The Heavenly Dog Star Of Physical Punishment

Of all the inherently negative stars in bazi, the heavenly dog (天狗) is one that can trigger a lot of anxiety when an affliction appears.

The heavenly dog is a symbolic star that is associated with physical punishment, criminal injury, travel accidents, severe disease, disfigurement, and the arrival of enemies with the full intent to bring physical and mental harm.

This star can sometimes be referred to as the celestial dog or simply as heaven dog. It should not be confused with the Tian Gou which eats the sun during an eclipse as told from legend.

While it is a star to be feared, it’s potency is mostly limited to when it arrives via the luck pillars and annual stars. This implies that when it takes up position directly in a set of bazi, readers should not assume that an individual would encounter such bad luck throughout life.

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To identify your heavenly dog, reference should be taken from the day branch. Then refer to the table below.

Day Branch
Heavenly Dog
E1 E11
E2 E12
E3 E1
E4 E2
E5 E3
E6 E4
E7 E5
E8 E6
E9 E7
E10 E8
E11 E9
E12 E10

Legend of symbols can be found here.

For example, if one has the goat (E8) at the day branch, then his or her heavenly dog would be the snake (E6). So in a year of the snake, this individual should be extra careful. Especially in a month of the snake and day of the snake.

As with everything bazi, readers need to note that the arrival of heavenly dog does not necessarily mean bad things by default. When it is on your side, it could mean severe punishment to enemies that result in saving you.

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