Locating And Nurturing The 3 Health Areas In The House

In most feng shui consultations, the primary and secondary objectives of clients are wealth luck followed by relationship aspects.

The irony is that while almost everyone instinctively understands that health is the most important aspect of life, we often don’t pay much attention to it… until we fall ill.

Moreover, whenever we discuss health luck, we tend to discuss the avoidance of bad health rather than the attraction of good health. So much so that when we mention good health luck, it basically also refers to avoiding bad health luck.

It is important to note that if we are doing bazi analysis, health readings can generate different analysis and suggestions from person to person.

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So it is basically impossible to list down all the possible health areas in a house suitable for each individual.

However with feng shui, we are able to identify general health locations and nurture them to help keep everyone in the family blessed with good health for as long as possible.

1) The East

The east is associated with the dragon and new beginnings as it is the direction in which the sun rises from.

It has an elemental base of wood and represented by the color green.

One little detail that people often leave out about the east is that it is the directional sector (chen trigram) that governs health according the 8 aspirations and life aspects of the bagua.

As such, residents of a house with a strong presence of metal or exposed pillars in the east can have a tendency to frequently experience health issues.

The placement of wood and water elements in this area can help maintain longevity instead of putting it in jeopardy.

This means things like plants (wood) and aquariums (water) are suitable for the east area of the house if you intend to enhance health aspects for everyone in the household.

Since we have made reference to trigrams, let’s not forget that the Kun trigram at the southwest relates to harmonious relationships.

Harmony in the living space have a direct impact on stress and mental health.

The southwest is fundamentally an area of earth energy. This means that it would benefit from the presence of earth and/or fire energy.

Objects in yellow (earth) and red (fire) can help boost the potency of this area to enhance health luck.

2) Timely mountain star

In flying star feng shui, the focal point is on the water star and mountain star, also known as the facing star and sitting star.

The mountain star is the one that governs the health aspects that a house and it’s residents enjoy.

If you want to find out more about how flying star natal charts work, go read this.

The gist of all this is that in every sector of the house demarcated by flying star feng shui, there is a grid that consist of 3 stars made up of a base star, water star, and mountain star.

The mountain star is represented by the number on the top left.

This number indicates which of the 9 possible stars take up the mountain star position.

The most ideal star to take up this position is the one that is timely. Meaning that it is the star of the ruling age.

For example in 2019, the ruling age is 8. So the mountain star 8 would be the most potent in enhancing and maintaining good health within the household. If your home is a period of 8 house facing NW3, then the mountain star 8 resides at the southeast of the house. This is where you need to “put up mountains” in the form of boulders or large wardrobes to make full use of this health star. Taking into account that the 8 star is earth base, the presence of earth of fire elements can also help increase it’s strength. The use of colors can be helpful in is respect.

In this scenario, if the southeast is at a missing corner of the house, then you need to take urgent action to address this ailment as it can cause health problems for everyone in the house.

Do be mindful that a timely mountain star can be any of the 9 stars.

This means that the activation and nurturing of it can differ for each different star.

Saying that, because it is the sitting star, boulders will always help to bolster it’s strength and potency to bless the residents with good health.

3) Tien Yi

The 8 mansions school of thought is one of the most widely practiced form of feng shui due to it’s simplicity in practice.

8 mansions, or sometimes referred to as 8 house feng shui, states that each house and each individual can be categorized into one of 8 categories.

Once that categorization is determined, then one will be able to identify 4 good and 4 bad directional sectors of a house.

One of which governs health. And that is the Tien Yi (TY) location.

To find out where the TY sector is in your house, find your kua number or the category in which the house belongs to.

You can then refer to the table to discover where is the TY location.

For example, if you have a personal kua number of 6, then your TY direction is northeast. Some ways in which you can apply this to tap on this longevity energy is by orientating your sleeping direction with your head pointing towards that direction. You can also configure the dining table to have you sitting facing that direction. It’s up to your imagination how you might apply this.

If you have a house sitting east and facing west, then this is a house with kua number 3. This implies that the TY directional location is north. So the north sector of the house is the health sector and can benefit from the placement of feng shui items associated with health. Taking into account that the north is associated with the water element, the presence of water energy or metal energy can help boost the power of TY.

Again, do refer to the tables to find the Tien Yi locations.

Avoiding feng shui issues that can potentially cause health problems

As mentioned at the start of this discussion, the way feng shui looks at health is not just about enhancing good health, but also in the prevention of bad health.

This is why any feng shui practitioner worth their salt would have to take into account the sources of negative energy that can condemn residents of a house with sickness and grave illnesses.

Among the annual feng shui afflictions, the black star and yellow star are the chief perpetrators.

Because of how destructive these two stars are by nature, keeping their behavior in check is as good as maintaining good health.

After all sickness and injury prevention is as good as maintaining a healthy body.

So do put remedies and cures in place to tackle these 2 stars every year.

Another common reason inhabitants of a house often find themselves being victims of common health ailments like flu and coughs is the presence of sha chi and poison arrows.

This is why alleviating exposed beams and pillars remain such a big topic in feng shui today.

So make it a point to remedy sha chi that are clearly present in the living area.

Curtains and mirrors are the most common ways sha chi is managed inside the home.
Just be mindful of mirror placement mistakes when installing mirrors. A wrong move can actually empower sha chi rather than muting it.

Another common feng shui cause of health and injury problems is the clash of elements present areas of the house.

For example, something we often talk about is the fire and water clash of the stove and sink in the kitchen.

As different rooms will inevitably consist of different base energies, the main thing one has to keep in mind is to keep the elemental energies in harmony and avoid clashes at all cost.

These possible clashes can be easily identified by referring to the relationship between the elements.

Placement of health related feng shui items

There are various infamous feng shui items that are symbolic of good health and longevity.

For example, the crane, pine tree, fruits, bamboo, tortoise, etc.

They can all be placed in health areas which we have identified earlier to draw in positive energy from the surroundings and spread it around the house to enhance health luck.

However, do be mindful of elemental clashes when doing so as explained earlier.

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