Lavender Flower Meaning And How It’s Used In Feng Shui

It wouldn’t be far fetched to suggest that most people first learned about lavender flowers from their seductive scent found in the huge variety of personal products such as toiletries and aromatheraphy.

The aroma of lavender is so pleasant that it is one of the very few floral scents that has an overwhelming mass appeal.

The flowers of the lavender plant sprouts in beautiful soft purple which delights gardeners. Bringing a touch of subtle serenity into the yard too.

Despite it’s beauty and sweet aroma, lavender is not a revered flower in Chinese culture. At least not when compared to the peony or plum blossoms.

But even though it does not carry great significance as a feng shui flower, it does have it’s applications in feng shui as well.

It is a yang masculine plant that corresponds to the planet Mercury.

The symbolism of lavender mostly comes from it’s pastel purple color which conveys the meaning of royalty, admiration, solitude, and sometimes even love and devotion.

While plants are fundamentally of wood energy, the gentle purple violet also represents the color of fire element… that is less fiery than red.

This is why it is most appropriate when homeowners intend to erect a fire wall, maybe at the balcony, to block structures that are directing sha chi towards the house.

By setting up potted lavenders, one can effectively fend off poison arrows that arrive with a metal energy base.

Saying that, the subtle fire energy can be a good enhancer for people who personally needs more fire. So bedrooms with lavender colors can actually be beneficial for some individuals.

As in-house plants, it is never a good idea to have too many lavender plants commanding a significant presence in the home due to it’s association with fire energy.

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However, there are exceptions such as amethyst geodes which are able to contain the beautiful colors of it’s crystals within itself.

So as decorative plants for interior design, lavender should only be placed sparingly indoors. And keeping them in vases filled with water is the recommended way to go.

Do take note that lavender can attract insects such as bees.

It must be said that these days, lavender plays the most prominent role in feng shui in spirituality and wellness.

This is mostly due to it’s aromatic scent.

As such, they can often be found to be used in the form of:

  • Scent sachets
  • Dried plants
  • Space cleansing
  • Scented candles
  • Essential oils
  • Mist sprays
  • Diffusers
  • etc

They make great spiritual plants for the meditation room.

In ancient Taoist practices, lavender is an item that is commonly used for the purposes of attracting and retaining love, divine protection, treating insomnia, stimulating psychic senses, and even in dream therapy.

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