11 Signs Of Good Omen You’d Be Lucky To Spot

Whether you call it superstition, prophecy or ridiculous beliefs, it is a fact that good omens have been deeply embedded across all types of culture from the East to West.

For every black cat that crosses your path that the west associates with bad luck, is a piece of red underwear hanging above someone’s head when walking near a residential building.

While many would contend that there is no scientific basis to these beliefs, culture says otherwise.

There are countless signs of good omen that the Chinese associate with good fortune. And if you learn to spot and identify them, you would reduce the potential of missing out on good fortune when it’s knocking on your door.

Here is a list of some of the most widespread signs that are classified as good omens.

1) Bird droppings hitting your head

While there are millions of birds that fly over our heads everyday, the chances of having their droppings landing a bullseye on your head is actually very low.

When was the last time that happened to you?

Even though the thought of bird shit acting as a tonic for your hair can feel disgusting, take heart that it is a lucky sign that good fortune will be arriving very soon.

Be mindful that this has to happen by chance for it to be considered a sign of auspiciousness. So standing under a tree with the intention of being bombed would not count.

2) Stepping on dog poo

Like birds, dogs tend to defecate all over the place all the time.

Dog owners in cities might have the decency to clean up after their pets. But the same cannot be said of less urban areas where there aren’t dozens of eyes on you all the time. Even stray dogs can sometimes have a considerable population in city areas.

But since we scan the ground from time to time when commuting (otherwise you’d have fallen into a drain more times that you can remember), it’s not often that we step right into steaming dog shit.

When that happens, don’t make the mistake of denying it and feel it with your fingers to investigate.

Just accept that you have stepped onto dog poo.

The silver lining is that the luck of windfalls could be just around the corner.

3) Dogs entering your home

Speaking of dogs, many homeowners have had the experience of wild or stray animals entering their homes are demanding permanent residence with their cute furry faces.

The most common of which are domestics pets such as dogs and cats or puppies and kittens.

It’s no surprise that homeowners who encounter such situations often intuitively feel that it’s fate that brought these animals to them. And feel vindicated as the chosen ones to accept the animal(s) as new members of the family.

When a dog for example, decides to be your tenant, it signifies the arrival of harmony and blessings in the household. It can also be a sign for the luck of protection.

Yet do be a responsible person. If you are unable to care for it, give it the freedom to leave the house voluntarily and seek greener pastures.

The cat however, is culturally associated with bad omens when it enters your house.

4) Birds nesting at your residence

It goes without saying that the natural homes of birds belong in the trees. So if birds enter your house and make a nest, it is really a rare occurrence especially in urban settings.

Some of the most auspicious species of birds you want making a home at your house are:

If you can control that urge to destroy their nest and chase them away, allowing them to nest represents allowing good fortune to enter and grow in the household.

This can be connected with good luck in a host of life aspects including wealth, health and family. So if you can allow them to nest, then leave them alone to do their stuff.

They would probably leave after their chicks learn to fly and leave the nest anyway.

Something to note is that we are talking about nesting here. Bird coming in to steal food, being a nuisance or destroying your property are not good omens.

5) Wearing your shirt inside out

Everybody must have experienced this at least once in life.

You go out and realize when looking at the mirror that you have worn the shirt the wrong way around. This after having made through the morning commute!

But this is actually a sign that some good news is on the way.

6) Spider dangling from a web in front of you

Whether you are standing, seating, at work or at play, it is said to be extremely good luck when a spider lowers itself from a web in full view right in front of you.

This is a good omen of happiness and prosperity descending from the heavens and right into your lap.

So do resist the temptation to squash it.

And if you have the audacity, let it land on your palm to receive the good fortune. Then let it go as it were.

7) Hear a crow cawing during the tiger and rabbit hours

It can be a little spooky to hear a crow cawing in the middle of the night.

But according to culture and superstition, encountering this between the tiger and rabbit hours of 3am to 7am is believed to be a message that you will receive some unexpected gifts from someone. Don’t expect the crow to send you the message via whatsapp.

So at least you have something to be happy with after you freak out and compose yourself when hearing these sounds in the middle of the night.

8) Woken up by the sun

Consider that we live in rooms that are designed to block out the natural sunlight so that we can enjoy better quality sleep. So it’s not often that the brightness of the sun is what wakes us up.

Unless you are retired and living your life in a resort, most people are woken by the alarm clock.

When out of mere randomness, you are woken up by the sun, then it is a strong sign of bad luck being cleansed and you can look forward to brighter things to come going forward.

Bear in mind that this has to happen by chance. If you have purposely slept in the living room to be woken by the sun, then it does not count. But if you have spent the night in the living room without thinking about the sunlight in the morning, then being woken by the sun can be counted as a good omen.

9) Sun lights up your pathway

Speaking about sunshine, one of the most favorable omens to encounter is when the sun lights up your path as you are walking.

This almost always occurs when the sun is blocked by clouds. And as you are walking on the pathway that is in the shadow of the clouds, the clouds happen to move apart allowing sunlight to light up your pathway ahead.

This is really a rare event to encounter and can only mean good things.

It symbolizes that you are bestowed guidance from the heavens and you are bound to come across invaluable opportunities during that particular day… at least until the sun goes down.

10) Turtle enters your pond

The odds of this occurring in your property is remote unless you actually have a pond and live in a place with tortoises in the vicinity.

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But the tortoise is one of the most auspicious creatures in Chinese symbolism.

In old-school feng shui, feng shui masters can actually bring a tortoise into newly built houses and leave it there overnight. The next morning, where the creature is found to have settled down is said to be the wealth location of the property. This is because this reptile is said to be drawn to spots that accumulate chi.

Whether it’s a terrapin, a turtle, tortoise, or even a snapping turtle, it brings blessings and an omen of longevity into your life.

If you are trying to conceive, it can also be a sign of a coming pregnancy.

11) Butterfly lands on you

While butterflies are not an unusual sight, having them land on you is very rare unless you work at the butterfly park.

When this happens, it either means that you are going to encounter romance luck, or that you would recover soon if you are suffering from health problems.

Otherwise, it generally carries the symbolism of longevity.

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