Horse Zodiac (1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1990, 2002, 2014)

The horse was once an essential possessions for travel and transport during ancient times in both the East and West.

But ever since humanity has advance forward with technology for transport, the horse’s role has slowly diminished. These days they are most prominent in races.

Chinese culture sees horses as a symbol of nobility.

In the I-Ching (Book of Changes), the horse was originally a representation of yin while the dragon of yang. But in later Chinese mythology, the horse become a representation of yang while the cow of yin.

In armies, the generals and the best fighters are known to ride on the strongest steeds.

While the white horse that is sometimes cited in Buddhist text represents loyalty and purity.

The horse hours are between 1100 to 1300. The zodiac represents the 5th month of the lunar-solar calendar and the heat of summer. It is related to the Gou (媾) hexagram, and the Li trigram.

It is also the seventh earthly branch Wu (午).

Wu can be translated to mean reverse, noon, or intertwined. It can also be an indication of the heart as a body part.

While it is recognized as yang fire (陽火), it has yin functions within.

When being part of the group, it is yang. But when left alone, it can allow it’s yin nature to be expressed more freely.

In bazi life readings, when the Wu is reference as a period, it refers to middle age or when one is at his or her career peak.

It’s direction is south at 172.5° – 187.5°.

It is ranked seventh among the zodiacs, fundamentally associated with fire element, related to the middle season of summer and the month of June to July.


Industrious, zealous, affable, productive, rational, lively, resolute.


Deceitful, defiant, self-centered, stubborn, arrogant, moody.


Those born in the horse year are outgoing, cheerful, and have a mind of their own making them pretty outspoken.

They tend to exhibit genuine charm which coupled with their enthusiasm often makes them popular in social groups.

Positive groups bring out the best of them, while they can be easily affected by groups that don’t appreciate them.

An attention-seeking nature makes them crave appreciation and can instantly become moody when they feel that their contributions are unappreciated.

While others might confide in them, they have a knack of being unable to keep secrets.

People of the horse zodiac often have some extreme talent at doing something. However, discovering that “something” can be a whole journey by itself.

Love life

Horse personalities tend to be consumed by affairs of the heart.

Don’t be surprised to see them drop everything for a date or cancel an outing just to go out with someone he fancies.

When a partner makes a request to a horse, you can expect to become second priority.

This trait can either be good or bad depending where you stand in a relationship.

Relationship with others

Compatible romance partners are the Dog, Tiger, and Goat.

Compatible friends include Rooster, Monkey, Dragon, Snake, and Pig.

Incompatible zodiacs include the Ox, Rabbit, and Rat.

More about relationships between zodiacs can be found here.


The best marrying years for the horse zodiac are generally the years of the Tiger, Goat and Dog.

The best months are the first, fifth, sixth and the ninth months. The 6th day of the 6th month and the 5th day of the ninth month are said the be the most auspicious days.

The 11th day of the 11th month is a bad day.


In the animal world, horses are known for their athleticism and amazing stamina.

This translates nicely into their career and would be capable of going on and on with their work without knowing when to stop.

The motivation for such behavior is the will to contribute to the family and a strong sense of responsibility.

This makes them perfect for job roles that require long hours or those that require a lot of work.

They would also be suitable for job types that require people to be hands-on.

5 Elemental Horses

While the horse is innately associated with fire due to it’s relation to summer in bazi, there are actually 5 different type of elements that the horse horoscope can take up.

Wood horse (1954, 2014)

The wood horse is friendly and often thinks about the greater good. He is smart and a fighter for his own freedom. He also has an ability to pick himself up after failure and go at it again.

This makes them reverable competitors that adversaries and enemies would prefer to avoid.

Personal freedom would be a focus in life.

Fire horse (1966)

The fire horse is unpredictable, moody, and flamboyant. While these are the types of horses that are tough to tame, succeeding in doing so often makes them champions on the race course.

While it is mostly righteous and act with a high moral code, it can sometimes be susceptible to the dark side.

This is a horse that would either end up with fame or infamy when getting onto the biggest stages.

An adventurous and spontaneous nature also makes them great people to travel and have fun with.

Earth horse (1978)

The earth horse is afraid of failure and negative social stigma. He is the type that contemplates everything when making decisions yet still questions himself after making one. If they can solve this indecisiveness in them, they tend to go very far in life.

Even though they prefer down-to-earth and stable careers, they tend to have luck with indirect wealth.

Big changes in life directions should be embraced instead of being frowned upon.

Metal horse (1930, 1990)

The metal horse is one that never stays still. He is constantly on the look out for things to do. And when doing something, he would already be thinking about what to do next.

This means that while they can be fun to hang around with, it would be difficult to have them settle down. They also tend to be boastful and are often the type who would show off their luxuries on social media just to have others envy them.

A candid nature can make them a force to be reckoned with during debates and discussions. This also implies that tactfulness, or the lack of it, can be a frequent determinant of whether he or she get what he or she wants out of others.

He is noted for being controversial and fiercely stubborn.

Water horse (1942, 2002)

The water horse avoids confrontation even when he knows that he is right. However, a reserved facade often hides how competitive he actually is. This often causes people to lose to him without even knowing why.

Saying that, they are are well suited for positions of governance and administration.

Friends love to confide in him for being a good listener. But he tends to make promises that he no intention of keeping.

This is because he can often be guided by passion and impulses.

Fortune in Chinese zodiac years

Different years of different zodiacs bring about different energy that can influence the luck enjoyed by people born in the year of the horse differently.

Horse in rat year

The rat year can be a year of tricks and deceit for the horse.

One needs to be extra cautious and meticulous when investing or dealing with people who have no history of a proven track record.

Taking on new things can cause you to fall from the saddle with no warning.

It is best to concentrate on defense rather than attack this year.

Horse in ox year

This will be a year of hard work, but a rewarding one.

The horse would generally enjoy much better luck this period than in the previous year.

A bad year for romance.

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Horse in tiger year

It would be a great financial year for the horse.

It could seem like whatever stride the horse takes this year, it would turn out to be the right decision. Almost as if one cannot put a foot wrong.

The drawback of such good fortune is overconfidence.

So one would be wise to get off the high horse, keep his feet on the ground and avoid complacency.

Horse in rabbit year

Another good year ahead for the horse as those with this zodiac sign will find great opportunities to take a giant step forward in life.

There is also a high possibility of recognition on a wide scale.

Enemies will emerge from out of nowhere. Just be wary of them as you move forward.

Horse in dragon year

It will be a year of fun in the social side of things.

Progress at the workplace should continue with minimum hiccups.

However, conflict is on the horizon. So one must be extra careful not to step on the toes of those waiting for a good opportunity to attack you.

Horse in snake year

It will be a tempting year to move off the proven track and try new things in life and at work.

Be careful of making decisions that appear too risky.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping on a proven path as long as there is progress being made.

Horse in horse year

After all the years of general good fortune, the horse is expected to face challenges this year that can negatively affect his success streak and income.

It would be best to learn from the experience this year to grow as a person.

New horizons would appear and it will be tempting to forge ahead.

However, don’t make big bold decisions unless you have your ass covered.

Horse in goat year

It will be a quiet year as stability comes back in favor of the horse.

It might be a good time to seriously consider settling down and get married.

Horse in monkey year

The monkey year would be fast and furious with a lot of unpredictability.

However, the horse is well-equipped to take on these factors.

The key to enjoying a fruitful and productive year is to start off strong. Failing which would be playing catch-up for the rest of the year.

Horse in rooster year

Major financial decisions are penned in for the year.

One needs to be sensible and prudent with an eye on the long term future when making such decisions.

Horse in dog year

Life problems will arise in a non-financial sense.

Family and friends will make demands and communicate expectations on the horse.

It is advisable to play along and compromise rather than rock the boat in relationships.

These are after all, priceless aspects of life that we find pleasure in.

Horse in pig year

The horse will be pressured into taking chances by people around him.

It is a period to put on that pragmatic hat and weigh up the choices available before taking a leap of faith.

If something looks too good to be true, it probably is.

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