How To Remedy Main Doors Facing Serious Sha Chi

Every door that serves as an entrance and exit to and from the premises should be look at closely from a feng shui perspective.

But the main entrance door of a house is without doubt the primary focus when analyzing the energy dynamics of it.

When properly located and activated, front doors can suck in auspicious chi like a vacuum cleaner. But when afflicted, negative energy in the form of sha chi can choke the life out of the household too.

Poison arrows that can really cause serious damage to the feng shui of a property must absolutely be remedied if a household intends to avoid catastrophe.

Some of the most potent sha chi come from external structures like electrical pylons, wind tunnels caused by gaps between buildings (sky axe), water tanks, T-junction roads where the T crosses, outside the arc of a major road, etc.

When your main door faces them, or is afflicted by them, doing nothing is akin to feng shui suicide.

The popular joke is that the best ways to cure these feng shui ailments concerning the front door is to relocated, or to move the location and orientation of the door.

But these “clever” suggestions are not always possible.

The alternative is to engage the placement of objects to help block and deflect the sha chi that are battering the door each and every day.

Yet there are no hard and fast hacks that can be applied to each door to remedy these feng shui problems.

This is because every cardinal and ordinal direction a source of poison arrow is coming from would have it’s own elemental energy. And how we counter this energy will depend on the elemental make up of the intrusive energy source.

For quick reference, the 8 directions are associated with the following elements.

  • North – water
  • South – fire
  • East – wood
  • West – metal
  • Northeast – earth
  • Northwest – metal
  • Southeast – wood
  • Southwest – metal

Whichever direction an entry door faces, the sha chi attacking that particular door would consist of an elemental base of the element indicated above.

For example, a door facing an electrical tower in the north would be under siege by water based sha chi. And one from the west would be clattered by metal based sha chi.

With the elemental make-up of sha chi attacking a front door determined, we would then be able to set up appropriate remedies to keep negative energy in check.

This is like a Doctor only being able to prescribe medication after a proper diagnosis. It is also why feng shui masters are often known as Doctors for a house.

When it comes to managing external sha chi using the presence of elemental objects, there are basically two ways to go about it.

Either you introduce the:

  1. Element that destroys sha chi; or the
  2. Element that weakens sha chi

For fiercely hostile sha chi, meeting it with it’s conqueror might be necessary. While sha chi that are less aggressive can be met with a weakening catalyst.

Here are the cures for each direction in terms of what types of objects are required.


As the north is associated with water energy, earth objects like boulders and crystals can be strategically placed near the door to keep everything out.

While the presence of wood objects like plants can help keep more subtle sha chi in check.

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The south has a fire element base.

This means that the presence of water energy like the placement of aquariums and water features can douse negative energy arriving from this direction.

Earth objects like stones, sand and soil can also be used to exercise some form of control over fire-based sha chi.

East and southeast

The east is the home of the dragon and consist of strong wood energy,

Metal objects like bronze statues, structures, or things like wind chimes, can be used to add needed metal energy to deflect attacks from wood.

The secondary remedy is in the use of fire.

But as real actual fire can be hazardous when left unsupervised, it is not recommended at all.

West and northwest

The west is an area of metal and can be gazumped by the presence of fire.

But as open fire is not suggested for safety reasons.

This is why afflicted doors facing the west or northwest are often advised to add the presence of water instead of fire to keep undesirable metal energy under control.

Northeast and southwest

The northeast and southwest are directions of the earth element.

As such, harmful energy originating from these two directions can be fended off with wood energy in the form of plants, trees and flowers.

Introducing metal would be the less confrontational alternative.

Feng shui considerations for main door

It is important to note that whatever items that are placed at the door as a counter to sha chi, that there should be no obstruction of the entry way.

This can only aggravate the negative effects that negative energy brings.

And when flying star feng shui is taken into consideration, taking action to alleviate the negative energy from external structures become more critical.

This is because unfavorable stars would be further aggravated from inaction, and favorable stars would not be able to work their magic for the house.

Finally, don’t forget that hostile looking structures at the facing side of the door does not necessarily cause huge problems.

This can be because they are not directed at the door even though it is on that side of the house. Or that other structures are already shielding them from the front door.

When poison arrows are not clear-cut afflctions, they are usually not as serious as one might imagine.

In addition, structures far away are more potent towards apartments on high levels, while structures nearby would affect low level houses gravely.

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