How To Harmonize Different Kua Numbers Of Husband And Wife

In 8 mansions feng shui, a person is either classified in the East or west house group.

Since both groups have very clear directives that are different from each other, how does one select a house or a sleeping direction when a couple belong to different groups?

Does this means that they have to get a divorce? Sleep in different houses? Introduce a third party to harmonize them?

It’s a good thing the answer is none of the above.

As a quick refreshment, 8 mansions feng shui states that a person will have a kua number which will indicate whether he or she will belong in the east or west group.

The method of calculating the kua number can be found here.

While flying star feng shui is the most commonly practiced in commercial feng shui, an intermediate or more advanced feng shui practitioner would very likely keep the principles of 8 mansions feng shui in mind when making recommendations.

Because if flying star feng shui is applied to a house, and does not infringe the concepts of good 8 mansions feng shui, it is sort of killing two birds in one stone.

This is because in 8 mansions, something is either good or bad.

This means that if you are not stepping into the negative side of things, you would then be on the positive side.

So back to the question: How do you harmonize two different kua numbers.

This is best explained by using an example.

Let’s say that a husband and wife have kua numbers of 4 and 6 respectively.

This results in the husband being in the east house, while the wife would be in the west house.

Because the origins of 8 mansions is partly based on the fundamentals of the 8 trigrams, the husband would also be in the Sun sector, while the wife would be in the Chien sector according to the later heaven arrangement.

To recap, what we have so far is:

Kua Trigram Group
Husband 4 Sun East
Wife 6 Chien West

The next step is deciding…

Who compromises who?

If the married couple considers buying a a Sun house that sits on southeast and faces northwest, then it would overwhelmingly favor the husband while the luck of the wife would be decimated as such a house will bring her no luck at all.

But keeping in mind that there is a early heaven trigram arrangement, the solution is simpler than you think.

Since Chien, which is the trigram of the wife, is located at the north according to the early heaven trigram arrangement, and north is one of the favorable directions of the husband, a Li house that sits on south and faces north would harmonize their different kua numbers.

This is a solution we term as the wife compromising the husband.

If the situation is such that the husband is to compromise the wife, the same concept applies.

The husband who has the trigram Sun would sit on the south west according to the early heaven trigram arrangements. This is Kun in the later heaven arrangement.

Since southwest is a favorable direction for the wife, then the couple can settle on a Kun house with sitting on southwest and facing northeast.

The solution to harmonizing two different kua numbers is a good example of how a deep understanding feng shui can help practitioners find solutions to feng shui problems and riddles.

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