Jade Plant Feng Shui Benefits

Because feng shui masters often advocate the use of gemstones to enhance good luck or suppress bad luck, the mention of a jade plant often cause people to associate that to a plant or tree made with jade.

In actuality, it usually refers to the jade plant (crassula plant). A real actual living plant.

So if someone suggest that you place a jade plant somewhere in the house or at work, do clarify what is being referred to.

Here, we are discussing the real live plant.

The jade plant got it’s name from having it’s leaves resembling the precious stone of jadeite.

It is scientifically known as the crassula plant. And has the nickname pigmyweeds.

Some of it’s other aliases include:

  • Money plant
  • Tree of wealth
  • Jade tree plant
  • Friendship tree
  • Lucky plant
  • Krasula
  • Pigmyweeds
  • etc

If you don’t know, jade is one of the priciest natural stones with a market of overwhelming demand.

In ancient China, jade is the material of choice for important imperial emblems such as pendants, seals, jewelry, etc.

So it is of no surprise that the jade plant is believed to be a symbol of wealth and an enhancer of success luck.

So much so that many businesses often choose to place them in their premises for good luck.

Even retail stores, with premium shelf space, make space to display them prominently near the entrance, front doors, on display windows, and even at the cashier counter.

This is especially wide spread for the practice of feng shui in restaurants. They also make great gifts for new businesses.

While full adult plants can grow to a considerable size, people who use them for feng shui benefits often choose to have them in more manageable smaller sizes.

So potent the jade plant is believed to be in calling money luck, that the renown wish-fulfilling gem tree was designed with the jade plant in mind.

Jade plant placement

Because the plant is wood element by nature, it will be strongest when placed in the southeast, east, or north areas of the location.

This is because these areas have an elemental base of either wood or water. Both of which nourishes the symbolic item.

Placement at the southeast and north will improve money luck, while placement at the east will improve harmony.

This also means that placing it in the west or northwest will be akin to chopping it into pieces with a metal axe as these areas have a metal element base. Or having it burnt into ashes in the south since that is a sector of fire.

Both of which is not exactly how you want your wealth to resemble.

However, it must be noted that flying stars are not taken into consideration in this respect.

Alternatives to the jade plant

Cultural differences have slowly led to substitutes to the jade plant.

Some species of cactus plants have succulent leaves that echo the appearance of the jade plant. And that are used by homeowners and business operators for the same purpose of enhancing success luck.

Just be mindful that plants with thorns are never good feng shui in general as they emit negative energy.

Another alternative is what is known as the money plant. This is actually a species called the Devil’s Ivy.

As their stems are soft, they can be manipulated to take shapes and forms as an owner pleases.

Yes. This means that you can seduce it to take the form of the symbol of money if you want to.

Just use wires to guide it’s growth and it will obey your commands!

However, the issue with money plants is that they are creeper plants.

This means that they tend to grow along the ground, up the walls, or circle around another plant. Sometimes even acting like a parasite.

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For good feng shui, never allow your money plants to grow in this way.

Either shape it yourself, or don’t have them at all.

Last but not least, the gem tree was mentioned earlier as being somewhat of a mimic to the jade tree.

They can be used as able substitutes when you don’t want to take on the responsibility of caring of a live plant.

Do note that artificial plants are never going to be as effective as real plants.

So while a gem tree might be effective as a wealth enhancer as it’s never intended to be replica of a live gem tree, artificial jade plants are never ideal.

You would be better off using a genuine gem tree than a fake jade plant.

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