Bazi House Of Conception Pillar

The house of conception (胎元) in bazi is an additional pillar consisting of two characters that is used to supplement the main reading of a person’s bazi.

As the name suggest, this is the pillar that forms during the time when one was conceived.

Looking into the house of conception, or conception palace as some would call it, enables one to discover a person’s innate nature before the world has any influence on him or her. It can also sometimes be referred to as the early heaven palace.

It is mostly used in bazi to look more closely into one’s self-element strength ,and in some cases details on siblings and children. Some bazi readers also use it to analyze spiritual virtues.

Because a person’s birthday would be about 9 months after conception, deriving the house of conception pillar is simply referencing the heavenly stem and earthly branch on the month pillar and going backwards by 9 months.

And because ganzhi is made up of 10 stems and 12 branches which moves in a repeating cycle, the stems and branches of the house of conception (HOC) can be simply calculated by using a couple of basic formulas.

  • 1 stem after the heavenly stem of the month of birth
  • 3 branches after the earthly branch of the month of birth

This leads to the following two tables.

Month Stem
HOC Stem
H1 H2
H2 H3
H3 H4
H4 H5
H5 H6
H6 H7
H7 H8
H8 H9
H9 H10
H10 H1


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Month Branch
HOC Branch
E1 E4
E2 E5
E3 E6
E4 E7
E5 E8
E6 E9
E7 E10
E8 E11
E9 E12
E10 E1
E11 E2
E12 E3

Legend of the symbols can be referenced here.

This means that if an individual has a bazi with the month pillar consisting of H4-E6, then the house of conception pillar would be H5-E9.

Month Pillar
H4 (丁)
– Fire
H5 (戊)
+ Earth
E6 (巳)
– Fire
E9 (申)
+ Metal

It must be noted that the house of conception palace is more advanced bazi. And usually erected together with the house of life.

It is not necessary for basic feng shui analysis of a house when conducting an audit.

And is usually only accessed when there is a need to delve much deeper into a person’s bazi to uncover certain types of information.

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