Lotus Plant

There is a whole list of plants and accompanying flowers that have connotations in feng shui.

One of the most significant of which is the lotus plant.

It’s mandarin name is lian hua (莲花) or sometimes also referred to as he hua (荷花). The latter alias with the word he is homophonous with the words 和 and 合 which translates to peace and combination.

Before we go on, it must be emphasized that feng shui is not a religion. But because some religions practice teachings that are similar to those feng shui classical text, they are often discussed in relation to each other.

In Buddhism for example, the Buddha is often portrayed sitting on a holy seat that is a lotus itself. This is not surprising as the lotus is also one of the 8 precious objects of Buddhism.

On top of that, the flower is often illustrated with 8 petal that are supposed to symbolize the 8 paths in the teachings of Buddha.

In Chinese culture, the lotus is the embodiment of purity as in the wild, lotus plants commonly grow in muddy waters and lotus flowers rise from the waters blooming in it’s exquisite beauty.

This is like a metaphor akin to beauty in the midst of all adversity.

But what’s more significant is that the lotus plant is one of the few plants in which every part of it can be used to contribute towards everyday life.

  • The stems are cooked for consumption as vegetable dishes
  • The leaves are used for making sticky rice delicacies
  • The roots are brewed as an all-time favorite soup
  • The seeds are used for making condiments like paste
  • Lotus stamen is often used in traditional chinese medicine
  • The flowers are often used as ingredients in perfumes
  • And there are many more uses

Grandmasters at monasteries often depict the lotus as a profound representative of innocence on the inside and beautiful on the outside.

It’s hard to argue against it as the Buddha himself seem to love the lotus seat.

There’s more.

Guan Yin, the beloved goddess of mercy is well-known to be associated with lotus plants.

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This is why she is often illustrated in paintings holding lotus flowers, sitting among the growth of lotus plants around her, with lotus flowers as a backdrop, seated in a lotus position, or seating in a lotus seat just like Buddha.

Even as display items, she often comes with a crystal lotus flower for feng shui.

He Xian Gu, who is one of the members of the revered 8 immortals also has the lotus as an emblem.

As one can see, the lotus plant is one of the most widely observable items in both feng shui and religions.

It is without doubt that it carries positive energy that can bring about auspicious luck in academic success, social status, and good fortune.

When it has a presence in other feng shui symbolism items, it magnifies the potency of the supposed type of luck the practitioner is harnessing.

This means that it has a place for almost all types of context.

For example, when it is displayed in a picture of mandarin ducks that signifies blissful marriage, it emphasizes the happiness and purity of the relationship.

Or when depicted with Chinese coins that are associated with money luck, the lotus highlights the money source as coming from ethical means.

With the 3 legged frog, it represents the coming of deserved money luck.

It’s also prominent in various customary auspicious paintings such as:

  • When depicted in green to signify scholars attaining first-rank
  • When coupled with the laurel to represent good luck with fertility
  • When accompanied by the egret and reed catkins to wish for academic success
  • When two lotus flowers grow from the same stalk symbolizing a blissful couple
  • When paired with the double happiness character or ducks, it means a happy marital union
  • A box designed with the flower with lingzhi mushroom conveys harmonious union as one wishes
  • Partnered with the peony would represent power and wealth
  • Pictured with a crane or crab, it means peace
  • With a butterfly, it means conjugal fidelity
  • Illustrated with storks carry the meaning of promotions in government office
  • etc

Then there’s an infamous poem written by the great Chinese philosopher Zhou DunYi (周敦頤) in which he professed his love for the lotus.

Paintings and artwork with symbolism is not limited to the flower itself. It’s seeds and roots can also carry a lot of meanings behind them.

  • A seedpod with a carp communicates a year of surplus in gains
  • The flower depicted with buds means a wish for success in the examinations
  • Goldfish with lotus leaf is a call for abundance
  • Seeds signify offsprings

As one can see, this is a very well rounded plant in terms of Chinese symbolism that relates to several aspects of life.

Lotus plant placement

As from the discussion above, the purity that the lotus plant represents makes it able to sit on anywhere in the house without causing negative energy.

In fact, you can place it in places that you know has bad energy so that the lotus can play a role in neutralizing the hazardous energy that is emitting from the area.

If it is found on a painting that is meant to improve recognition and status for household members, then put it in the recognition sector which you have determined. (usually the south)

Or if it is found on water features for wealth luck as part of the mini fountain itself, then place it in the wealth area of the house which you have determined. (usually the north)

If you are trying to place a standalone lotus statue or picture, then the north, west or south west are probably the best areas as they are of water and wood elements according to the 5 elements concept.

If you are well-versed in flying stars feng shui, then you can consider placing it in the sections of the house where the stars 1, 4, 6, 8, or 9 resides.

However, if you find these research too tedious, you can feel safe that the lotus can be placed almost anywhere due to it’s non-threatening and benevolent nature.

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