How The Jade Belt Formation Works

In feng shui, one of the most auspicious configurations that can leave practitioners excited with glee is when a jade belt formation is discovered.

The phrase jade belt around the waist which is translated and pronounced as yu dai huan yao (玉带环腰) is a phrase so catchy that every feng shui master would want to say it with every appropriate opportunity that presents itself.

So what does jade belt around the waist really mean?


Before we get to what this beloved phrase represents, it’s worthwhile to visit the origins of it.

The term jade belt hugging the waist is actually a reference to the belts made of jade worn by high level government officials in the course of duty.

It was also an ornament used to denote rank of officials at the very highest level. Emperors were also occasionally seen to have worn them.

It was originally made with 12 pieces of jade with one piece of buckle made of metal.

This became such an emblem of prestige and power that the term yu dai huan yao was coined.

It must be noted that the focal point is not about a jade belt, but on the jade belt being worn around the waist.

Feng shui

Students of feng shui need to be aware that the jade belt formation is not a land form concept that work just because of it’s resemblance to the gemstone belt that noble people wear.

It is merely an alias that has been tagged to a certain water formation in water theory that is highly auspicious that look like the curved shape of a belt.

So two and two were put together, and the label stuck.

Thus, the jade belt formation has become synonymous with a particular water formation ever since.

The formation we are referring to is the bow formation.

This is a reference to rivers and streams that are curved and the property in question in inside rather than outside of the bow.

In essence, the property would be “wearing” the belt.

It should be common sense that one has to be inside the curve in order to make use of the river like a belt around the waist. So outside of the curve would not have any resemblance to wearing a belt at all.

This can sometimes also be described as a reverse bow formation.

When jade belt water is a naturally formed feature of the landscape, it is deemed as highly auspicious for the residences and offices that are located inside the belt.

Even though the presence of such natural formations are good, the auspiciousness can be compounded when the water entry and exit directions are favorable.

And while the epitome of the jade belt formation concerns water configurations, this concept can also be applied to roads and highways.

Roads are man-made infrastructure that carries virtual water in the form of moving chi.

So the same concepts of jade belt can be applied to properties with curved and winding roads around it’s vicinity.

So if you are buying a new condominium development for example, and is at the stage of choosing units, then look out for curved roads. And select the units that are inside the belt rather than outside it.

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