Lava Lamps Bring Yang Elemental Energy For Feng Shui

Lava lamps were first invented in the 1960s. They took the world by storm in 2 different waves during the 1960s and 1990s.

When it was first launched, lava lamps looked so alien and advanced that they made it into the scenes of TV series as props in high-tech laboratories.

It took many years later for feng shui practitioners to notice it and realize how appropriate they are as feng shui enhancers at home and other living spaces.

I remember the first time I saw them and was in awe of it’s beauty. They even seemed alive!

Also known as glitter lamps, lava lamps are lamp-shaped bottles with it’s own lighting and heating element containing a mixture of colored liquids and oils/wax. The heat generated by the lamp causes oil balls to move about smoothly within the lamp, displaying a constant movement of bubble-like “balls”.

That, as you might suspect, is my layman’s explanation of lava lamps.

What makes lava lamps so suitable for feng shui

There are some unique features of lava lamps. And the combination of these features makes this one product that has no comparables in the consumer market.

Firstly, it is not associated to a single color by default. Any color in which it is made of will not make it look out of place.

This means that it can carry any color without looking weird like a green dining table of a yellow television set.

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This special characteristic makes it possible to take on any color to bring any element into a living space.

Secondly, there is constant movement of “lava” in side the glass body.

This constant creates yang energy just like a clock as long as it is switched on and will be ideal for any common spaces where yang energy is needed.

The smooth and graceful movement of it’s contents also mimic the movement of water. It can also remind some people of the movement of the yin yang tai chi symbol.

To top it all off, this is an item that can add to the aesthetics of any modern home.

The essence in all of these is that lava lamps are great for activation of energy in any space.

You just have to select the right on in terms of color, shape and size.

It’s no coincidence that clubs often use these lamps as part of the interior decorations so as to induce a more vibrant energy,

Lava lamp placement

As mentioned earlier, glitter lamps are used in feng shui for activation of elemental energy and bringing yang energy into a space.

The colors or color combinations you choose should ideally suit the sector of the house where you will place it.

As a quick guide, here are the suitable basic colors for activation according to the directional sectors.

  • North – Blue, white
  • South – Red, green
  • East – Green, blue
  • West – White, yellow
  • Northeast – Yellow, red
  • Northwest – White, yellow
  • Southeast – Green, blue
  • Southwest – Yellow, red
  • Center – Yellow, red

Elements represented by fancier colors can be referenced in the feng shui color chart.

You can also place them at the wealth locations and health locations to give those luck a well deserved boost.

Just don’t make the mistake of using the wrong colors in the wrong spaces.

For example, positioning one at a relationship corner can enhance harmony in the house and attract romance luck. However, using a wrong colored lava lamp can bring the wrong types of romance into your life.

And remember that in terms of flying stars feng shui, these lamps serve to enhance. Not to activate.

The activation of mountain stars and water stars go by different methodologies.

Finally, be careful not to go overboard with the number of lava lamps.

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