Ji Earth

Ji (己) is the second earth character among the 10 heavenly stems.

It is a word that is used to describe the twisting shapes of objects such as ropes or threads.

This can even be observed in the pictorial of how the character is drawn.

It has the element of yin earth (陰土) which can be represented by the avatar of soil and sand. Especially when they are damp such as mud.

Because soil is a critical material for farmers to cultivate crops for harvest, yin earth is very much a symbol of support and resources for others to grow.


Like Wu Earth, Ji Earth is not associated with any of the 4 celestial creatures. But Taoists would link it to the yellow phoenix.

It is not fixed to any one season. But rather, has a presence in all 4 seasons.

However, it is strongest during the months of the Ox and Goat.

Ji can also be a reference to the time between 0100 hours to 0300 hours and 1300 hours to 1500 hours.

As this character does not have a place in the 24 mountains, it’s direction is center.

In terms of body parts and organs, Ji identifies with the belly, pancreas, nose and spleen.

In Chinese numerology, 10 is the number that symbolizes Ji.

Ji earth self-element

An individual with Ji Earth as the self-element in bazi can be expected to be firm, virtuous, humble, and with inner peace.

They have a natural nurturing effect on the people around them. Their friends and colleagues might see them as teachers and mentors.

This is even when a ji earth person has no intention to teach at all.

They have a benevolent heart and often find giving provides just much much pleasure as receiving. Sometimes even more.

With a natural trait of patience, they can often be the victim of bullies and scammers.

This is because they only see the good of others and turn a blind eye to the bad.

It is the biggest short-coming of Ji earth personalities.

The relation of the elements to Ji Earth is as follows:

  • Wood – Status
  • Fire – Resources
  • Earth – People
  • Metal – Intelligence
  • Water – Wealth

We can look further into them by identifying the 10 gods.

10 Gods

Stem God
Jia Given Authority
Yi Earned Authority
Bing Direct Resource
Ding Indirect Resource
Wu Competitor
Ji Friend
Geng Extrovert Talent
Xin Introvert Talent
Ren Direct Wealth
Gui Indirect Wealth

More about the 10 gods is discussed here.

Ji earth in relation to other self-element heavenly stems

Self Element Ji Earth
Jia Direct Wealth
Yi Indirect Wealth
Bing Extrovert Talent
Ding Introvert Talent
Wu Competitor
Ji Friend
Geng Direct Resource
Xin Indirect Resource
Ren Given Authority
Gui Earned Authority
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