Feng Shui Good Luck Gifts For New Businesses

As one of the biggest reasons people consult feng shui is to attract wealth luck, it is not surprising that businesses tend to apply some form of feng shui for just that.

Even if a business owner or the general manager of an office does not believe in metaphysics, it’s better to err on the side of caution and have the elements work for them than have them work against them.

After all, luck plays a big role in the success of businesses.

If you have a friend, an associate, or partner who is starting a new business, what would be a great good luck gift for new business?

Here are some of the best feng shui gifts you can consider.

1) Jade plant

Plants are often found in offices and places of operations.

This is especially with retail stores with modern designs.

Plants add that subtle bit of natural greenery that can have a huge visual impact.

The jade plant is small, beautiful, and absolutely brings good business luck to it’s owners.

Just remember not to get artificial plastic substitutes of them.

2) Jade

Considering that the jade plant is symbolic as presenting jade as a gift to a new business, why not get the real thing instead?

While premium jadeite can be pretty expensive, lower grade jade can be very affordable and they are easily available in jewelry stores.

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Giving someone a pendent in jade can help the individual attract wealth luck.

Because certain items carry heavy wealth symbolism that people started to get these items made in jade so as to double down on the wealth luck energy.

Otherwise, if you feel that the person receiving your gift would love personal jewelry instead, getting jade rings, earrings, bracelets, etc, will be wishing them good luck in success.

3) Merchant wealth ship

In the past, before airlines were used for the transportation of cargo, ships were the primary (if not the only) mode of transport.

Shipping was not only essential for trading, it also ferried important business people and public figures from place to place over long distances.

The sight of a merchant ship was synonymous with business success.

If your products are so good that there was overseas demand, surely business was booming.

Just think about the infamous East India Company which frequented trade routes around the world conducting their business activities.

The merchant ship, or some would call it the wealth ship, is a great prosperity gift for any business to wish the receiver for good business luck.

They are often filled with replica gold coins or ingots. Sometimes even fully carved out from jade to boost it’s effectiveness in attractive good fortune.

4) Gem tree

The gem tree resembles a jade tree grown in bonsai. It also has connotations with the money tree.

While it is not recommended to use artificial plastic plants for feng shui, that applies to plastic plants pretending to be real life plants.

The gem tree is not a replica of a real plant. Therefore, it does not get as much critic as plastic plants.

Gem tress undoubtedly communicate wealth.

They also make for an aesthetic addition to any office or shop no matter the design theme.

5) Bamboo plant

Other than the jade plant, the lucky bamboo is one of the few real living plants that are suitable as gifts for new businesses.

Bamboo offers protection for business, and also has a hint of wealth calling attributes.

They are easy to manage and are available in compact sizes.

Making the placement of them easy around the premises.

The drawback is that they can sometime sprout very quickly. Leaving owners with the task of managing it’s growth.

More symbolic gifts for a new business

The above are feng shui items that can call on wealth luck.

As some feng shui artifacts can sometimes look out of place in certain interior design concepts, I have segmented the below list from the above as some individuals might find their appearance too symbolic or oriental to blend into the design of their work space.

Only choose them if you know for certain that receiver of the gift will use them.

6) Gold Chinese coins

When combined, the chinese coins representing the 9 emperors are one of the most powerful symbols of money luck.

The practice of having gold coins in the office is so embedded in culture that almost any employee who uses a calculator would paste a coin on the calculator to symbolize having “money to count”.

While variations of coins are used today, the most potent and the most authentic are the ones representing the reign of the 9 emperors.

Replicas of them would be sufficient.

7) 3 legged frog

The 3 legged frog is one of the most popular of feng shui animals. So much so that if you visit anyone who practices feng shui at home, the odds are that you will see the money frogs somewhere.

It’s almost impossible for feng shui practitioners and hobbyists not to have heard about the frog.

Sometimes also known as the wealth frog or wealth toad, remember to get one that is biting a coin in it’s mouth.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be effective.

8) Arowana

The arowana is not known as the dragon fish by chance.

It is a dominant symbol that enhances wealth luck.

Businesses often keep a live arowana right at the entrance of the office or beside the reception desk so that energy will be filled with good luck before entering the premises.

You don’t need to gift an aquarium though.

Smaller sized monuments can be purchased easily as gifts. Remember to get them in gold color and preferably with it resting on gold coins.

9) Pi Yao

The piyao (pixiu) is a celestial creature that represents the accumulation of wealth and retaining it.

It is one of the most highly revered feng shui item regarded by the Chinese for it’s ability to enhance wealth and windfall luck.

Just remember to remind the receiver of what it is so that the creature is not confused with other creatures.

10) Paintings

The gift of framed paintings is a strong Chinese practice even in this modern age.

It signifies a genuine blessing of good luck from the giver.

It also helps to perk up walls that just seem too empty.

The best subjects to have in pictures and paintings as gifts for new businesses are dragons, dragon and phoenix, landscape without mountains and rivers, Chinese calligraphy, and fishes like koi and goldfish.

If in doubt, the safe bet is the landscape painting.

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