Displaying Hydrangea Flowers For Feng Shui

The hydrangea plant produces some of the most beautiful brightly colored flowers you will ever see.

They are so cheerful and amazingly picturesque that you’d be forgiven if you think that you are looking at a painting when walking into a hydrangea flower farm.

They are also known as hortensia and generally blooms in the summer months of June and July.

Among the many colors the flower can be, some of the popular favorites include:

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Violet
  • Red
  • White
  • etc

However despite it’s joyous appearance, the plant is often associated with negative attributes such as emotionless, egoistic, and fickleness.

It can also symbolize being “so close yet so far.” This comes from a story about a German who fell in love with a Japanese woman in Nagasaki. He then had to return to his home country and brought with him hydrangea flowers to remind him of her.

It must be said that in modern times, hydrangeas are more and more associated with positive attributes.

Professionals in spiritual and creative field love to have them around as they claim that this flower helps them tap onto their inner-self, which in turn help them connect to the universe.

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This is not surprising as this is a plant that is associated with emotions “from the heart”.

They are also often used to accompany gifts to mothers as it signifies gratitude, love and thankfulness.

Pink hydrangea represents femininity. While white flowers symbolize patience.

Certain species of them are said to represent being humble and having humility.

Despite their unquestioned beauty, the mixed symbolism of this plant can deter many homeowners to bring it into their house or into the garden.

If you are not totally comfortable with hydrangea, the right thing to do is to avoid them so that you can have peace of mind.

If you are going to bring them into the house with feng shui in mind, they can be placed in the spiritual corner or the creativity corner.

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