Hibiscus Symbolism As A Feng Shui Flower

The gorgeous appearance of the hibiscus flower is often considered by flower experts as one of the most beautiful plants in the world.

Hibiscus plants are actually a genus of flowering plants consisting of hundreds of species.

It is therefore not surprising that they can be found in almost any of the basics colors we can think of.

With it’s trademark rising stigma and wide petals, it’s also not difficult to identify them.

Flowers tend to bloom in the period between the end of autumn and the beginning of winter. And thus, appropriately nicknamed as the frost resistant flower.

Hibiscus symbolism is generally associated with wealth, fame and glory.

This is because the cottonrose hibiscus, which is a favorite of the Chinese is written as 芙蓉 and pronounced as fu rong. This sounds the same as 富荣 which means bliss and honor, or rich and famous.

So while hibiscus flowers in general symbolizes the characteristics mentioned, the cotton rose hibiscus (rosemallows) is the one to really go for if you are picky.

When depicted in floral paintings with the peony, it represents wealth and glory.

When paired with a white egret, it implies a wish for a safe and smooth road to success.

They can also be meant to signify women of exquisite feminine beauty.

Chines literature also often reference the hibiscus in verses that communicate fighting spirit and aspirations.

When depicted with Osmanthus and Japanese lily, it carries the meaning of bliss and honor for 10,000 years. This is a wordplay for 万年贵.

Feng shui placement of hibiscus flower

Because plants are naturally associated with the wood element, real living hibiscus plants and paintings are generally safe to place in the east, southeast, south and north sectors of a house.

The south can be particularly ideal if it is a favorable directional area of the house according to 8 mansions feng shui.

This is because the south is associated with status, authority and recognition according the trigrams. Which is complimentary to what the hibiscus powerfully symbolize.

As such, the south is often ascertained to be the default directional sector to place this flowering plant.

A favorable 8 mansions direction would serve to further reinforce how perfectly suitable this sector of the house is for the plant.

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It would also be good placement in a location where there’s a green star 4 residing as a water star or mountain star.

In this respect, it can enhance academic luck and even activate the flower of romance.

When setting up a balcony garden to fend off external sha chi, this is one plant that can really spruce up the area.

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