The Guide To Feng Shui Logo Design

Symbols play a significant role in all walks of life, across diverse culture, and has an unconscious impact on each and every one.

If you are someone who feels that all these are mumbo-jumbo that makes absolutely no sense at all, consider that every country has a flag, colors can invoke emotions in people, designer brands would not be as valuable as they are without their logos.

All these are symbols.

Even the white house is a symbol of America and freedom, while the eiffel tower is a symbol of Paris and romance.

Imagine walking onto an empty stage. Now imagine walking onto the same stage, but this time with the national flag as a huge backdrop on stage.

Do they feel any different? What if the national flag is replaced by the happy smiling face of the clown? Will standing on the stage feel different again?

While these are extreme examples, the critical factor is to drive home the point that symbols have a role to play in everyday life… even if some people refuse to admit it.

They play on our minds and influences energy which can be either positive or negative.

Don’t get me wrong. One can very well put in an inspirational speech or performance on a stage with zero props. But symbols can add that much more. And the wrong symbols can create the wrong impact.

This is why if you are starting a business, your business logo design is one of the primary tasks that you shouldn’t neglect.

Others might think that they are not as important. That is like saying the company vision and mission statement is negligible.

Entrepreneurs and business people would tell us that these are the most important elements of a company that drives corporate culture and provides directions in strategic planning.

Business logo feng shui

If you believe in feng shui and convinced that a business logo (a symbol) plays an important role for a company, then the next natural question is how to apply feng shui on logo design.

There are basically 3 approaches to the feng shuied logo.

  1. Elemental approach
  2. Bazi approach
  3. Combination of both

It most be noted at this point that there is a whole study of graphic design. And that design commandments might not be considered when applying feng shui on logo design.

I’m just providing the feng shui guidelines to adhere to or implement when designing a company logo.

It would be your job, or the business owner’s job, to find a middle ground, or create a solution that meets all criteria from both a design and feng shui standpoint.

Elemental approach

The focal point of this approach is to avoid elemental clashes and conflicts.

For this approach, the nature of the business that is represented by one of the 5 elements has to be identified. Only then will one be able to determine what types of colors, shapes and forms will not cause any conflicts.

For example, a hair salon is business operation associated with the water element.

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This means that colors like blue (water), white (metal) and green (wood) are suitable. While red (fire) and yellow (earth) should be avoided as much as possible.

In addition, shapes like waves (water), circles (metal) and rectangles (wood) would not clash with the business elemental nature. While triangles (fire) and squares (earth) can cause a clash of the elements.

When a business owner decides to go against these rules of feng shui like going for a square logo for example, then the best way forward to minimize clashes is to have the presence of all five elements.

This can be in the form of colors and shapes present in the logo itself.

This is so that there is a remedy in place for all potential clashes. There will always be an outlet of bottled up energy.

At this point, I’m sure someone is going to point out that there are “water” businesses with square logos that are doing quite well. Or some “fire” businesses are totally banking it with round logos.

Well maybe the bazi approach can shed some light on that.

Bazi approach

The bazi approach involves the concept of identifying the self-element of the business owner, and apply favorable elements to him or her on the business logo.

This is so that the owner’s fortune can be enhanced from the company’s success.

For example, if an individual is identified as one with a weak self-element of fire, then colors like green (wood) and purple (fire) would help strengthen the day master to a more balanced state. Colors like brown (earth), silver (metal) and black (water) would further weaken his elemental state.

On top of that, when a self-element is determined, each of the 5 elements can be tagged to specific life aspects.

This means that if the owner deems that the success of the business would be down to networking circles and partners, then using more fire element in the corporate logo can help to call on the luck of meeting more people.

A creative way feng-shui-inclined business owners bring elements into their logo is with animals.

For example, the rabbit is associated with wood element. So using the cute creature as part of the logo can bring more wood energy if that is desired.

Do take note that zodiac signs have their fundamental elements as well relationships with each other. When using animals as logos, be mindful of whether that animal has a complimentary or conflicting relationship with you personal zodiac.

The associations of life aspects with elements is exhaustive and cannot be listed down here.

This is why if you choose to go with this approach, then you need to discover your personal element and decide what to enhance.

You can also choose to apply this concept to the bazi of the company. In this case, use the company registration date and time as the company’s bazi.

Combination of elements and bazi

It would be sheer luck if a business owner decides on a business logo design that coincidentally meets both feng shui approaches.

For logos to meet the requirements of both approaches, it is usually achieved by making a proactive approach to it in the first place.

This means that the design elements of a logo must be planned beforehand, instead of having a few done randomly and choosing one that has the best aesthetics.

So if you do desire to practice feng shui on your business logo, remember to determine the element that your business nature represents, and identify your self-element.

Then determine what colors and shapes to go for, and have your designer draft out a few with design rules while adhering to the feng shui requirements.

Here is a table of feng shui design elements for easy reference.

Wood Fire Earth Metal Water
Color Green
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