The Reverse Effect Of Kitchen And Personal Kua Numbers

8 mansions is one of the simplest feng shui concepts to apply. But that doesn’t mean that it’s potency is compromised.

In fact, it is one of most effective methods of practicing personal feng shui.

Yet with every school of thought in feng shui, there are would be some special footnotes to keep in mind.

And the kitchen being one of the most important spaces of a house has a glaring one that anyone applying 8 mansions theories at home needs to follow.

Intuition should entice anyone to locate the kitchen (if that is within their power) at a favorable directional sector depending on the kua number’s determination of good and bad directions.

But the kitchen works differently from conventional thinking.

For the kitchen, according to 8 mansions, the reverse is true.

This means that it should be located in personal directional sectors of the house that are unfavorable instead of those that are favorable.

The logic behind this is that the kitchen is where the cooking stove is located. This is a very strong source of fire energy that would press down on any of the 8 sectors determined by personal kua numbers, thereby reversing it’s effects.

Therefore, locating a kitchen at the Sheng Chi location would effectively send your career and wealth luck up in smoke, and engulf your health insurance policy in flames if you locate it at the Tien Yi location.

For a quick recap, 8 mansions groups kua numbers into 2 categories. The east and west.

From these two groups, 8 sectors of a house can be identified.

  1. Sheng Chi (success)
  2. Fu Wei (growth)
  3. Tien Yi (health)
  4. Yen Nian (relationship)
  5. Wu Gui (5 ghost)
  6. Huo Hai (loss)
  7. Liu Sha (6 killings)
  8. Jue Ming (death)

The first four are favorable while the later four are unfavorable. But the opposite is true when it comes to the kitchen location.

This indicates that when the conditions are right when the kitchen is located in the 5 Ghost location, the “ghosts” would be bringing you news that make you happy instead of worry.

What are the implications of the 8 sections when the kitchen is located there?

Sheng Chi

Primarily a wealth and success area to enhance for homes.

But can bring constant obstacles to career progression and wealth opportunities.

Fu Wei

Generally a source of energy to tap on for personal growth and academic success.

The kitchen will cause a bottleneck for personal growth and bad luck for examinations.

Tien Yi

The sector which governs health and longevity.

Frequently illnesses will befall the whole family.

Yen Nien

Maintains harmony in the family and brings romance luck.

Be prepared to stay single for a long time and have conflicts with other residents to contend with.

Wu Gui

Associated with enemies and backstabbers.

Can bring mentors and helpful people into your life.

Huo Hai

Denotes adversary in everything one does.

Can now bring about smooth sailing in life and career.

Liu Sha

A rampant sector that brings chaos.

Can now bring stability and predictability.

Jue Ming

An unfavorable sector that can cause personal and financial catastrophe, including total loss.

Can now bring abundance.

What now?

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It can be counter-intuitive for most people just to get this idea of the kitchen’s reverse status wrapped around their heads.

But sometimes we just need to follow the rules and have faith that things will play out the way the book says.

Just like how pilots have to trust their instruments when flying in the dark no matter how much their instincts tell them otherwise.

It also gives you one more “favorable” space to work with when imposing the 8 directional sections onto a floor plan.

Because let’s admit it.

4 favorable areas out of 8 does not sound that favorable at all.

At least with this reverse status of the kitchen with regards to your kua number, you can locate the kitchen at an “unfavorable” area such as Jue Ming. Leaving you with 4 more good sectors and 3 remaining bad sectors.

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