How To Remedy Missing Corners At Home

One of the common feng shui problems that many homes experience these days is the missing corner.

With how fancily designed apartment units are constructed these days, apartments that suffer from this problem tend to be more widespread compared to houses.

Sometimes referred to as missing palaces or missing areas, missing corners occur when irregular shaped dwellings are designed by architects who are trying to make a fashion statement.

These irregularly-shaped homes then present empty spaces where particular sectors of energy are supposed to reside according to feng shui principles.

As such, these spaces that are supposed to be present go missing.

At this point, please note that the term missing corner does not necessarily exclusively refer to empty space found in corners of the house.

Any missing space that causes an energy sector to fall outside the house can be considered as “missing”.

When these situations occur, a household will not be able to influence or work on the energy that are supposed to be there.

It might be a wealth corner or a relationship area that is missing.

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Thus, a household will not be able to harvest the energy that is supposed to reside there.

Are missing corners really that bad?

Before we talk about solutions to remedy missing sectors of a house, we must first determine whether the spaces that have disappeared are favorable or unfavorable sectors of the house.

Because if the missing space contains negative energy, then it’s actually a good situation to be in.

In this case, the home layout automatically expels a negative area’s inauspicious energy out of the residence. Leaving you with one less problem to resolve.

To make this feng shui diagnosis, you can use 8 mansions or flying stars to discover what type of sector the missing corner is.

If it is determined that the missing corner is a favorable area (like a wealth star or academic star residing there) and you’d like to tap on the energy, then elemental cures are what you need.

Otherwise, a missing wealth corner can cause the household to find it hard to earn more than they currently are.

On top of this, a missing corner at the northwest where the Chien trigram resides can mean bad luck and misfortune befalling the men in the family. Sometimes even resulting in women being unable to find husbands as the patriarch is “missing”.

The reverse in luck for both genders can occur when the missing corner is at the southwest where the Kun trigram is.

Bringing back the missing corners

A missing palace would understandably coincide with a directional area. This means that it has an elemental base energy to it.

Thus, bringing it to life requires the use of elemental energy too.

But before we discuss elemental remedies, there are 2 common ways that are used by feng shui practitioners to strengthen the areas first.

The first is to add lighting fixtures to shine on the space, and keep it switched on 24 hours a day if possible.

This gives the space much needed yang chi and at the same time acts as a shout out to the cosmos that is area is part of the house.

The second is with the use of mirrors to visually bring back the missing space into the house.

This can be easily achieved by installing a mirror on the wall(s) between the living space and missing area.

Now that we have go that out of the way, here are elemental remedies to enhance missing corners based on the directional space they are located in.


The north is associated with water energy.

Install outdoor water features like a pond, fountain, or other types of water features.

Alternatively, you can add the presence of metal by adding statues, sculptures, metal fixtures, etc.


The south is an area of fire.

Add the presence of red fixtures and outdoor furniture. You might even want to set up a barbecue pit area here.

Wood element can also help fuel that dwindling fire energy.

When the wood element can be used to boost a missing corner, it is probably the best situation to be in because wood energy can easily be added by setting up a small garden or with potted and hanging plants.

If this is where the romance star is, you can even supercharge it by growing peonies.


Since the east is a direction related to wood energy, elemental enhancement can be done by adding a mini-garden as mentioned before.

And because water feeds wood according to the cycle of birth, adding water features like pools and ponds can help as well.


The west is an area of undoubted metal energy.

Metal fixtures and outdoor furniture can be place here to set up a relaxing patio area.

Otherwise, go with fixtures that are circular or spherical in shape.

Because earth gives birth to metal, earth energy can also be used to energize this sector.

Large boulders or stones can be placed here to add a strong presence of earth energy.

Ceramic and porcelain ware can also be used to reinforce earth energy.


Earth energy resides on the northeast.

Putting this missing corner affliction into perspective, big bulky boulders are the best items to infuse the sector with natural earth energy.

If it permits, you might also consider constructing a large square flooring here made of “earth” tiles like quartz or stone.

The presence of fire energy can also enhance this space.

Red or purple colored fixtures and furniture can do the job nicely.


Northwest is of metal energy base.

Use the methods listed above to apply metal or earth energy.


Wood energy is at the southeast.

Use wood or water activators as explained before.


Southwest has earth energy present.

In this case, add the presence of earth or fire with the methods elaborated previously.

Remember that even though items that produce real fire like candles and oil lamps will bring the most potent and authentic fire energy, only use them if you have fire hazard safety precautions in place.

Use 1 or 2 elemental enhancers?

As you would have observed, there are two elements that can enhance each missing corner based on the directional space in which it resides.

While the concept of the 5 elements states that both types of elemental energies can help nurture that space, I suggest that you choose one element as an enhancer and only focus on that one element.

This is so that the energy in the missing sectors would not be confused with the clutter of different energies present.

As such, barring any unforeseen unique circumstances, I recommend that you only use the same element as the missing area to charge them up.

For example, if the missing corner of your house is northeast, only use earth enhancers to awaken the earth energy.

Apart from confused energy, consider that if we use fire as in the example above, fire would be looking for wood energy to feed itself.

And it wouldn’t spend much time feeding earth when it is starving of wood energy.

Whereas earth energy would automatically merge with earth energy present.

Finally, the best solution to a missing corner have yet to be mentioned once in this discussion.

And that is to build out (if possible) the corner as a new living space incorporated into the existing house.

You get to completely annihilate the missing corner problem once and for all, increase your floor area, and increase the value of the property as well.

If you live in an apartment… too bad this solution is not an option.

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