water goat is one who constantly seeks social approval. How he is perceived by other drives the actions he takes. The faster he grows out of this bubble, the faster he would move ahead in life.

Even so, he has a valuable ability to listen.

Harnessing self-confidence and self-esteem would be the best way to move forward in life. He would be the biggest barrier holding himself back from progress.

Fortune in Chinese zodiac years

Years of the goat are generally a period of conflict resolution. The different zodiac years will influence the luck of those born in the goat year.

Goat in rat year

Financial decisions will dominate the year.

The goat would probably spend more time contemplating about money than to do things with it.

When a decision cannot be made with certainty and conviction, it is better to err on the side of caution.

Opportunities will come back.

Goat in ox year

It would be a year of hard work for the goat to either correct previous mistakes or for forward planning.

It will not be a disastrous year and the goat would be wise to learn from experience.

Goat in tiger year

A roller-coaster year as the goat will see a lot of ups and downs.

One needs to be tactful and stay low.

Calling for attention will just make you a target of the fiery tiger.

Goat in rabbit year

The goat will enjoy a year of social success.

Popularity would rise and a lot of new friends are expected to enter his life.

It would be a good time to build strong relationships with people who might be able to help you in future.

Goat in dragon year

It would generally be a year of good luck for the goat.

He would find satisfaction at work and at play.

However, one has to be cautious with money towards the end of the year.

Goat in snake year

Opportunities would arise for the goat to showcase his talent.

It would be a year of considerable personal growth and achievement.

High probability for romance luck to ignite during this period.

Goat in horse year

The goat finds safety in the company of another grazing animal.

A year of recognition for the goat. So one should get involved with things that allows him to display his talents.

Don’t be surprised to find travel opportunities.

Goat in goat year

While some zodiacs don’t generally do well in their own year, the goat would find comfort in his own year.

It would be a smooth year and the goat can afford to relax and take things easy.

With no immediately problems on the horizon, it would be a good time for the goat to make big decisions regarding the future.

Goat in monkey year

The monkey year would bring a lof of fun and excitement to the reserved goat.

But as you enjoy the year, don’t forget to keep and eye on the financial side of things.

Goat in rooster year

The goat will go through the year as if crossing a battlefield with a barrage of crossfire constantly whizzing by overhead.

It is important to avoid conflict as the guns can be easily trained on you.

Stay low while moving forward.

Goat in dog year

The goat might find this a lonely year as family and friends are suddenly so busy with their lives.

Be mindful that it’s not that you are of little importance to them. It’s just that they have other priorities for the moment. Don’t take it personally.

In view of the free time one might have, it would be best used for self-improvement and self-reflection.

Goat in pig year

The goat would find that he is presented with opportunities to become partners one way or another.

And this is mostly due to them admiring your talents or have heard about it.

While these could become defining moment in life, be mindful of your own limits and avoid being reckless in biting off more than you can chew.

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