The Basics Of Luo Shu Personal Numerology

In feng shui, the luo shu grid of magic squares is best known for it’s prominent role in flying star feng shui.

However, a lesser know use of the luo shu square of numbers is in it’s application in personal numerology. Yet that’s not a reflection of it’s lack of usefulness.

One of the reasons for it’s lesser celebrity is that in the world of Chinese metaphysics, when individual profiling and destiny analysis is discussed, bazi destiny analysis is the system that gets the most attention.

The attractiveness of using luo shu Chinese numerology is that it gives a reader a quick picture of what personal attributes an individual would have.

This is unlike bazi which can take considerably more time just to manually plot a bazi chart.

How to plot personal luo shu charts

The first thing you have to do is… to familiarize yourself with the configuration of the 9 numbers in the 9 grids of luo shu.

If you can’t recall, it’s fine. Because I’ve included them below.

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

The 3 rows of numbers represents different aspects of life.

  1. The first row (top row) represents intelligence
  2. The second row (middle row) signifies spirituality
  3. The third row (bottom row) is associated with materialism

The next step is to have the birth date of the person in question.

There has always been a debate between practitioners in this field as to whether birth dates should follow the Chinese lunar calendar or the western Gregorian calendar.

Many insist that since Chinese numerology is in application, that a person’s western birth date should be converted into the lunar date.

I actually don’t find that absolutely necessary except under special conditions.

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There are a lot of reason why and I can go for a whole day debating this with someone else. And no one would be able to emerge as a clear winner.

A simple point to note that might sway you towards this thought is that at any moment in time, cosmic energy at one location might not be the same as that of another location.

In fact I’ve learned from years of practice, that when someone provides you a Gregorian birth date, the description on luo shu numerology tends to be a more accurate reflection of that individual.

Let’s move on with an example birth day, 17 June 1981.

With this birth date, we get the numbers 1,7,6,1,9,8,1.

Then input these numbers into the luo shu grid according to the position of the original luoshu numbers. We get the below.

8 111 6

How Chinese luo shu numerology works

With the above birth chart generated, we can tell immediately that this individual in question has a very strong foundation at the bottom row. This makes him or her someone who is very down to earth and would achieve the most success by working hard.

The intelligence aspect is only represented by the presence of the number 9, and spirituality by the number 7.

When the top row is all filled up, then it represents a person with a very strong intellectual dimension to his being.

And when the center row is full, then it shows that this person has a strong inner believe in the things he/she does, and can also be highly driven by emotions.

Each number also have their own meanings and interpretations.

It’s not possible to list down all the possible interpretations of the 9 numbers. But here is a general way to look at them.

  • 1 – Practicality
  • 2 – Intelligence
  • 3 – Instincts
  • 4 – Rationality
  • 5 – Passion
  • 6 – Down-to-earth
  • 7 – Soul
  • 8 – Success
  • 9 – Completeness

The way these numbers interact with each other have various implications as well.

For example, when #4 meets #9, it is a representation of strong fire according to the he tu diagram. As such, success is most probably when passion meets intelligence (top row).

And when combinations meet other combinations, other interpretations will occur. Sometimes even flipping a positive to a negative, and the other way around.

As mentioned earlier, this is a basic explanation of how luo shu personal numerology works.

It’s next to impossible to list down all interpretations here, just like bazi.

Then there are also the line formations that can arise like what we see on the games Bingo and Lingo, or tic-tac-toe.

When straight lines come up horizontally, vertically of diagonally, it erect a special numerology birth chart just like special charts that can occur in flying star feng shui.

These can indicate the strong presence of particular personal attributes such as meticulousness, prosperity, loneliness, apathy, etc.

So these are the basics of how luo shu numerology for individuals work.

If you are interested in learning them in detail, I strongly recommended picking up the book.

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