The Concept Of Host Star And Guest Star In Feng Shui

For a lot of people who are starting out learning about feng shui, flying stars feng shui is one of the most dynamic and interesting theories that they come across.

It’s simple to understand, easy to apply, and fun to put into practice.

However, one of the biggest sticky points that new learners tend to take a particular interest in is in the star combinations and how they interact with each other.

While the generic meanings behind star combinations can be good enough to undertake a regular feng shui assessment, we can further delve down to the details when we account for the relationship between the 2 stars that make up a combination. It is a concept prominently explained in the classical text 玄空紫白訣 (purple white scroll).

This relationship can be generally be categorized as a host-guest relationship, where one star is the host star (主星) and the other is the guest star (客星).

Which is the host and which is the guest?

There is no fixed allocation of status for each star in a natal chart. Determining which star within a combination is the host or guest depends on judgment and experience.

This is why the guest-host relationship is often termed as an advanced methodology of feng shui practice.

But it can be simple to understand if you already have a basic grasp of the concepts in Xuan Kong flying stars feng shui.

There are basically 3 stars in each grid (or sector) in a natal chart. They consist of the base star, mountain star and water star.

The mountain star governs health and relationships. The water star is associated with wealth and career. And the base star is linked to general luck and more often used as a tool to erect auspicious star alignments.

If we take for example, a house facing NW2 in the period of 8, we get the below birth chart.

Suppose that after superimposing the above chart onto a floorplan of a property, we find that the master bedroom lies at the east sector with the star combination 9-2. Because it is a bedroom, the focal point (or reference point), would be the mountain star. Thus, to judge whether it is a good location for a bedroom, the mountain star 9 is the host star, and the water star 2 is the guest star.

So even though the star 9 indicates that this would be a good area to locate the bedroom, it does not obtain the score of 100%.

This is because the 2 black (as the guest) weakens the purple 9 (as the resident host). It can also be deduced that even though the inhabitants of this bedroom would enjoy good relationships and health in general, they would often suffer from annoying health ailments that keep coming back due to the sickness star.

If you are using the bedroom as a work area as well, then you can use the star 2 as the host and star 9 as the guest to determine whether is a conducive place to work that produces results.

Let’s do another example.

If a living is located in the northeast, it would take on the combination of 4-6. Since the living room is an active yang area, the focal point would be the water star when the subject matter is money and wealth, which becomes the host star and the point of reference.

The water star 6 is a good star for those looking for career progression and achieving higher status. So a living room in this sector of the house would boost the promotion prospects of all occupants in the house, especially men.

However, the guest star 4 causes the host star 6 to exert itself, thereby suffering from exhaustion. Since the culpable green star 4 is an academic star, then it can be deduced that residents in the household would see progression in their career but would suffer from overwork and exhaustion due to studious or research pursuits.

If a family member is considering using the living room as a permanent sleeping area and wants feng shui to determine if that is appropriate, then the sitting star 4 would become the point of reference. Therefore, the host becomes star 4 and star 6 takes on the role of guest.

Confused already?

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We are barely scratching the surface here of host-guest star relationships and interpretations.

The gist here is that if you are to go this deep into feng shui analytics of star combinations, then you must first be absolutely competent in determining which is the host star and which is the guest star. Otherwise, one would get everything wrong.

There are various ways how the guest-host relationship can be configured. This include:

  • Mountain star – Water star
  • Water star – Mountain star
  • Water star – Base star
  • Mountain star – Base star
  • Base star – Mountain star
  • Base star – Water star
  • etc

The above relationships can be observed and analyzed by looking at the natal chart for a house. These govern the general luck that a house can potentially harness for a long term period consisting of 20 years.

However, dynamic stars with the time element can also be used to look into more short term luck. For example:

  • Mountain star – Annual star
  • Water star – Annual star
  • Annual star – Monthly star
  • Monthly star – Daily star
  • Daily star – Hourly star
  • etc

Such start assessment techniques can help one to identify which month during the year when their luck potential become red-hot, choose the best day to conduct important events, and even choose to lie low in a month with adverse events that are written in the stars.

Finally, I just want to repeat that you should avoid such levels of analysis when you don’t already have a good grasp of the basics of the elements and flying stars feng shui. Basic feng shui can usually be enough to benefit a household without needing to go this deep into analysis.

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