How To Analyze The Effects Of Annual Stars (Methodology)

Every year, around the start of Spring season, the annual stars in flying stars feng shui fully take up their new positions for the year ahead.

Depending on the natal chart of a house, this can either mean a better year ahead or a worse one. It can even predict what certain residents can encounter during the year.

For example, the 5 yellow for 2020 shifts to the east. So if your bedroom is located at the east sector of the property, then you can expect a year of turmoil and even catastrophe.

At a basic level, this method of application can be used on all the 9 annual stars to foretell the fortune of the household during the year.

This is usually sufficient for a feng shui enthusiast or hobbyist to undertake enhancements and install remedies to manage the energies for the year.

However, if you are a freak (like me) or a professional practitioner, then this is simply too general to satisfy that appetite for feng shui.

Annual stars assessment methodology

There are actually a few ways that the influence of annual stars can be interpreted by experts. And it’s all in the details.

Firstly, one has to understand that the annual star is a visiting guest star that is regularly coming in and going out of the house.

This makes the base star, water star and mountain star the host stars in this interaction of stars.

And if you have been reading up on some of the countless articles about flying stars feng shui on this website, then you’d know that the:

  • Base star governs general luck
  • Water star governs wealth and career
  • Mountain star governs health and relationships

With this in mind, what kind of star combinations the arriving annual star in a particular area of the house would create with either of these host stars can allow us to deduce predictions with more specificity.

For instance, let’s take the example of a house built during the period of 8 facing northwest 3 (NW3). It would have the below natal birth chart with the annual star chart for 2020 illustrated in red as well.

With this chart mapped out, it would be easy to see how certain sectors of the property would be affected differently by the annual stars. It can then be determined whether luck concerning money or relationships would be good or bad for the members of the household during the year.

For example, if the master bedroom is situated at the northeast, then it can be observed that the annual star 1 arrives into the bedroom which has a mountain and water star combination of 4-6.

So in terms of health and relationships for inhabitants of this room, one can look forward to a good year ahead due to the favorable 4-1 star combination made up of the mountain star 4 (top left of grid) and the annual star 1 which flies into this area. The water of star 1 feeds the wood of star 4 for growth.

In aspects of wealth and career, the 6-1 star combination made up of the water star 6 (top right of grid) and the annual star 1 tells of a year filled with money making and promotion opportunities. However, it must also be noted that this combination can bring the potential of litigation when afflicted.

General luck can be analyzed by looking into the star combination of 2-1 between the base star (center of grid) and annual star. This tells that while success is within reach, one can only succeed by being cautious and not turn a deaf ear towards people of wisdom.

More about star combinations and their implications can be found here.

This method of interpreting annual star meanings and effects can be applied to all the star combinations within the 9 grids.

But to do so competently, you would have to be well-versed in the various other aspects of feng shui. Otherwise, you would not be able to make sense of all possible implications.

Which is always why I always advocate that learners need to have a good grasp of fundamentals before applying feng shui techniques that they are not 100% certain of. It’s not possible to practice feng shui effectively when you only attempt to make sense of the tip of the iceberg without understanding what’s under the surface.

For example, practitioners would know by default that the southwest is associated with the matriarch or that the living room is related to the patriarch. They also know when a water or mountain is not active and therefore don’t link up with an annual star to create combinations. There is so much more to consider.

So unless you are confident with your knowledge of feng shui, it is best to stick to the basic ways of assessing annual star effects as individual stars.

Otherwise, one might actually mess up everything and turn everything upside down due to the wrong practice of feng shui concepts.

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An important question to ask yourself when running these numbers is to determine whether a host star is being empowered or enslaved. The answer to this question would go a long way towards a correct interpretation of what is going on.

Sometimes annual stars are also judged on their interaction with monthly stars to make predictions what what would be going on in certain area of the house.

For example, in the month of April 2020, monthly star 6 enters the center of the house and creates a 7-6 star combination with the annual star 7. Among the various interpretations of this combination, families might find that fights and arguments between members can occur in this area of the house during the month. It might be wise to keep knives and other potential weapons away from this area and maybe even place an yin water remedy to ease the tension between the stars.

It should also be noted that in some circles, especially within the field of personal astrology, the kua number (or life star) that an individual has would also indicate how annual star could affect how events would pan out for the year ahead.

Annual flying stars in coming years

Year Annual Star
2019 8
2020 9
2021 1
2022 2
2023 3
2024 4
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