7 Most Popular Feng Shui Good Luck Charms For Wealth

When it comes to feng shui, the most potent way to attract and manifest wealth luck is by activating and enhancing wealth locations found at home.

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But not all residences have wealth locations. And sometimes it’s just not possible to properly harness the power of wealth corners because they are truncated or unusable like falling into a missing sector of the house.

Under such circumstances, the household might be left with the option of utilizing symbolic wealth attractors to “pull” wealth luck into the premises or carry good luck charms around with them.

Good luck charms that carry wealth connotations are very popular in Eastern culture. And it’s not uncommon at all to run into people who swears by their magical effectiveness in attracting money luck.

If you are a believer of charms bringing good luck to it’s owner(s), then here are the most popular wealth charms that bring in good luck in relation to money matters.

1) Pixiu

The pixiu is basically a celestial creature that eats gold, essentially snapping up all the wealth energy for it’s owner to tap on.

The popularity of the pixiu has exploded in recent years. This is partly attributed to the numerous testimonials owners have given online and offline about how their fortunes turned (sometimes immediately) after adopting one.

The adorable appearance of the creature probably played a role for it’s popularity too.

When used as a display item at home, they are most often placed in display cabinets, altars, and tabletops.

But it is most commonly carried around as a personal emblem in the form of a pixiu bracelet or necklace.

2) 3 legged frog

Another celestial creature that is very comparable to pixiu in terms of popularity is the 3 legged frog.

This is in part due to the shared legend with Liu Hai of the 8 immortals… and also how cute it can appear to be.

Many owners find the depiction of it holding coins in the mouth for the owner too lovable to resist.

Unlike the pixiu which is most commonly used like a personal accessory, the frog is more adapt in the house. And is often placed on furniture with low height or on the floor hiding in some corner.

3) Maneki Neko

The famous fortune cat has it’s origins from Japan. And has been adopted into the practice of symbolic feng shui because of it’s pure miraculous power.

Feng shui is after all a universal subject. And we shouldn’t be restricted ourselves to only symbolism with Chinese origins.

The paw movement of the cat is so alluring while beckoning wealth luck over. Almost at the level that is considered seduction.

While it is perfectly fine to carry a miniature version of it around with you like an amulet or place it at a display area in the living room, the most common use for it is on business premises. Especially those that attend to consumers such as restaurants and hair salons.

4) Wealth vase

For a lot of people, the concept of the wealth vase just makes sense… at least at the metaphysical level.

We often joke about keeping our money in tin cans instead of the bank. It’s like an old-fashioned piggy bank.

So why not keep it in a gorgeous vase with wealth accumulating symbolism instead?

The main reason why homeowners who want to have one and decide against it is the hassle of putting a proper one together. But going the full extent will be the edge you have over others.

A proper vase of this nature should be kept somewhere safe and secure. Just like how you’d keep a metal safe in the house.

5) Chinese coins

Chinese coins are used in a number of rituals and metaphysical practices such as Iching coin divination. And it is often said that people can use modern coins as alternatives.

But what makes Chinese coins used as lucky charms for these purposes is that they are referred to as 5 emperor coins.

These coins have the names of emperors and their dynasties inscribed onto them. And it is believed that users would be calling on the aura of theses successful eras of leadership to manifest their desires.

Emperor coins are often used as good luck charms to carry around, extra ingredients for other wealth items like the wealth bowl, as money attractors by pasting on things like calculators, protection enhancers by tying to a string and hanging on the rear-view mirror, and even as cures to resolve common feng shui afflictions.

The wide array of uses should give you an idea of how high a regard these coins are held.

6) Citrine

Citrine is one of the most affordably beautiful crystals you can get from the feng shui store.

It has very strong associations with wealth due to it’s color hue and the stories behind it. Which is why other artifacts such as gem trees, gemstone jewelry, pendents and even soap can be made with or contain citrine.

Carry a clear cut citrine around with you, attach it to a necklace, get a geode cluster as a display centerpiece, or even get them in stones to decorate your garden.

Citrine chips is also a good material you can use as filler items for things such as clear glass pots for ornamental plants, aquariums base, fruit plate display, etc.

7) Abacus

When you place an abacus for display, it would either look totally out of place or become the star attraction. This is because it has an unmistakable vintage look.

It is a favorite among business owners, probably even more popular than the merchant ship.

Having an abacus is like having a relentless flow of money to count. At least this is how it is commonly thought of in Chinese culture.

If you bring this as a gift to a new business owner, the recipient would undoubtedly know that you have all the right intentions.

Lastly, remember that good luck charms that bring wealth luck will bring more opportunities to your door. It is still up to you to open the door and welcome it in with open arms.

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