The Feng Shui Of Iron Tree Plant

There are a few plants that have been bestowed the title of iron tree in the horticulture universe.

But when the iron tree is mentioned in feng shui, it most certain refers the the dracaena fragrans.

Dracaena has various popular species including bamboo and janet craig. The iron tree plant is another one of them.

But one must be aware that when people talking about this plant in feng shui discussions, it is usually referred to as the iron tree (铁树). When the word dracaena is used, it usually is made with reference to the janet craig.

The iron tree has a unique look to it and can sometimes be referred to as the corn plant.

It has a long trunk with small sized foliage on or around the top. Making it look like a pineapple with a long neck.

The plant is so popular with modern interiors that there are businesses that rent them out to event organizers to create a more comfortable environment where events can be held.

Like the areca palm, this is a plant that can grow to a considerable height if allowed to. So it can be a great addition to the deck area or the back yard where you can just relax with nature.

Beautifully cultivated iron trees can sometimes be quite expensive. Especially during celebrative festivals.

Feng shui

The iron tree is uniquely beautiful and can improve the aesthetics of any living space.

Because of their size, they are very suitable for hiding hostile interior forms.

In fact, there’s every chance that you won’t even notice a sharp pillar pointing at you when an iron tree is placed in front of it. This is because it blends in so nicely as a modern plant at home or in the office.

This makes them great for room corners where you just don’t know what to place there.

They can bloom flowers unpredictably. And when they do, it is seen as an auspicious sign of good luck.

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They can be placed at the south, east, southeast, and north sectors of a house.

Saying that, if you don’t have feng shui OCD, placing them when they make the best improvement to visual impact would be fine.

Just avoid the bedrooms.

When outdoors, there is little need to be guided by directional areas.

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