For Bazi analysis and sometimes flying star feng shui, hidden heavenly stems contained in earthly branches can give you deeper insight into a reading.

Here are the hidden elements found in earthly branches.

What they represent can be seen here.

Earthly Branch Hidden Heavenly Stems
E1 H10
E2 H6, H8, H10
E3 H1, H3, H5
E4 H2
E5 H2, H5, H10
E6 H3, H5 H7
E7 H4, H6
E8 H2, H4, H6
E9 H5, H7, H9
E10 H8
E11 H4, H5, H8
E12 H1, H9

While people don’t usually discuss hidden elements inside heavenly stems, learners should note that each stem can often be represented be earthly branches as well. This is often only taught in advanced bazi classes. And if stems can be represented by branches, then the hidden stems can be accounted for as well.

Heavenly Stems Earthly Branch Representation
H1 E3
H2 E4
H3 E6
H4 E7
H5 E11,E5
H6 E2,E8
H7 E9
H8 E10
H9 E12
H10 E1
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