How Many Lemons In A Bowl?

Real organic lemon juice has always been one of those magical cleaning ingredients used by those who advocate alternative health and natural products.

This cleansing ability is backed up by a little science too.

The sourness we taste (and love) come from the presence of citric acid which has a low pH level.

This is as opposed as to most detergents that uses an alkaline base. Giving them a characteristic that is not found on alkaline solutions.

In addition to that, the aroma of lemons give something a touch of freshness. It’s no coincidence that some of the best selling cleaning detergents are the ones that are artificially fused with lemon scent.

Amusingly, lemon juice is used as a natural insect repellent by many households. An effective one at that.

The yellow fruit is also known to contain a high level of vitamin C which boost the human body’s immune system.

We drink them in tea, consume them food, and even like our medicines flavored with them.

In other circles, lemons are commonly used in alternative health remedies, rituals, and interestingly in the proper cleansing of crystals.

Why lemons?

The main reason for the placement of lemons as part of decoration items at home is for it’s citrus aroma which is said to promote calm, reduce anxiety, improve metal activity and release tension.

There’s just something about the scent of lemon that invigorates us just like how the smell of the sea upon arriving at the beach does the same.

That should not discount the symbolism that the fruit carries.

The lemon has a diverse range of positive symbolism across various cultures and practices of metaphysics.

Among them are:

  • Longevity
  • Love
  • Purifying
  • Friendship
  • Wealth
  • Vibrancy
  • etc

It’s no wonder that they are often displayed in a bowl in retail stores and homes to not just add more color to the living space, but also it’s scent and spirituality.

Sometimes business place lemons in jars of water near the entrance. They are not lemon water for drinking, but are in fact supposed to dispel any negative energy that is carried into the premises by employees and guests.

The multiple positive features of the lemon fruit is so revered that gurus of holistic activities often recommend that lemons are put on display at home, in meditation rooms, and in livings spaces where you simply want to relax.

They can be put on plates or bowls, but not in sealed containers as that traps the fruits natural aroma, preventing them from being released into the air.

Lemons are best placed in a bowl on the table top or counter top in the living room or dining room. Or the zen room if you have set one up for yourself.

This helps to eliminate negative energy that might be present in anyone who might be interacting in the space. Enhancing harmony by preventing conflict.

When there are festivities like Chinese New Year, it is common for homeowners to switch the lemons to other auspicious fruits in the citrus family like oranges, mandarin oranges (tangerine) or lime. This is meant to increase the atmosphere in line with celebrations. Mandarin oranges for example, also carry the cultural symbolism of good fortune.

Remember that these display arrangements are meant for common areas like the living room, den, entertainment room, etc. Use a glass bowl, a wooden tray, or even a bamboo basket. Place them on the coffee table or dining table.

With feng shui and numerology in mind, a big question is how many lemons should be positioned in a bowl for display at home?

How many lemons?

The default suggestion by experts for the number of lemons in a bowl is 9.

This is because 9 is the number that represents fullness and completeness.

Any of the favorable numbers of 1, 4, 6, 8, 9 or even 12 can be fine.

And because 7 is generally a lucky number in western culture, if you have an affinity with 7 lemons in a bowl, do go for it.

This is because the number of lemons to put on display is largely symbolic and have minimal feng shui impact.

It won’t matter whether you place them in the north sector of the kitchen or east sector of the study.

The main effect that the fruits are supposed to have are more holistic rather than feng shui. It is supposed to bring a sense of uplifting energy and a sense of calm to the environment.

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They can sometimes also create a noticeable positive impact on the visual appearance of a modern house.

If you simply cannot decide how may to get, go with 9 lemons in a bowl.

And if you use less of them and have too much empty space from a large bowl, you can fill the gap with limes as they share a lot of similarities with lemons.

Finally, remember that you don’t have to slice them up and can leave them whole as they are.

But bright colored ones that look healthy are inevitably better than those that appear to be rotting.

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