11 Taboos And Rules Of Kitchen Stove Placement

From a feng shui perspective, some fixtures demand special attention when they are present in the house.

Some of them are always present in the house such as a main door. While others might or might not exist in the house such as a water feature.

The stove is generally one item that is a mainstay in every home.

And every feng shui practitioner worth getting advice from should be paying attention to how this item is influencing the energy around it in a property.

There are of course, homes without stoves as the residents find no need for them. But for the most part, the average household would have a kitchen stove nicely set up in the cooking area.

A big reason why the kitchen stove is to be revered in feng shui is that it is a fixture with open fire which can be a huge source of luck enhancement or luck destroyer. Even with modern induction cookers which are slowly replacing the traditional stove, the heat generated by these appliances is strong enough to do a lot of damage.

So induction cookers are classified as stoves too. After all, they are used for open cooking.

There’s even a stove god in Chinese culture which is more commonly known as the kitchen god.

Because of how much good or bad feng shui kitchen stoves can impact on a household, stove placement comes with a variety of feng shui guidelines that homeowners has to follow in order to avoid letting fire energy burn their lifestyle into ashes.

If you are into feng shui, then this list of kitchen stove placement rules must be followed to ensure misfortune does not befall the household.

It is important to note that these stove commandments are focused on avoiding afflictions rather than enhancing feng shui.

This is because navigating away from bad luck is almost as good as enjoying good luck. Moreover, you won’t be able to harness sheng chi efficiently when constantly being berated with energy conflicts and afflictions.

1) Avoid the northwest area

This feng shui taboo originates from the infamous affliction of fire at heaven’s gate which states that the kitchen of a house should not be located at the northwest sector of the property.

It results in wealth loss, especially associated with the patriarch of the household.

However sometimes because of fixed layouts, a home buyer is unable to relocate the kitchen. So to minimize the impact of negative feng shui, the stove location can be configured away from the northwest of the kitchen space.

In any case, the small tai chi segments a room, whether it’s the bedroom or kitchen, into directional sectors.

This inevitably results in a northwest section of a kitchen being identified unless it is an odd-shaped kitchen with a missing corner.

When the northwest of the kitchen is determined, this area should be shaded and written off as an area to place the stove.

2) Kitchen sink facing stove

The sink is obviously a fixture that holds water energy.

When positioned to face a stove directly opposite, water confronts fire. Causing an elemental clash of epic proportions.

Imagine two pipes funneling into a containing. One flowing with molten lava while the other spitting out ice cubes. I don’t know what would happen. But I don’t need to witness it to realize that it could be an explosive exchange.

The closer the sink is placed to the stove, the more fiery the conflict is.

This also implies that even if a sink directly faces the stove, the conflict between polar energies would have minimal impact the further they are apart.

3) Kitchen sink beside stove

Like facing each other, having the sink and stove situated side by side can also ignite a clash of fire and water.

The silver lining is that they need to be very close to each other for the clash to be significant enough to cause damage.

It is generally fine if the distance between them are at an arm’s length.

And if they is less than that distance between them, then placing an divider between them to segment the space can usually be sufficient to do the trick.

4) Faucet pointing at stove

Of all the potential clashes between water and the stove, the direct facing confrontation mentioned previously garners the most aggression.

However, a similar but lesser clash can occur when the faucet pointing direction is directed at the stove.

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This effectively means that a sink does not have to be directly opposite or beside the stove to create a water-to-fire clash.

A sink could very well be located diagonally opposite the kitchen stove and still create a clash if the faucet direction is orientated towards the latter.

The good thing is that this is an easy fix as most modern taps are designed to be flexible and can have it’s direction adjusted.

5) Stove should not face the kitchen entrance

When the stove faces the door or entrance into the kitchen, it also means that fire energy would have direct route into the other areas of the house such as the living room or dining room.

This can cause wealth loss and disharmony among family members.

If this configuration exists and a bedroom door is in front of the kitchen, the inhabitant of that particular bedroom would suffer from bad luck and must be very wary of his or her health.

The affliction is compounded when the stove is visible even from outside the main door looking in… which essentially symbolizes fire burning all the way to the property’s facade.

6) Support behind cooking position

The cooking position refers to the chef’s standing position when using the stove.

There should be a wall or partition behind or the matriarch of the household would be victimized by back-stabbers.

This “wall” can also be substituted with a tall cabinet.

As long as the area behind is not an open space, then residents don’t have to worry about this taboo.

7) Window in front

In the cooking position, there should also not be a window in front.

This is a representation of wealth loss and needs to be avoided as much as possible.

8) Stove at center of kitchen

This affliction originates from the problem of having a kitchen right smack in the center of a home.

This is never ideal as the center is associated with the heart of the household. And setting fire to it would cause financial instability and health ailments that never seem to go away.

Even when the kitchen is not located in the center of the house, homeowners should still avoid locating the stove at the center of the kitchen.

This can often happen with modern home design floor plans where kitchen islands with stoves installed are constructed right smack at the center of the kitchen.

9) Mirrors reflecting the stove

There are a lot of feng shui rules of mirror placement. And one of the most damning taboos is to have one reflecting the stove.

One stove is already more than enough for a household. Having two is having one too many.

This doubles up the fire energy that can be too strong for an average sized house to handle.

In addition, the new “stove” can be afflicted by the other problems that have already been mentioned.

An extra stove can also lead to third parties entering relationships that are already present.

10) Second stove

The kitchen stove is the domain of the matriarch of the house. It represents the wife or female owner in many ways.

When there is a second stove in the house, then it can become a feng shui catalyst that leads to extra marital affairs.

This also applies to old stoves that are broken and no longer in use. As long as one is present, then it’s an extra stove.

So do remove any second stoves.

11) Beam above stove

The dreaded beam overhead is one of the feng shui problems that can affect almost anything. And the stove is not spared.

Placing the stove under a beam is a damaging as sleeping under a beam.

The difference here is that in a bedroom, the beam negatively affects the individual sleeping under it. Above a stove, the matriarch bears the brunt of the negative impact.

The simple solution is to move the stove.

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