How To Feng Shui A Relationship Partner Into Your Life

While a lot of people have made the life decision to be single, many more are longing not to be.

Then there are those who pretend to be perfectly contented with being alone, but are secretly hoping to meet someone and fall hopelessly in love.

Yup. I’m sure you know someone like that.

Before we go on, I must mention that a lot of people don’t need to consult metaphysics to improve their love life.

They pretty much learn more skills to improve themselves, go out, make an effort to groom themselves, and are bold enough to make a move when they feel the time is right… or when the stars are aligned.

They might not have used feng shui. Or that feng shui was triggered inadvertently. Maybe it was their partners who used feng shui on them.

Who knows.

If you have tried that route and have not found someone, then maybe it’s time to take feng shui for romance more seriously as this is a lifetime of solitude or companionship we are talking about.

I must add that I’m a lucky one.

I’m lucky enough to have romance stars in my Bazi and a very strong relationship palace too.

On top of that, I constantly activate my “beauty god”.

(Yes I’m vain)

So I’ve always had a lot of luck when it comes to relationships and romance.

But let’s go back to the topic on hand.

How do you apply feng shui to enhance your love life and hopefully meet someone who is so right that you’d consider marriage eventually?

This would take a little work on your part. If you are not willing to put in the effort, then you should just give up right now.

Do read this to the end as there’s nothing more important in life than having a life partner.

1) Bazi

Before we discuss methods to energize your relationship luck, you need to find out about yourself.

Only then will you know what represents your relationships and how to work with them.
With your birthday, plot your bazi to find your self-element.

While having the birth time is ideal as that allows us to comprehensively plot a complete bazi, that is not absolutely necessary as we are only concerned about the self-element (day master) and the relationship palace specifically at this point.

By referring to the chart here, the below table would show what element represents your spouse.

self element
self element
Wood Earth Wood Metal
Fire Metal Fire Water
Earth Water Earth Wood
Metal Wood Metal Fire
Water Fire Water Earth

For example, if you are male and of the earth self-element, then water represents your wife. If you are female and of the wood element, then metal represents your husband.

The relationship palace, which is the character below the self element (earthly branch of day pillar) indicates the dynamics of the relationship with your spouse.

For example, if your day master is earth and the relationship palace is fire, then it means that your spouse would be someone who is constantly supporting you. Someone you can draw strength from.

If your day master is wood and the relationship palace is also wood, then it means that you spouse would be someone who you can really communicate with openly as if with one of your best friends. This could also indicate that you are destined to marry one of your friends in the social circle.

These relationships between elements are reflected in the rules of the 5 elements.

To put these information into application, you should activate the husband or wife element consistently.

This can be done by wearing more clothing in the color that represents your spouse, spending more time in the directional sectors represented by that element, working in industries represented by those elements, etc.

Keep this information in mind as we will refer to them later.

2) Peach blossom star

According to the San He classics, every person will have a peach blossom star that can be tapped on to boost relationship opportunities.

Some people inherently have in it their bazi and enjoys a life with quantity and/or quality in relationships.

To find your peach blossom star area in the house, find to your zodiac sign and refer to the table below.

Your zodiac Peach blossom star
Rat, Dragon, Monkey Rooster (W2, 262.5° – 277.5°)
Tiger, Horse, Dog Rabbit (E2, 82.5° – 97.5°)
Rabbit, Goat, Pig Rat (N2, 352.5° – 7.5°)
Ox, Snake, Rooster Horse (S2, 172.5° – 187.5°)

Once you have identified your peach blossom star, use a 360° on your house to locate where this sector is.

Keep this area active with television or radio sets if possible.

The more yang energy this space receives the more opportunities for love will come into your life.

If that is not possible, then consider placing display items with symbols of love and relationships.

3) Kun trigram at the southwest

The kun trigram governs the creation of new relationships and the maintenance of existing ones.

It is situated at the southwest of the house.

It goes without saying that this area of the house should be kept clean and clutter-free.
Kun and the southwest has an earth elemental energy base.

This means that to energize this area (and relationship luck), colors related to earth and fire are required.

In this case, consider paining the room in this area in an earth tone.

At the same time, it should be an area of the house that is kept active to boost the yang energy residing in the area.

Leave the lights on in this space as much as you can to add more yang energy into the equation.

Keep the southwest in mind as we will also refer to it later.

4) Romance star in flying star feng shui

Flying star feng shui is the most dynamic feng shui concept that is practiced today.

Among the 9 stars, the star #4 is the one that triggers romance luck.

To identify where the 4 star is in the house, you need to find out what direction the house is facing and determine the age of the house as well.

For example, if the house is facing northwest 1 and built in the year 1995, it would be a period of 7 house and have a flying star natal chart as below.

Take note that if you are living in an apartment, don’t make the mistakes with apartment facings.

What we are particularly interested in is the 4 mountain star which is the number on the top left of the individual squares in the grid.

As can be observed from the birth chart above, the 4 mountain star is located in the west of the house.

To enhance this star, which would invigorate your romance luck, you should keep this place quiet and place symbols of water like the color blue in the area.

This is because the 4 romance star is of wood element and would benefit from the presence of wood and water element.

To fully harvest this star, the placement of a “mountain” in the space will help it harness the power of it.

This means that the placement of a huge cupboard in the sector can be beneficial.

If this area is the garden, then set up large boulders to erect the mountains.

At the same time, metallic objects should removed from the living space as metal attacks the 4 star, destroying your relationship luck.

5) Yen nien direction

In 8 mansions feng shui, every person has a direction that governs relationship luck.
That is the yen nien (YN) direction.

You can discover your YN direction by calculating your personal kua number and referring to the 8 mansions table.

For example, if you have a kua number of 6, then your YN direction is south west.

When you uncover your YN direction, make it to face that direction as much as possible when you are at home.

Even go to the point of sleeping with your head pointing in that direction.

Take up a position on the dining table facing that direction.

Feng shui items

The above 5 methods should generate enough love luck for a person to handle.

But to take it up another notch, to another level, we can use various feng shui items to further reinforce your relationship and marriage luck.

Be aware that by taking on these actions, you are now firing from all cylinders.

Some feng shui items are used for their elemental nature, and some are for it’s connotations to symbolic feng shui.

Whatever the case, if doing all of them don’t improve your romance luck, then there must be something very unique about your bazi that repels everything.

In that case, a deeper look into your bazi might be required.

Before we go on, take note that we will be using the examples that were calculated before, which is:

  • Female with self-element of wood, and metal (west and northwest) representing husband
  • Kun sector of southwest
  • Mountain star 4 at the west
  • YN direction of southwest

The feng shui enhancement items are as follows.

Peony flowers

Peonies are one of the most effective display items that call for suitors and relationship luck.

There is a common misconception about it being only effective for women. But both men and women can reap the rewards of it’s magical powers of attraction.

Place real peonies or paintings of it in the southwest corner of the house and the west.

Rose quartz

The pinkish rose quartz is known as the crystal of love.

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You can place a rose quartz ball in the on the side table beside the bed in the bedroom, in the southwest corner of the living room, and/or in the southwest sector of the house.

A common feng shui practice is to have a pair of mandarin ducks made in rose quartz.

This enables the user to tap on the blissful marriage symbolism of the mandarin ducks, while adding that harmonious relationship aura which the crystal brings.

Mandarin ducks

As mentioned earlier, mandarin ducks are powerful symbols of harmony and relationships.

Consider placing a painting of them in the living room and in the Kun (southwest) area of the house.


Other than paintings of peonies and mountains which you might use, take note never to keep paintings of individuals on display.

When people are depicted in art, images and paintings, they should all be of couples consisting of a male and a female… unless you have a different sexual orientation.

In that case, you should know what to do.

Hang them in the living room, the southwest (kun), where the mountain star 4 is (west), and even the bedroom if you feel like it.

More feng shui

If you have made it this far, then you might as well go nuclear.

Here are some additional feng shui tips to undertake.

Ensure that your bed is not placed leaning against the wall on either side. There must be space on each side to get off the bed.

This signifies that the bed is ready for a second person.

Keep items that might represent living things in pairs.

For example plush toys should have partners, figurines of birds should be in pairs, keep pets in both genders, etc.

When making phone calls with a person you’d like to date or already dating, try to face your YN direction when doing it.

Be observant

I have little doubt that you would run into potential suitors when the above feng shui tips are applied.

However, feng shui can only do so much.

It is your responsibility to identify opportunities and make them work when potentially good marriage partners appear in your life.

You really can’t expect to apply feng shui today and wake up tomorrow at the wedding altar ready to say “I do”.

So avoid being passive, open your eyes, and make a move when the time is right.

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