The Jue Xing (extinction star) Are Personal Low Points Of Chi

The jue xing is written as 絕星 and translated in Chinese metaphysics as extinction star.

This has to be made clear as the literal translation of the word jue can have diverse meanings. But in the context used for jue xing in date selection, the word extinct is appropriate.

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The concept is derived another concept called 十二長生.

It states that heavenly stems go through a a curve of strength levels consisting of 12 stages. Each stem having it’s own sequence of stages.

At one particular stage, a heavenly stem can be so weak that it can cause serious bad luck with health.

Identifying the lonesome star

To find this special star, reference has to be taken from the day or year branch.

Day or Year Stem Extinction Star
H1 E9
H2 E10
H3 E12
H4 E1
H5 E12
H6 E1
H7 E3
H8 E4
H9 E6
H10 E7

Legend of the symbols can be found here.

Application of this concept in date selection is simple.

Identify your day heavenly stem by plotting your bazi, then what represents your personal extinction star would be revealed.

By referring to the Hsia calendar, days with the extinction star as the dominant character will then have to be avoid for health related activities like surgeries, diagnosis, medical procedures, etc.

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